"Damn it, Edward, just change me!" Bella screamed at me. I was taken aback. Never before has Bella spoken to me with such anger.

"Bella, look, I just don't want to…"

"…Damn me to an eternal life of darkness!" Bella finished for me, "do you honestly think I care? I don't! All I want, all I've ever wanted is to be with you! Why can't you accept that? I'm willing to give it all up for you! To be with you…" Bella lowered her voice to a whisper and her voice cracked several times.

"Honey, I can't do this." I put my head in my hands and sighed, shaking my head warily. I looked up at her, her beautiful brown eyes now teary. "I'm leaving for Alaska just a few days, alright?" I reached for my coat and put it on. "Just to think things through. I'll be back…" I leaned in to gently touch her lips with mine but she stumbled back, shaking her head.

"It's okay. Just leave Edward."
I looked at her for a moment with pain-filled eyes and nodded.

"Fine. I'll see you later. I love you."

She didn't respond but just stalked away upstairs.

I felt like I would break.


After Edward left, I collapsed on my bed and just let it all out, sobbing and sobbing until I felt as if I had no more tears left.

Why wouldn't he change me? Was there another reason? Did he simply not want to spend eternity with me? If so, why didn't he just push me away?

Oh well, I thought, sitting up and dabbing the corner of my eyes with my quilt. He might change his mind at Alaska.

Suddenly my phone rang. I took in a deep breath, hoping somewhat that it was Edward and picked it up.


"Hey Bella,"

"Jake?" I was instantly brightened. Jacob hadn't talked to me for a few months or so now and even though I was surprised by his sudden call, I was exuberant.

"What's up?"

"Just wondering if you wanted to see if you wanted to come over tonight to hang out…I miss you, Bella," He whispered. I felt my heart melt.

"I miss you too, Jake."

"I don't think we should let that filthy bloodsucker stand in our way, you know?"

"Okay, one, his name is Edward and two, he's at Alaska right now so he won't be a problem, he needed to think things through."

"What kind of pathetic boyfriend is he? He shouldn't leave you alone like that, I'm glad I called."

"I am too but really Jacob, I can take care of myself."

My friend snorted and I narrowed my eyes.


"Bella, Bella, I'm just kidding."


"So I'll pick you up in…twenty?"

"Sounds good."

I went and grabbed a navy sweater and a pair of jeans; it was sort of chilly outside. After gulping down some macaroni and cheese and brushing my hair, the doorbell rang.

As soon as I opened the door, I gasped. The Volturi stood outside. (AN: JUST KIDDING )

As soon as I opened the door, Jacob enveloped me in a humongous bear hug.

"I missed you…" He breathed into my hair. Then finally he released me, much to my relief, it was getting hard to breath.

"So what's the plan tonight?"

"I dunno. Just sit awhile and talk? Do some catching up and actuarially know each other again." I giggled and worked hard to keep up with his huge strides. We clambered into his Jeep and I turned to him, a tiny question mark in my eyes.

"But why are you back? Why do you suddenly want to talk to me again, Jacob? I mean it's been a few months already…"

"I don't know, it's just…I felt that what we had was something…special, you know? I didn't want to waste it."

"I'm glad. Although Edward won't be too glad about this."

As soon as I said this, Jacob let out a huge snarl.

"Who cares what that filthy bloodsucker…"

"…Edward," I corrected.

"Whatever. Who cares what he thinks? I mean, you shouldn't let some guy stand in the way of our friendship." I nodded, knowing that he made sense.

"Besides, I'm not taking you from him, it's not as if we're dating,"

I looked away, suddenly uncomfortable.

Finally, we reached his house and we climbed up to his room and sat down on his couch.

"So…what's up?"


"Um…Edward?" Alice called for me. I turned towards her.

"Alice? What is it?"

"I just had a vision…"

One look at her anxious face told me that something was wrong. Immediately, I was worried.

"What is it? Does it have something to do with Bella?"

Alice bit down on her full, perfect lip and nodded.

"Tell me!"
"Well, it's not bad or anything…like, it's just…strange."

"Alice! For the last time, just say it!"

"I saw Bella with…Jacob,"

I bowed my head, thinking. What the hell was my girlfriend doing with that idiotic dog? And what if he tried something? I had to go back.

"Be more specific, Alice, what were they doing? What were they talking about?"

"It was kind of an obscure vision. Bella and Jacob were sitting on a couch, chatting about something I couldn't hear. They were sitting a little…close, though."

"We're going back," I said. "Carlisle, turn around!"
"No, wait!" Rosalie raised a freshly manicured hand. "Edward, why can't you just trust your freaking human?"

My eyes narrowed at the word human

"Her name is Bella," I growled.

"Yeah, whatever, the thing is, if she loves you, she won't be flirting with Jacob. Just cut her some slack, trust her and not go barging in her life. She can hang out with other guys, you know."

I clenched my jaw and spoke through my teeth: "No."

"No what? She can't hang out with other guys?"

"No, she can't. I will not let any male touch her other than me!"

"Woah, buddy," Jasper laid a hand on my shoulder. "Relax. You're way too overprotective. We're not heading back, alright? Just loosen up."

I sighed and sat back. Maybe they were right. Maybe, but I doubted it.

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