"Trunks' Big Mistake"



A/N: I know, I'm suppose to be writing DBXG right now, but I'm taking a break... it's driving me insane!

Besides, I had this idea in my head forever, and now that it's summer, I finally have the chance to make the whole outline (which is finished so this story is completely mapped out already) and then type down.

This takes place during GT (sorry...), shortly after the three's first encounter with Baby.



It was a grueling 7 months. Goku, Trunks, and Pan had traveled across the far reaches of the universe, all in search of the Blackstar Dragon Balls. With the help of their robot friend Giru, who had become a walking, talking dragon ball radar, they had successfully managed to find four of the seven magical orbs. Nevertheless, they had faced many hardships, from their spaceship breaking apart every so often, to being turned into a doll, to facing an evil Tuffle monster named Baby. It was more than one person could take for a "vacation".

Unfortunately, for these three, even a moment of relaxation can lead to a fight for their lives.


"So, where's the next Dragon Ball located, Giru?" Goku asked the small robot.

Giru calculated the distance between their location and the closest magnetic pulse. "Two-zillion, eight hundred twenty three kilometers northwest. -GIRU-"

"TWO ZILLION?!" Pan screamed, "That'll take forever!!! Can't you get anything right, you stupid robot??"

"Relax, Pan," said Trunks as he steered the ship straight forth, "It's only a few light-years."

"We don't HAVE years!" cried Pan, as she struggled to keep Giru in a killer headlock, "We've only have a few months left to get back to Earth with the Dragon Balls before it blows up!"

Trunks shook his head. "No, I don't mean years, I mean miles... many many miles. This ship has a turbo boost, so we'll get there in time."

Pan twitched her nose. "I could've sworn you said years!"

"So why do they call it 'light-years' if it doesn't mean years?" Goku inquired, "I mean, why not just call it 'light-miles' or 'light-distance'?"

Trunks sighed, exasperated. It was seven long months of putting up with tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum. Goten wasn't all too bright himself, but at least he would have been better company. Instead Trunks got stuck with the babysitting job.

He input the destination on the front panel. With turbo boost, they would arrive at the next planet in about... 4 1/2 hours...

'Wonderful...' Trunks thought as he sighed and leaned backwards, glancing back at Goku, who had forgotten that he had asked a question and was already raiding the fridge for more food, and then at Pan, who was busy trying to beat up Giru for no reason as the circular robot escaped her grasp at every turn. 'Five hours of the same old mayhem... I've never needed a drink so badly in my life.'

As he leaned forward to rest on the dashboard, he spotted something in the corner of his eye. It looked like an asteroid... and a building on top. Taking a closer look, he noticed the building was encased in a glass dome and spaceships of all kinds were parked around. Most noticeable, however, were the bright signs that flashed "Galaxy Pub".

"Looks like my prayers have been answered," Trunks smiled and looked back at his fellow passengers, "Hey guys, do you mind if we stop for a drink for a little while?"

Both Goku and Pan ceased what they were doing and blinked. Then Pan scowled her face, "Are you kidding?? We don't have time for that! We've gotta get the Dragon Balls, remember?"

Trunks rolled his eyes, "Every time you wanted to stop somewhere, we did."

"Well my stops were more important AND for others' well being! You just wanna stop for yourself so YOU can drink!"

"We have plenty of time. Only three more balls in a few months. This will only take a moment."

"The sooner we get back home, the better!"

Goku walked in the cockpit, smiling. "I don't see why not," he said, "After all we've been through, we should all be able to sit back and relax now and then."

"You two are totally crazy!!" Pan yelled, nearly pulling out her hair, "Eeew, it's SO hard to be the only sensible one on this trip!"

Ignoring the teen, Goku smiled at Trunks and nodded his head, giving his okay. Trunks smiled back, as if giving thanks, and turned the ship towards the pub.


Close by, a disc-shaped ship hovered closely, after the pilots eyed the rather large ship and tailed it closely.

"Hrm..!" the beaked alien murmured, "What d'ya think's inside that ship?"

"More importantly," his bald, green partner responded, "How much ya think it's worth?"

"We dun't wanna cause no scene," spoke the beaked alien, "Let's wait 'till they leave, then we'll ransack it."

They casually moved closer towards the pub, keeping an eye out as the ship entered through an air tube connecting to the glass, and safely landed inside. The aliens were just about to enter the tube themselves as three passengers and a robot came out.

"Okay, I think that's all o' them," said the green alien.

The beaked alien blinked, then did a take. "Whoa, waitaminute!!" he cried, "Get a closer look on that tall guy..."

His partner tapped on a keyboard, and a monitor zoomed in on the tallest of the strangers... Purple hair, blue eyes, and a serious-looking face...

At that sight, the beaked alien shuddered from head to toe. "Isn... Isn't he on the most wanted list...?" he stuttered.

The green guy tapped more on the keyboard and the monitor screen was replaced with a list of names and head shots. Tapping another button, the image of the purple-haired man came up once again, as it was scanned alongside the list of names, finally resting upon one named "Trunks Briefs". They opened said name, and a profile came up.

NAME: Trunks Briefs

RACE: Saiyan/Human

HAIR: Light-purple
AGE: Approx. 47

FAMILY: Vegeta, father

WANTED FOR: The murder of King Kold and Prince Freeza

CAUTION!! Should be considered armed and dangerous!!! If spotted, DO NOT ENGAGE!!! Report to headquarters IMMEDIATLEY!!!

And next to the profile, a clear head shot of a blue-eyed purple haired, serious looking man...

The two aliens shuddered, sweating bullets. "It's... it's him!"

"The one who killed Lord Kuriza's father!"

"We'd better report this back! Come on!"

The ship backed away from the air tube, twisted around, and shot off in the opposite direction.


The four casually walked through the pub, passing by very strange looking aliens, who stared at them, most likely thinking the group was strange looking themselves.

"Brrr... Burpubokupky?" a large pink jelly-like alien approached Pan, staring down while consistently blinking its large yellow eye.

Pan stepped back slightly. "Sorry... what?"

"Bubupky!" He took her hand into his slimy tentacle.

"What are you doing??"

"Yo chick!" a nearby alien called over, "He says your a cutie, and if you'd like to go around back with him."

"Ewww! No thanks!" Pan threw her hand away, throwing back the tentacle, and stormed over to where her grandfather and Trunks stood.

"Bulbakubop!!!" the pink blob shouted.

"What did he say...?"

The other alien snickered. "You really don't wanna know..."

Pan grimaced, and took a seat at the bar, where Goku and Trunks sat. "Make this quick, okay?" she said, "This place is too creepy..."

The bartender approached the three. "What'll ya have?"

"Give me whatever's good," Trunks sighed.

"I'll have what he's having," said Goku.

"Ditto," spoke Pan.

Goku rolled his eyes at his granddaughter. "Pan, you're too young. You can't have any alcohol."

"Neither can you," sneered the bartender.

Goku blinked. "Why not?"

"Cuz you don't look over 21, that's why not!"

"I'm not really a kid!" said Goku, "I just have a body of one because of a wish!"

"Yeah, sure..."

"No really! Look at my driver's license!" Goku pulled out a card and showed it to the barkeeper. He mused over it, but then scoffed.

"You don't look fifty-seven!" He handed Trunks a large glass of beer, then slammed two boxes of apple juice in front of Goku and Pan.

Pan scowled and crossed her arms. "How humiliating! Given juice like a little child."

Goku glowered. "... Can I at least have a silly straw?"


"Here's the picture we recently took at the Galaxy Pub, my lord," spoke the beaked alien through a camera in his ship. "He matches the very same description given in the file."

"Not only that," said his green bald partner, "But he was seen with what looked like the Saiyan that fought against Lord Freeza on Namek, but we couldn't tell... he seemed too young to fit the bill."

A dark figure on their monitor looked over the given files, concentrating hard. "Hrm... I'm not sure about the kid, but that certainly looks like the man who killed Freeza and King Kold." He looked back up at his soldiers, "You were wise to report this to me. This is indeed one of our most dangerously wanted criminal. Return to the base. I will send my elite soldiers to bring this Trunks in."

The creature smiled evilly. "I shall personally see to the destruction of my father's killer once and for all."