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Harry Potter and the Luna Liberi Society

One: To Wish Upon a Star

The moon shone brightly through the October night sky, covering Godric's Hallow in its ethereal glow. It was October 31st, a day of celebration throughout much of the Wizarding world. One could look at the houses along Godric's Hallow and see all the lights glowing in the windows and hear singing and festivities going on amongst their occupants.

October 31st was likened to a type of Independence Day in the wizarding world, as it was the day that a great evil was defeated. Not only were pumpkins carved into funny faces in honor of Halloween, but toasts were given in honor of the great Josh Potter, champion of the Wizarding world and conqueror of Lord Voldemort.

Josh Potter himself was having a great time indeed on this Halloween night. His parents had invited many friends to their home to celebrate as they did every year. Josh was given loads of presents and much attention was paid to the young Potter on the anniversary of his night of victory. Yes, everyone was having a great time on this night…everyone that was, except for a certain black-haired, green-eyed little boy by the name of Harry Potter.

Harry Potter sat alone in his room, as he did every Halloween, as his parents and twin brother celebrated downstairs. No one had bothered to include young Harry in the festivities. In fact, no one really even remembered that Josh Potter had a twin brother, aside from the Potter family themselves and the twins' godfathers Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. Many of the Potter family's friends would be quite shocked to know that there was another little boy living in Potter Manor, as there was almost no evidence of Harry being there.

No pictures of Harry lined the hallways or mantles -that space was taken up with smiling pictures of Josh and his parents. Whilst Josh's room had a big sign on the door proclaiming who resided within, Harry's room had nothing and was often thought to be a spare bedroom by visitors. When the Potters spoke of children, they would always speak of how wonderful Josh was and what great thing Josh had achieved that day. No mention of Harry was ever heard in their conversation.

This was the way that young Harry had lived ever since the fateful night of October 31st 1981. Voldemort had been hunting down the Potters after hearing of a prophecy which could lead to his destruction. The Potters had gone into hiding under the Fidelis Charm and made a close friend-Peter Pettigrew- their secret keeper.

On that Halloween night in 1981 the Potters found that they were betrayed by Peter, as Voldemort smashed through their door and confronted them. Lily and James knew that Voldemort was after their sons and fought to protect them. Voldemort quickly disarmed and immobilized the elder Potters, not wanting to waste energy with actually killing them- he wanted to handle the children first. He would later torture the parents with the thought of the murder of their children before disposing of them.

Heading upstairs Voldemort found the twin Potter children lying in their crib, awake from the commotion downstairs. For reasons unknown to anyone, Voldemort failed that night in his attempt to kill the baby Potters.

All that was known is that when the two elder Potters woke up and rushed upstairs to their sons' room, they found a wide awake and giggling Josh and a sleeping Harry. The only remains of Voldemort were the smoldering robes that he had been wearing.

Young Josh had a two-inch wide cut along the left side of his forehead. It was a slightly curved diagonal cut-somewhat resembling the letter 'J'. It was nothing too spectacular, but the elder Potters took that cut and Josh's being awake as a sign that he had done what not even the great Albus Dumbledore could do; he had defeated Lord Voldemort.

If the Potters had taken the time to look at their other son, they would have seen the faintly glowing lightning bolt shaped scar along his right shoulder blade and taken note of the magical exhaustion that was present in his aura.

Harry had known about the truth of that night all along. He remembered Voldemort coming in and casting that deadly green spell. He also remembered wrapping his brother in his arms to protect him and somehow creating a shield around them. He remembered the shield holding the brunt of the curse back and then a small bit of it breaking through to make the scar on his back and the one on his brother's forehead. Harry remembered the spell being rebounded as the shield broke and being thrown back to Voldemort, who screamed and became nothing more than a shadow, fleeing from the house.

Harry remembered looking at his five-minute younger brother to make sure he was OK. He remembered assuring himself that his brother was fine and then passing out from exhaustion over the extent of advanced magic he had used.

Harry didn't know how, but he remembered. Yes, Harry knew the truth, that although his brother was proclaimed the Chosen One, the Boy Who Lived, Hero of the Wizarding World, it was really he -Harry- who had defeated Voldemort that fateful night. Harry also knew that no one else would ever believe him. His parents had never taken notice of the faint scar that lined Harry's back, but fussed much over the scar that Josh carried.

For five years Harry had lived in his brother's shadow. Whenever the Potters went anywhere, Harry was always in the background. Whenever another family wanted to have a play date, it was always Josh who got to play with the other kids, while Harry had to stay in his room, with his books as his only companions.

Josh was an outgoing, happy, brilliant child in his parent's eyes. Harry was a quiet loner who never smiled and never did much of anything. This was what Harry Potter became known as. On birthdays he never got much of anything, his only presents coming from his godfather Sirius and his parents. Josh would be thrown a huge party every year with lots of people coming to give him gifts and good praises.

On Christmas, the tree was filled with many gifts that were labeled with Josh's name whilst Harry would only ever have two or three small ones at most.

Although Harry always got the short end of the stick, he was always grateful and happy whenever he received a gift from his parents or Sirius. He felt that if they took the time to at least find him one thing-no matter how small- it meant that in some way they were thinking of him and so they must love him somewhere deep down- right? Harry had grown accustomed to living with this small amount of what he saw as love, and thrived on what he could get of it.

Now it was Halloween night again, but the year was 1986. The festivities of the night had long gone on and were almost over. Young Harry was still in his room looking out at the night's moon. When he heard the guest starting to leave he decided to go downstairs and see if there was possibly any cake left over for him.

Harry went down the stairs to the kitchen where he saw there was indeed some leftover cake. He could see where there were small bits of the original lettering: 'To Josh Potter, Our Hero!'. Harry could hear his parents talking in the living room and decided he'd just cut a small piece to take up to his room- he wouldn't bother them.

As Harry was cutting a piece of the cake, Josh walked into the room.

"What are you doing with my cake?" Josh asked indignantly.

"I was just cutting a small piece." Harry answered. "I noticed there was some left over and thought I could maybe have a piece."

Josh went over and took the piece that Harry had cut.

"No! This is MY cake. It has my name because I'm the Chosen One. Not you." Josh glared at his twin

Harry bowed his head. "I just thought I could take a small piece, it's not like you could eat it all anyway."

Harry looked at his brother and felt intense sadness. He remembered a time when they shared and they loved each other. Now Josh's ego had taken over and he loved to torture Harry with his fame.

"Well guess what?" Josh asked Harry. Harry looked at his twin with a questioning gaze.

"You thought wrong." Josh finished. "Why don't you just go back up to your room and stay out of my way. Nobody wants you around here Harry. If they did, why would they give ME all the presents and celebrate only me? Nobody even knows that you exist, so just get lost!" Josh finished and took the piece of cake that Harry had cut, throwing it into the trash before walking into the living room with his parents.

Harry stood there for a minute absorbing what his brother had said. He threw the knife down and ran upstairs to his room. When Harry reached his room, he went to his bed and started sobbing. As hurtful as it was, he knew that what his brother had said was true. Nobody wanted him and nobody cared. Even his parents didn't pay any attention to him and the rest of the world didn't even know he existed. He hated being where he didn't belong and knew he couldn't take living there anymore.

Harry went to the windowsill and looked out at the night sky, tears still falling from his eyes. He noticed something streaking across the sky…a falling star! He knew that if you wished on a falling star whatever you wished for was supposed to come true. Harry quickly closed his eyes and wished with all his heart that he could go somewhere where he was wanted and loved.

'Please take me away from here. I wish I was some place where I will be loved and people will actually want me there. Please don't let me stay here any more. I just want to be loved…'

With this last thought Harry lay on his bed and almost immediately fell asleep. To his unawares, his wish was being heard and the purity of his heart was making it come true. Harry Potter would wake up in a place where he would be loved…


Lily Potter had just tucked her son Josh into bed and made sure he was sound asleep. Josh's room was right next to his parent's, so that they could make sure he was OK during the night. Lily had not seen her other son all night and wanted to make sure he had not gotten into any trouble while the party was going on.

Lily went down the hall to Harry's room and noticed that the door was slightly ajar. 'Strange' Lily thought, as she had known Harry to always sleep with his door closed. Lily went into the room and looked to the bed but saw no one there. Feeling just a hint of anxiety Lily reasoned with herself that Harry must be in the bathroom or downstairs getting something to eat, after all if he hadn't come down to the party then he must be hungry by now.

Lily first checked the hall bathroom and, finding no sign of Harry went downstairs. James was just getting ready to come up.

"James" Lily called to her husband, "Have you seen Harry?"

James gave Lily a quizzical look as he joined her on the stairway. "No" He replied. "Isn't he in bed by now?"

Lily began to get a little anxious as she realized her son wasn't downstairs either.

"James, Harry's not in his bed and he's not in the bathroom and not down here either. I haven't seen him since lunch time James!" Lily clearly held a note of panic in her voice. She was beginning to fear for her eldest son.

"Come on Lils calm down." James tried to assure Lily. "He's probably just playing some game of hide-and-seek to try and mess with us. We'll find him in some closet or something and I'll give him a talking to about scaring his mother like this. Come on now, let's go find him."

As the Potters searched the hall closets and other rooms of the house, they began to realize more and more that each place they looked was another place Harry wasn't. When they started getting to the last few areas panic really started to rise. James looked in another hall closet and Lily looked in the only place they hadn't yet looked, the kitchen pantry, and both were quite frazzled when no Harry appeared in either place.

Lily quickly became very panicked and anxious as she realized that her son was not in the house. James was also quite panicked, but tried to keep a cooler head.

"Come on Lils, don't be so upset. He has to just be hiding somewhere we forgot to look. Don't worry. I'll get the map and we'll solve this thing for sure. Don't know why we didn't do that in the first place." James was referring to the map of their house. It was charmed to display the entire property and surrounding area and anyone who was on the property. It showed the true identity of people and where they were currently located.

James went up to the Master bedroom and retrieved the map from a drawer. He went back downstairs to his wife and opened the map.

"Now look, we'll see where he is, get him and give him a stern punishment for all the trouble he's caused tonight. No worries, the map doesn't lie."

James gave the password for the map to reveal itself and looked at it intently. The dots named James and Lily Potter were in the living room, the dot marked Josh Potter was in his bedroom. But there was no dot marked Harry Potter to speak of.

Harry Potter was missing.

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