Title: Questions Without Answers
Rating: G
Pairing: Jack/Gwen
Word Count: 224
Genre: General/Fluff
Summary: Another little secret about Jack is revealed...
A/N: I don't own Torchwood. Unbeta'd. First posted 07 April 2007. Comments are welcome.

"I had a kid once." Jack whispers quietly as to not wake the sleeping child in front of them.

Gwen tears her eyes away from the mysterious girl and glances at Jack beside her. She doesn't say anything; she doesn't know what to say. She follows him to a nearby chair and sits next to him in a comfortable silence, watching the girl that fell through the rift sleep peacefully as if nothing had happened.

"Her name was Annabel," he continued, "she had the most beautiful smile".

Gwen gives Jack a reassuring smile as he looks at her with unshed tears in his eyes before quick glancing around the room for some hope of distraction.

A moment passes between them and she swears she sees a tear fall from the Captain, but it's gone so quickly she thinks she might have imagined it. She timidly threads her fingers through his; trying to provide some source of comfort for that man she cares so much for but knows so little about.

Jack smiles a little and within seconds he returns to his usual self, his mysterious past once more tucked away behind a cheeky grin as he gets them both a coffee.

It's just another little shred of information to add to the ever-increasing pile of questions about Captain Jack Harkness - questions without answers.