Title: Routine
Rating: R/NC-17
'Ship: Jack/Ianto (could also apply for any other m/m pairing)
Word Count: 161
Genre: Angsty depressing smut.
Summary: Erm...Jack and Ianto's rocky relationship.
A/N: Unbeta'd so all mistakes are mine. I don't own Torchwood btw, R.T.Davis and the crew do. I hate this fic but I figured I might as well post it with the others. Written 01 April 2007. Comments are, as always, welcome!

He doesn't know when it started; when it became a routine.

They used to just be occasional fuckers - maybe a quickie after a long day or a covert shag in his office when they both needed the comfort that there was someone amidst the chaos of their lives. But somewhere along the line, things became more complicated and neither man knows when.

When night after night he made his way to the other man's room, fucked him hard and fast until neither of them knew where they were. When he started to smile at the sight of their mixed sweat and cum all over his partner. When he ached for the other man to hold him afterwards and to stay until morning. When he started to whisper "I love you" knowing that he'll never get a response from the man he foolishly admires.

He knows the exact date when it ended though; the exact day his heart broke into pieces.