"Finally..." Trunks murmured as he pulled on his other boot, "Fully clothed once more. I don't think I'll ever take my clothes off again."

"Not even to shower?" asked Goku.

"Well... Maybe. Just not for a while, okay?" the lavender-haired saiyan stood up, basking in his decency. "Sorry to keep you waiting."

"No problem," Goku held up his final bowl of ramen, which he was just finishing, "I kept myself busy." He continued to slurp the rest down, "Who knew evil aliens could also be great cooks?"

Before Trunks could answer back, a familiar raspy voice rang throughout the intercoms. "Attention, filthy monkeys!"

Goku nearly choked on his ramen. "What the--?! Is that Freeza?!"

Trunks grit his teeth at the voice. "No. It's his son, Kuriza."

"Kuriza..? I didn't know Freeza had a son. What a weird name."

"You've been hiding from me long enough," the changeling's voice sneered, "It's time that you came forth and show yourselves. That is, if you know what's best for your female companion..."

Both fighters' eyes nearly bulged out. "He's not talking about Pan, is he?" cried Trunks.

"No way!" shouted Goku, "He's got to be lying."

As if to answer his doubt, another familiar voice rang out. "Grandpa, help!!"

Goku rolled his eyes. "Oh just great..."

"You brought Pan with you?!" shouted Trunks, "What were you thinking??"

"I didn't bring her with me!" Goku argued back, "I told her to stay behind on the ship!"

"And you expected her to listen?!"

Goku blinked. "Oh, right," he slightly laughed, "That was dumb of me..."

Tired of arguing, the boys made a dash for the door and raced into the hallway. No sooner as they stepped out did Kuriza once again speak through the intercom. "Ah, so you finally decided to come out of hiding," his voice echoed through the long hallways. "Taking cover in a room WITHOUT cameras. I must say that was clever. Unfortunately, you had to have come out sometime."

"What did you do with Pan??" Goku shouted.

"Listen closely, monkey," Kuriza responded as if he heard Goku, "Bring me Trunks and I shall give you the girl."

"Yeah, like you're one to trust," Goku growled.

"If you'll look to your south, you will see an elevator." Goku and Trunks looked over to see double-doors sliding open and a yellowish light shining out. "Get on that, and you will be taken directly to my quarters." Kuriza's demand was followed by a sinister chuckle.

Goku smirked in response. "Thanks... but I have my own ways of getting around."


"As soon as those doors open, I want you to blast immediately!" Kuriza ordered a large, bulky soldier holding a laser gun aimed at the elevator. On the other side of the room, two other large guards held a frightened Pan hostage, one holding her arms behind her back, and the other holding a sword centimeters to her neck to prevent any escape.

"Kill the brat on sight, but try to leave Trunks alive," the changeling lord sneered, "This sort of assassination is not satisfying, and he deserves something much worse. They should be stepping on the elevator right about--"

A child-sized super saiyan suddenly burst through the floorboards, knocking over the soldier with the laser, and Trunks flew in not long after. The guard aimed his gun at Goku, but Trunks saw what he was doing and effortlessly kicked the laser out of his hand, then sent him crashing into the wall with another swift kick.

"FREEZE!!!" Kuriza screamed at the top of his lungs as the guards loomed closer into Pan. "Do anything else intimidating and the girl dies!"

Goku narrowed his eyes and powered down, then glared over at his granddaughter. "You idiot!" he barked, "I thought I told you to stay on the ship!"

Ignoring the comment, Pan only whimpered and teared up. "Grandpa... Trunks... Please save me!"

"Hand over the killer of my father if you want to see this brat alive again," ordered Kuriza.

Goku balled his fists. "You've got the wrong Trunks!" he said, "This one had nothing to do with Freeza's death." The saiyan then narrowed his eyes, "Besides, it was a good thing he was killed. Your father was a ruthless tyrant that got what was coming to him. And unless you stop all this, you're going to end up just like him!"

"SILENCE!" Kuriza roared. In response, the guard inched his sword closer to Pan, just touching the skin on her neck. Goku and Trunks were frozen in their stances. "A life for another," sneered the changeling, "I have no beef with the girl, but I will kill her if I don't receive the man I truly want dead." He smirked, "It's a fair deal if you ask me, so hand him over!"

"Some strange meaning of 'fair' you have," Goku snorted. He then let out a small gasp as he watched Trunks calmly walk past him and towards Kuriza's desk. "Trunks...?"

Pan teared up even more at the sight of her friend sacrificing himself, but was too afraid to say anything as the sword was dangerously close to her neck.

"Okay, Kuriza, if it's me you want, then you can have me." Trunks raised his hands in the air, "Just let Pan go."

Kuriza smirked wickedly. "Why, how very 'noble' of you," he said, "Well, if that's what you want, I'll kill you right away." He raised a finger as a ki ball began forming from the tip, slowly expanding in size. "As much as I'd rather have a good old fashion lynch, I was mistaken to underestimate you ability to escape. I suppose I shall remedy that lack and destroy you as quickly as possible!"

Pan gasped in horror and Goku let out a cry of despair as Kuriza aimed the now giant ki ball and shot it at Trunks. "DIE!!!"

Trunks didn't as much flinch as the attack came at him at what seemed like lightning speed. But before it struck mere inches from him, in a flash, he lowered his arms from the air, holding them straight out in front of him, and let loose a scream as he sent forth a massive wind effect from his palms, bouncing the ki ball back towards the changeling. Kuriza barely had time to react as the ball struck him head on, sending him crashing into the monitors, and letting loose a large explosion.

"Lord Kuriza!!" both guards cried out, their attention diverted from their hostage. Snagging this opportunity, Goku lunged forward and kicked the guard with the sword into the other that was holding onto Pan, and the two toppled over. He then grabbed his granddaughter's arm and jumped back to the other side of the room.

Trunks smirked at the downed Kuriza. "You really thought you could get me that easily?" he snided, "This is the son of Vegeta you're talking about. You should've done your research. It'll take more than what you've got to kill me!"

"Trunks, c'mon!" Goku led Pan down the hole he had created. Trunks turned, giving one last glare back at the wreckage, and then jumped down the hole, following Goku.

From the fiery scene, the limp body of the changeling was slowly stirring. He weakly raised his arm up, and used it to pull himself up to his chest, then continued to drag himself across the floor, to where the microphone laid. As soon as he reached it, he held it firmly in his hand and slowly pulled it up to his mouth. "Atten..tion... soldiers!" he weakly grunted, "Find... KILL... all... three... intruders!!!"


"So Goku, how do you suppose we get out now?" Trunks called as the three free fell past several floors through the hole.

"I was hoping we could find some emergency escape pods, if this place wasn't already so huge," Goku responded.

"No way!" Pan shouted, "I brought the ship with me! We can just leave in that!"

Goku smiled back at her. "Maybe you did do some good after all."

"And what's THAT suppose to mean?!" Pan shouted, then looked over her side, ceasing her fall with her ki. "HERE! It's this floor, you guys!"

Trunks and Goku floated back up, the smaller saiyan nodding his head. "That's right! This is the floor I came into!"

"And didn't leave the hole you made big enough for Giru and me to get through," Pan sneered, then suddenly grew worried. "GIRU! Oh no, where is he?? Didn't you guys meet up with him?"

"You mean he wasn't with you??" cried Trunks.

"Not when I came to after getting attacked." Tears began rolling down the girl's cheek, "Oh no, what did they do to him? We have to find him!"

Goku turned his head, noticing a barrage of soldiers charging their way. "Hate to say it, but I don't think we have time. We gotta go, NOW!" The three shot off the opposite direction, Pan reluctant to follow, still worried about her little robot friend.

Along the way, they were ambushed by many of Kuriza's followers. Being his underlings, they were of course much weaker than Kuriza himself, which made bowling them over and knocking them out easy for the three, except for the fact that they attacked in groups and came one after another, making shaking them off quite difficult.

"Grrr... Out of our WAY!!!" Pan, in a fit of frustration, sent ki beams out both directions, obliterating any soldiers in the way. Goku had to grab Trunks and press him to the floor to duck Pan's attack.

"Good job, Pan!" called Goku, "But you may want to be careful where you aim that!"

"No time!" the quarter-saiyan shouted back, "We need to leave quickly!" The guys quickly jumped back up and followed.

With the hallways much clearer, the group made it through faster as they reached near the end of the hall and found exactly what they were hoping to find soon... The Capsule Corp spaceship, which was still parked inside the wall.

Trunks looked slightly apprehensive at the condition the ship was in. "Sheesh, Pan, what did you to do it?" he cried out.

"Don't blame me, blame Grandpa!" Pan snapped, "He's the one who made that hole too small."

"I wasn't making it big enough for you to begin with!" Goku barked back.

"Whatever, it doesn't matter right now!" said Trunks, "We have to go!" He and Goku raced onto the ship. Pan was about to follow when she noticed something on the ground.

"G... Giru..?"

The small robot's head lay motionless on the floor by her feet. Around him, several other parts belonging to him were scattered everywhere. More tears welled up in Pan's eyes, and she fell to her knees. "Oh no... Giru, you can't be dead..."

"Pan, come on, we gotta go!!" shouted Goku.

"Hold on!" Pan grabbed Giru's head, then started scraping together more of his parts. "I won't let you die here, Giru. I promise."

After getting as much as she could, Pan finally flew into the ship's entrance just before it closed up, and joined her companions in the cockpit as Trunks was beginning to start up the ship.

"Let's get the hell out!" he announced as he pushed forward a lever pulled back on the wheel.

Nothing happened.

Slightly worried, he then held the red launch button down and jerked the wheel once more. Still no progress. Now more worried, he strongly held down the choke button, pulled the lever back and forth, pounded on more buttons, jerked the wheel, stomped on the pedals...

The ship didn't respond.

Trunks sat there in utter disbelief for a long moment, then finally slumped over, covering his face in his arms in hopelessness.

"Trunks, what is it, what's wrong??" Goku called over.

Trunks casually glanced back at his friend and gave a weak smile. "Eheheh... it won't start."


"What do you mean it won't start?!" shrieked Pan, "What did you do to it?!"

"Hey I'm not the one that crashed it into the side of a fortress," Trunks snapped.

"We don't have time to argue!" said Goku, "We need to find a way out of this place!"

Suddenly, a familiar raspy chuckle rang out. Everyone looked out the front window in shock to see Kuriza, still alive, standing before them, another ki ball forming on the tip of his finger. "What's that you said earlier?" he mused, "It'll take more than that to kill you? Sorry to throw it back in your face, but the same goes for me!"

Pan screamed in horror. "We're gonna die!!!"

Trunks braced himself as Kuriza aimed his ki ball at the ship. "This time, I WILL get you!"

Before it fired, suddenly, Kuriza was kicked in the side by Goku, super saiyan and decked out in another space suit. The ki ball went hurtling towards the ceiling, crashing through, and sending chunks of both ceiling and floor crumbling downwards, slamming into the ship. Pan cried out once again and grabbed onto Trunks' arm, and he placed his other protectively around her shoulders.

Kuriza reared back, snarling and preparing to strike against Goku, but apparently forgotten that even his own father was no match for a super saiyan. Goku, with little to no effort, punched away at Kuriza, all over every inch of his body, and finally slammed him into the wall, which then collapsed onto itself, burying the changeling under the crumbling wreckage.

The saiyan then turned to the spaceship and wound up his arm. "Hold on tight, guys!" he announced, "I'll give you a bit of a push!" He reared back, then slammed his fist into the front of the ship, with enough force that it knocked it clear from the wedge of the fortress and sent it drifting backwards into space. Goku, fastening his space helmet, took off and flew onto the top of the ship. "All right!"

"Yay!!" Pan cheered, jumping up and down, "Way to go, Grandpa! We're safe!"

Trunks didn't look as excited. In fact, he looked downright horrified. "We're not safe yet... Look!"

Pan blinked, then looked out the front windshield, giving off another scream of horror. "We're gonna die!!!"

Goku looked over and gasped. From the Death Nut, a planet-sized dark energy ball was forming above, as Kuriza stood below it, his arms stretched high towards the sky, obviously the one controlling this ball.

"I will not be defeated that easily!" he screamed, "You will die for all you've done! I don't care what happens to me as long as I take you down too!!!" He gave off an insane laughter.

"We're gonna die!!!" Pan continued to cry waterfall-like tears. "I'm too young to go!! You guys gotta save me!!! You're suppose to be Z warriors, right?!"

"Pan, I gotta be honest," said Trunks, "With the ship out of commission, I don't know how we're going to escape this attack..."

"WAAAH!!!!" Pan screamed, crying harder, "You're not suppose to tell me that!! You're suppose to tell me that everything's gonna be okay! You're suppose to be protecting me, I'm just a girl for Kami's sake!"

Trunks then glanced up as he felt a familiar ki attack charging up. Peering out the windshield, he saw Goku still on top of the ship, his hands cupped to his side as a blue energy formed in his palms.

"Ka... me... ha... me..." He shot his hands forward, "HA!!!"

"DIE!!!!" Kuriza threw his arms in front of him, and the massive Death Ball shot straight for the space ship. However, it was slowed down by the blue Kamehameha wave. Goku gritted his teeth and put more into the attack, hoping to send both his wave and the ball the opposite direction, but whether he was losing strength or this attack was stronger than Kuriza himself, he was not getting through. The dark energy ball was slowly coming closer.

"It's not working!" cried Pan, throwing her hands to her cheeks, "This is it! We're really gonna die!" She once again burst into tears, "I don't wanna dieeee!!! I still have to find a boyfriend to finish a date with! I wanna get married! I wanna have kids! I wanna own a picket fence! I wanna grow old and live past 100, not die in a stupid spaceship by some loony alien!!! Waahh, it's not faaaiiiir!"

Trunks narrowed his eyes at the ki struggle before him. "Pan... we need to help your grandfather."

"It's hopeless!" Pan sobbed, "Grandpa isn't strong enough! What chance do we have?! We're gonna dieee!!!"

Trunks twisted around and glared at her. "It's time we stopped relying on him to save us all the time," he told her, "We've gotten ourselves in enough scrapes already. It's time we were there for Goku."

"But..." Pan sniffled, "I don't wanna! It's too scary! I don't wanna be killed!!!" She raised her fists to her eyes and bawled some more. "I waaant my mommaaaa!!!!"


Pan's eyes were wide with disbelief. Was she just hit? By someone other than an enemy? By her friend?! Not even her own parents laid a hand on her, though then again, she always managed to get out of trouble at home.

"Pan, that's ENOUGH!" Trunks shouted, lowering his hand after striking her hard in the cheek. "No more crying! You don't want to die, do you?! Well it's time you finally prove your worth to this team. Now get into a spacesuit, get on top of this ship, and help your grandfather, RIGHT NOW!!!"

Pan blinked in shock, blown back by the sudden aggressiveness by the usually gentle though worrisome Trunks. Slowly, she nodded her head. "Yuh... Yes sir!..."

Goku, meanwhile, was pouring everything he had into his Kamehameha, holding back Kuriza's death ball. Despite all this power, it continued to move closer. The saiyan struggled to merely keep his arms up. The power struggle was beginning to deplete all the strength he held in this child-like body. Nevertheless, he kept on, knowing that if he eased back even a little, he and his friends were done for. But at this rate, however, the death ball would overpower the Kamehameha and hit them head on within moments. He couldn't give up... he had to keep going no matter what...

But just then, two familiar presences arrived on each of Goku's sides, suited up in their own spacesuits, powering up energy attacks of their own.

"Ka, me, ha, me..."

"Double Blaster..."

"HA!!!" Trunks and Pan launched their own trademark attacks alongside Goku's, shooting towards the death ball. Upon impact, the ball ceased in its movement, just mere feet away from the spaceship, and eventually was pushed backwards, towards the Death Nut, where the son of Freeza stood.

Kuriza stared with bugged eyes as his own attack was being thrown right back at him. Yelping in shock, he leapt back, losing his grip on the dark energy ball. At this, the attacks from the saiyans practically shoved the death ball straight into his flying fortress. It crashed through the walls of the Death Nut, disintegrating everything in its path, including the frightened tyrant, until it settled into the fortress' center core, where it burst into a massive explosion.

The shock wave of the explosion sent debris of what was left of the Death Nut soaring through the depths of space, as well as the Capsule Corp. spaceship. The three saiyans clung to the top of the hatch for dear life as they were sent spinning into the unknown as pieces of the fortress slammed into their ship left and right.

Then, everything was calm...


"Well, I hope you're happy, Trunks!!" Pan shouted, once everyone was safely back in the cockpit the damaged ship once the shock wave settled down. "Was all this really worth it, going to a bar and sleeping with a hooker, and then getting captured?! You're lucky that I was able to save you, but your stunt nearly got us all killed! And now that the ship is broken, we'll NEVER find the rest of the Dragon Balls and get back to Earth in time! What do you have to say for yourself?!"

Trunks sat in the driver's seat, which was turned to face Pan, glowering towards the floor. "I'm sorry, Pan," he spoke, "I guess this was all my fault..." He then raised his head, his face brightened. "But hey, we all make mistakes, right?"

Pan grit her teeth. "You think this is funny?!" she shouted, "What are we going to do now?! We're stuck in the middle of outer space in a damaged spaceship, Giru's dead, and we're running out of time to save Earth!!" She turned away, grabbing at her hair in frustration, "Grrrr, it's nearly impossible to keep you two in line!!"

"Relax, Pan," said Goku as he leaned back in his chair, "We've still got five months left, and only three balls to go. That's plenty of time to repair the ship and continue with our search."

"Repair? REPAIR?!" Pan screamed, "Repair with what?? How?? We're in the middle of NOWHERE, with NOTHING!!!"

"Nope," Trunks smiled and held out several capsules between his fingers, "After visiting M2, I stocked up on extra parts, including the designs for Giru's model type. As soon as I repair Giru, I'll go out and fix the ship. It really shouldn't take more than a day."

Pan's anger seemed to lower down to a fume. "Well, then... I guess I'll let you off the hook this time. But don't let me catch you doing it again!!!"

Trunks turned to Goku and smiled. "Right, right. I learned my lesson," he said, then stood up, "I guess I better get to work if we're going to get back to Earth before it blows up."

"Start with Giru!" Pan ordered, "He wouldn't be dead if it weren't for you!!"

As soon as Trunks left, Goku sat up and looked over at Pan. "Y'know, Pan," he said, "We really wouldn't be in this big of a mess if you had only listened to me and stayed behind on the ship, like I told you to."

Pan glared at her grandfather, and again her temper boiled. "Are you saying this is all MY FAULT?!" she screamed, "After all I went through to save the BOTH of you, you have the nerve to blame this all on ME?!"

Goku chuckled slightly. There was just no point in correcting her. "Okay, you're right, I'm sorry," he said, "But still... Maybe you should go over and help Trunks with the repairs."

Pan crossed her arms and sneered. "And why should I do that?"

"Because..." Goku stopped to think for a moment, trying to figure out how to trick Pan to follow through a proper punishment, "... Maybe Trunks would enjoy your company?"

A slight blush went through Pan's cheeks, but then was replaced by a huff. "Well, I guess after all that yelling, I should cut him some slack. After all, I always knew he had the hots for me." With that, she turned and marched out of the cockpit.

Goku smiled and shook his head. Then he lay back down in his seat and began napping, resting from all the crazy events that happened that day.


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