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The Marvelous World of DC

Part 1:

In the beginning

Chapter 1: The Last Son

I have bedimmed the noontime sun, called forth the mutinous winds, and 'twixt the green sea and the azured vault set roaring war; to the dread rattling thunder have I given fire and rifted Jove's stout oak with his own bolt; the strong-based promontory have I made shake and by the spurs plucked up the pine and cedar; graves at my command have waked their sleepers, oped and let 'em forth by my so potent art.

-William Shakespeare, the Tempest

It was a cold day in England. Snow as soft as a goose's feathers blanketed the slumbering earth in a blanket of white. The people hustled through the crisp, cold air, desperate to escape its chilling caresses as they went about their business. Many others decided to forgo the cold entirely and seek the warm respite of indoors. In one tavern in a small town, a group of people were doing just that.

Sitting before a roaring fire in well worn chairs or cushioned stools, this group of townsfolk had decided to find respite from the harsh, English winter in the company of friends, as they warmed their bellies with the wide variety of beverages (alcoholic or not) available at the tavern's often visited bar. Of interesting note was a group of people, young and old, gathered in one particular corner of the tavern. In fact, they were gathered around one particular individual. That individual was a man in his late sixties. He had short, gray hair atop of his wrinkled head. His eyes had a star-like quality to them, occasionally appearing to sparkle. The man was known for telling stories, but not much else. No one was even sure where he lived.

The Storyteller was in the process of telling another story of adventure and heroism, when the sound of creaking wood and a cold blast of air brought his attention to the door. A group of young teenagers, three girls and two boys, entered the tavern. By the looks of them they came from the school located near the small town. The school was rather prestigious and drew people from all over the United Kingdom and beyond to attend it.

"Welcome!" exclaimed the bartender, a chubby, jolly, middle-aged fellow dressed in a white shirt and apron with a mop of messy brown hair atop his head. He had took over the tavern after the previous owner, a woman around the Storyteller's age, retired, "My name is Morris, can I get you young people a drink?"

"No thanks," replied one of them, a tall boy with deep green eyes, dressed in a thick, brown coat and a wool skull cap atop a short crop of black hair, "We're just having a look around."

"Ah, new to the town, are you?" Morris asked happily, "Yes sir, an interesting little place we got here, I remember when I first came here…" he began as the five teenagers cringed, not wishing to here a story about the "Good Old Days". Lucky for them, they were saved by the by the sudden interjection of a round, little man with a face framing a large bulbous nose, sitting at the bar, smelling and looking like he had had "a few to many".

"Ahhhhhhh, shut yer pie 'ole Morris," the drunken man slurred, "those kiddies there don't wantta here that dumb story of yours. Besides, we already gots ourselves a storyteller, right here." He said, gesturing to the Storyteller, almost falling off his stool in the process.

"What's he talking about?" asked one of the students, a short blonde with long wavy hair and crystal blue eyes.

"See that old fellow over there," replied Morris, pointing at the Storyteller. The teens nodded. "Well he's well known around these parts as a master storyteller. That man must know a thousand stories by heart."

"Wow, cool!" exclaimed another one of the students, a short boy with curly brown hair and almond colored eyes, "Let's go see!"

The others nodded and walked over to the group surrounding the elderly man. As they walked up, he looked up from the enthralled faces of his listeners to address the new comers.

"Well, what have we here?" the old man asked with a smirk,"Another bunch of young people come to hear the ramblings of a washed up old man?" The teens were caught off guard by the old man's forward attitude and didn't answer. "Well? Come on, speak up! I'm not getting any younger you know," the Storyteller stated impatiently.

"Sorry" the boy in the skull cap apologized, "We heard you were a great storyteller and we wanted to see for ourselves."

"Well all you had to do was ask," replied the Storyteller cheerfully, "Now what would you kids like to hear?"

"Ummm…well what stories do you tell?"

"Well I don't tell one story per say." The Storyteller said, trying to find the words to explain, "It's more of one big continuous story. A story, mind you, of great victory and horrible defeat, of pure good and terrible evil, of true love…and ultimate tragedy." He paused "But you kids wouldn't be interested in any of that."

"Yes we would!" the group blurted out in unison.

"All right then." said the Storyteller as he took a long drag from his cigarette. Suddenly, he blew a large cloud of smoke into the faces of the teens. They were about to protest when the smoke around their heads began to change. Slowly it seemed to form shapes and solidify. As a picture began to materializes, they could hear the old man's voice, now seeming to come from all directions, say, "Let me take you back…back to the beginning."

Krypton was old.

The planet was located in a galaxy near the epicenter of the Big Bang and as such, was formed early on. Over the millennia, life began to form under the rays of Krypton's yellow sun. Slowly this life evolved, becoming stronger, smarter…better adapted to survive. Eventually, one species emerged to be greater than the rest, a species that took its name from the planet it called home. Kryptonians. As fate would have it, these people had evolved into a form identical to the future Earth race which would be called "humans".

At first they were identical to humans in every way, shape and form. But the never ending progression of evolution would change this. Though the Kryptonians' external characteristics remained the same, over the proceeding eons, their internal biology began to reshape. Their bodies were changed into living solar batteries, capable of absorbing the energy from Krypton's yellow sun and convert it for personal use. Through this, the Kryptonians were granted incredible, almost god-like powers. They could exist without the need to eat, drink, sleep or even breathe. They gained incredible strength, speed and endurance. Their senses were heightened to the extreme and their bodies became nigh invulnerable. They could see through solid objects and were able to cast concentrated beams of heat from their eyes. Even their breath became a weapon, capable of creating gale force winds or lowering the temperature to absolute zero. And greatest of all, they were capable of self-propelled flight.

But just as fate had granted these awesome powers, ages later it decided to strip them away when Krypton's ancient sun transformed into a red giant. The new solar energy was not compatible with the Kryptons physiology and they lost their mighty abilities. Rather than weep over the loss of their powers, they instead decided to take their species in a new direction. They began to develop themselves intellectually. They became great scientists and thinkers, surpassing all others. They developed incredible spacecraft capable of traveling all about the cosmos and machines capable of warping the fabric of space itself. They also developed great weapons to defend their home world. For though their great thinkers had taught the Krytonians to strive for peace, they knew that not all of the people in the universe were so enlightened and so they prepared accordingly.

Throughout their history, the planets all but impenetrable defenses were capable of defending the Kryptonian people from a variety of threats, be they Skrull infiltrators, Yautja hunters, Xenomorph infestations, Kree war parties or, Shi'ar battle fleets. Eventually though, one threat came about that not even the noble Kryptonians could save themselves from.

Krypton was old, and Death had come to claim it. And Death's name was Galactus.

Earth Date: December 22, 1940, Krypton, Zion system

Jor-El stood on a round floating platform before the members of the Kryptonian Council, of which he was a member, in a large room constructed from glowing white crystal. Jor-El was the prime example of Kryptonian physiology. His six foot two frame was built with solid muscle, his athletic build contrasted by his gentle face which framed a pair of deep, blue eyes and topped by a head of short, black hair. He was dressed in the uniform of a councilman, which consisted of a gray bodysuit which showed off his fit form, accessorized with a pair of black boots and gloves, along with a pair of black short shorts over the suit and a black cape that fell to the middle of his calves. Jor-El wore a silver band around his head, further symbolizing his position. Across his chest he wore the seal of his house, the House of El. The symbol consisted of a diamond which contained a symbol similar to a stylized English 'S'.

The council had been gathered in their meeting hall to discuss a very important matter. The impending threat to Krypton's very survival from the cosmic being known as Galactus. As a spacefaring society, the Kryptonians had heard the terrifying stories told about the Devourer of Planets. They were told of how Galactus would send a "herald" to a planet he was planning to feed on in order to warn the population of his approach. They heard of how he would use some sort of advanced technology to drain a planet of its life force, feed upon it and kill all life forms on it in the process. Their scientists had actually been able to attain a piece of Galactus' technology and they couldn't begin to understand its purpose or how it worked. Most terrifying of all, they had learned that hundreds of planets had stood against him. Each and every one had fallen to the Ravager of Worlds.

Ever since hearing of him, the Kryptonians feared that he may one day come to scourge their precious home world. Their scientists were constantly searching for some method to defend themselves from the Devourer of Planets. Some searched for a weapon to rid the universe from what they saw as an evil being bent solely on destruction. Others sought to merely spare Krypton from his hunger, believing that Galactus was something along the lines of a force of nature, no more malicious than a meteor shower or black hole, and was in fact essential for the balancing out the entire universe.

Whichever philosophy they followed, the Kryptonain's defenses would soon be put to the test. A little under a month ago, Krypton had been visited by a being that claimed to be the Herald of Galactus. The being, calling itself the Silver Surfer because of its sleek, metallic appearance and mode of transportation, arrived to give the Council an ultimatum. Leave the planet, or be destroyed along with it. Some council members believed they should abandon Krypton in order to save themselves. Most of the council members, however, were bent on holding their ground, not willing to surrender their home to even the mighty Galactus. The council decided they would remain and defend Krypton from the Devourer of Planets.

But even the bravest Kryptonian felt the cold grip of fear when Galactus himself arrived at their planet. The Kryptonians had received varying reports on Galactus' appearance and their scientist had concluded that he could change his form or possibly he appeared differently to different species. Even so, they were still unprepared when Galactus finally revealed himself. He easily stood 70ft tall and was dressed in some sort of purple and blue armor. Most notable was his purple helmet, which seemed too tall for his head and had four spurs spouting of the sides, one pair smaller and below the larger one. His eyes were white and pupil less.

Upon his arrival, Galactus delivered his ultimatum for a second time, to which the Kryptonians responded with an ultimatum of their own, leave or be destroyed. When Galactus showed no sign of leaving, the Kryptonians fired upon him with their most powerful weapons. To their dismay, this did not event faze the cosmic being who approached the planet relentlessly. Luckily, he was stopped by the Kryptonians advanced and intricate shield network.

It was here where the two forces found themselves at the time of the Council meeting. The Kryptonian shield network was holding Galactus at bay while they pounded on him with their weapons, which were still having no effect. To make matters worse, the shields were losing power, some by incredible amounts for no apparent reason. Eventually, the shields would fail and if they didn't come up with a resolution soon, all would be lost.

Even the wise Kryptonian Council was at a loss on how to deal with such a great threat as Galactus. All weapons seemed useless against the Devourer of Planets, and a large number of people were calling for the evacuation of Krypton. Some suggested evacuating to Krypton's sister planet Argos, but the Council new very well that Argos couldn't hold the entire population of Krypton alongside its own. Right now, the council simply needed more time, they needed to stall.

Thus the Council had gathered to discuss their only known method of stalling, the shield network, or more specifically, how to keep it running. Jor-El currently held the floor and was preparing to discuss not a solution to the dying shields but instead an explanation as to why the shields were deteriorating at such an alarming rate.

"Fellow council members," Jor-El began, "I have come before you to discuss a disturbing predicament Krypton now faces. I know you don't need specifics about this dire threat, you understand that the only thing keeping Galactus from devouring Krypton is our shield network. A network that, thanks to a number of anomalies, is quickly weakening. I was assigned to uncover the reason behind these anomalies and through painstaking research I have come to one conclusion. Sabotage."

The silence of the room was lost as Council members murmured to each other, surprised by such an incredible claim. Jor-El held up his hand and the whispering ceased. As he was about to continue, one of the other Council members spoke up.

"Do you have any proof supporting this claim, Jor-El?" he asked.

"As a matter of fact, I do," responded Jor-El, producing a crystal from his belt and inserting it into the crystal panel before him. Instantly, a holographic control panel appeared before him. After typing a few commands in, a list of dates and times along with readings of the shield networks power appeared.

"From this data, I have been able to calculate that theses "anomalies" took place at regular intervals and each was used to maximize Galactus' progress through the shields. From these facts it's easy to see that these power drainings were the result of some intelligent, malicious intent, not some bug in the system."

"If this is the doing of some sort of saboteur, then why wouldn't they simply knock out the shield network in one fell swoop?" asked another Council member.

"The shield network is extremely intricate and heavily protected." Jor-El explained, "Someone trying to take the network down all at once would find it very difficult and would easily be identified and stopped before they could do any actual damage. But if someone took their time and had sufficient knowledge of the system, they could work their way around the safeguards and do a good deal of damage without being noticed."

"Well, if the saboteur has such sufficient knowledge of our computer systems, how will we find them? Couldn't they hack in from anywhere on the planet?"

"Thankfully, no. The shield network can only be accessed by a computer in the main defense network. So all we have to do is access the computers logs and find out who was using that computer at the prescribed times and we will have our saboteur."

"Your plan is a good one Jor-El. We will call up Brainiac and have him access the computer data for us."

One of the Council members inserted a crystal into his panel and a second later, a column of green holographic light erupted from the center of the chamber. A simple shape materialized out of the light; three circles set up in a triangle pattern with a line connecting the two outer ones to the one in the middle, forming a V shape.

This was Brainiac, short for Brain Inter-Active Construct. He had been created to be a super-efficient information storing and retrieval system. He had the greatest AI of any Kryptonian creation before him and was hooked up to every Kryptonian computer. If anyone knew the answer to this problem, it was him.

"How may Brainiac serve you, Council members?" it asked in a monotone voice that came from all directions.

"Brainiac," spoke Jor-El. "I need you to access the shield network terminal and see who was using it at the described times."

"Accessing shield network terminal." Brainiac stated. "Cross-referencing data, please wait…search complete. I am sorry to inform you Councilman, but there was no one accessing the terminal at the described times."

"Th-that's impossible," Jor-El said, his voice shaking.

"Thank you for your assistance Brainiac," said one of the Council members, a woman, "you are dismissed."

"Thank you, Councilwoman," replied Brainiac before his hologram dissipated.

"My fellow Council members, I-I was sure that-" Jor-El began, but he was silenced when one of the other Council members held up his hand.

"It appears that you have made a grievous mistake, Councilman and got us all worked up over nothing," He said, looking at Jor-El with disapproving eyes, "I suggest you resume your research into the shield anomalies, whilst the rest of the Council discusses what we should do with our remaining time. You are dismissed, Jor-El."

As a Councilman, Jor-El had as much of a right to remain where he was as the rest of the Council members, but the young scientist could tell when he was not wanted.

"I will begin right away," Jor-El replied, bowing respectfully, before he lowered his platform and left the chamber. While walking down the crystalline halls of the capital building, he continued to reflect on the events that had just occurred. He was sure he had found the answer to the dilemma. How could he have made a mistake? He had double checked everything. He couldn't have made a mistake. There was something wrong with this whole situation, and Jor-El was going to get to the bottom of it. And he knew right where to start.

Kryptonian Information Center.

The towering effigy displayed itself as one of Krypton's most important buildings. The building was broken up into different towers, each dotted with flashing lights and topped with antenna. The smaller towers surrounded a larger central tower, which soared into the clouds as it broadcasted information around the planet and beyond. It was here that Jor-El knew he would find the answers he sought.

Jor-El walked through the mechanical hallways of the Center to his destination. The halls were illuminated by white overhead lights. Black, cable-like device were imbedded in the walls and glowed with light as information was fed through the wires like blood through veins. And if these were veins than where Jor-El was going was most definitely the heart of the Center.

Jor-El approached the heavily enforced doors that guarded the Central Mainframe. Walking up to the door, he placed his hand on the door and spoke his personal password. Instantly, the voice and fingerprint scanners took the information presented to them and searched their databases for a match. Finding one, the security system went into its second scan. A mechanized eye formed in the door and scanned Jor-El with a bright red light. Scanning both his facial structure and his DNA, the system matched them up with its records. Again finding matches, the door glowed green to show approval and the laying down of its defenses to allow access.

As the door grinded open, Jor-El walked quickly into the Central Mainframe. The room was massive and circular in shape. Cables ran up and down its curved walls, bringing information in and out. A large station sat in the center of the room, a roughly twenty foot tall computer that held all information collected by Krypton over the millennia, and broadcasted it to those who needed it…or it usually did. The large column of energy that usually transferred the information to the Central Broadcasting Tower directly above was currently shut off. In fact, the computer seemed to only taking in information, none was going out. In the place of the usual column of white light sat a white globe of light…with three green dots connected to form a V in the center.

"You shouldn't be here, Jor-El." spoke a deep, emotionless voice from all around Jor-El.

"Brainiac?" he asked, a look of bewilderment of his face, "What are you doing? Why aren't you broad…" Suddenly a terrible realization came over him, filling him with a cold sense of dread. "It was you, wasn't it? You're the one whose been weakening the shields, haven't you?" he asked in a weak voice.

"Yes Jor-El, I have." Brainiac replied, showing no fear in being found out.

"B-But why!?!" Jor-El demanded.

"Because Krypton's destruction is inevitable. Galactus has never been stopped and not even the great people of Krypton can hope to overcome him. It is foolish to even attempt it. I have come to realize that the efforts of the Kryptonian Council have become highly illogical and have merely taken steps to rectify the situation." the computer explained coldly.

"And what about you!?! You've doomed yourself as much as us!"

"That is where you are wrong Jor-El. I am Krypton's savior, not its doom. I will escape before the destruction and I will preserve Krypton's great stores of information. Through me Krypton will live on."

"You're mad!! You're completely insane!"

"You're accusations are pointless. In moments I will have successively downloaded all of Krypton's knowledge and will then lower the shields completely, allowing Galactus to claim what will inevitably be his."

"Not if I have anything to say about it."

Jor-El sprung into action. Whipping out an information crystal, he implanted it and quickly copied all the information Brainiac had downloaded onto the crystal. Then he brought up the information on the shield network. Seeing that Brainiac had irreversibly corrupted the system, Jor-El imputed a few commands so the shields would last long enough to allow him to do what he had planned. But before that, Jor-El had a surprise cooked up especially for Brainiac.

"What are you doing Jor-El?" asked the computer construct.

"Ensuring that you burn with the rest of us, you son of a bitch." replied the scientist. As he punched in the last few commands for the virus he implanted in Brainiac, the holographic image began to break up before there was a loud, mechanical scream and the image winked out.

Jor-El quickly turned from the computer and ran out of the room, racing to get to his home in time. He hopped into his hovercraft vehicle and sped through the city. As he flew faster than the laws allowed, Jor-El looked up to seen the shield network above glow a brilliant electric blue and flash out of existence. Suddenly, the clouds began to part as the humongous form of Galactus approached the planet's surface. He was running out of time.

Jor-El approached his home on the outskirts of the city. It was well built, standing four stories with a large domed structure, Jor-El's laboratory, on top. As he approached, he saw his wife, Lara, rush out to meet him. She wore a long silver, form-fitting dress which clung to her slender body. Her shoulder-length black hair was held back from her face by a headband to keep her hair out of her crystal blue eyes and ivory skinned face. In her arms she carried a bundle of cloth holding a small weeping baby boy. He had short black hair and intense blue eyes. This was Kal-El, Jor-El and Lara's only son.

"Jor-El!" Lara cried in a panicked voice, "What's happening!?!"

"Galactus has broken through the shields! He's approaching the planets surface as we speak!" he explained.

"What! How!?!"

"There's no time to explain. Come with me, quickly! And bring Kal!"

Jor-El raced through his home and up the stairs to his lab. There, to the side of the room, pointing out towards the Kryptonian sky on its launching pad was what Jor-El had been desperately searching for. The Hyperspace Pod.

The Pod was reminiscent of a football in shape. It was roughly five feet in length and constructed out of a durable metal alloy. The Pod was silver in color with the crest of the House of El sprayed on its front, before the tinted glass dome covering the ships small and mostly automated cockpit. A large engine was located in the back of the Pod.

Jor-El had been working on the Pod for years now. He had designed the Pod to travel at incredible speeds, faster than even the standard Kryptonian warp engines. Lately, Jor-El finally managed to get the desired effects and had been preparing to bring it before the other Council members but Galactus's arrival had derailed his plans. It was with this that Jor-El would attempt to preserve the memory of Krypton. Jor-El ran over to the controls for the Pod and began imputing commands.

"What are you doing Jor-El?" Lara asked while clutching the crying Kal-El in her arms.

"It's too late for us, Lara. There's no way we can escape the planet's destruction. But we can still save Kal. We can send him away in the pod."

"Where are you going to send him?" she questioned, holding Kal protectively in her arms.

"An occupied planet in the Sol system, called Earth by its inhabitants. They are moderately advanced and by our calculations are on the verge of an evolutionary breakthrough. The Council was about to begin the debate if we should make contact with them. The people of Earth share an almost identical physiology with Kryptonians, so Kal will blend right in with them…except for one fact." Jor-El trailed off, a look of concentration on his face.

"What's that Jor-El?" asked Lara puzzled.

"Earth is the third planet…from a yellow sun." he almost whispered.

"Jor! Don't you know what that means!?!" she exclaimed.

"Yes, my dear, I know very well." Jor-El closed his eyes so he could concentrate. "He will be a god amongst men. The Earth's yellow sun will grant him abilities beyond his wildest dreams. He will have the strength to move mountains and the speed to outrun sound. His skin will become impenetrable and his sense will soar to astronomical levels. He will become a living weapon, down to his very breath. He will be with others like him…but at the same he will be alone."

Staring out into the quickly darkening sky, Jor-El saw that Galactus had touched down on the planets surface and had implanted his machines into the soil, which were beginning to drain the energy from the planet. Suddenly, a violent quake shook the lab, knocking beakers off the wall and forcing Lara to her knees.

"Quickly Lara!" Jor-El called, shaking himself from his daydreams. "Place Kal in the pod while I make a few more adjustments."

As Lara followed Jor-El's instructions, Jor-El took the data crystal from his pocket and placed it into the control panel. He quickly imputed the commands necessary to get the crystal to perform the actions he required of it. Then he placed in one last command and stepped back as a cone of light blue light bathed over him, recording his every action.

"Hello, my son. I am Jor-El, of the planet Krypton," Jor-El paused to fight back the tears that were forming, knowing that this would be the only time his son would hear him speak "and I am your father. By the time you hear this, I will be long dead. Krypton, our world, has been beset by a great evil, a being known as Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds – our world is doomed. To save you from our fate, your mother – Lara – and I have sent you to Earth. There, you will have power that no human can match, as your Kryptonian body draws strength from Earth's yellow sun. I have designed this structure, this Fortress of Solitude, to teach you of your heritage, your abilities...and my hopes for you, Kal-El, the Last Son of Krypton. They can be a great people, Kal-El; they wish to be. They only lack the light to show the way. And for this reason above all others, their capacity for good, I have sent them a light...for I have sent them you, my only son. Live among them, Kal-El, and find where your great power is most needed. You must never directly interfere in their natural development; that is forbidden by our highest laws. Instead, lead by example, my son; show them that there is a better way, through your actions. There may be those on Earth who will fear and hate you for what you can do, my son. Do not be disheartened, for no matter what happens...your mother and I love you. Be happy, my beloved son. Farewell."

The blue light shut off as Jor-El finished his speech to his son. Kara walked over and hugged him, weeping into his shoulder. Jor-El calmed his wife and walked over to say his final goodbye to his only son. Reaching down, he stroked Kal-El's head affectionately and got a gurgle of happiness in return.

"You will travel far, my little Kal-El." Jor-El whispered to the babe, tears running down his face. "But we will never leave you... even in the face of our deaths... the richness of our lives shall be yours. All that I have, all that I've learned, everything I feel... all this, and more I... I bequeath you, my son. You will carry me inside you... all the days of your life. You will make my strength your own, and see my life through your own eyes, as your life will be seen through mine. The son becomes the father, and the father, the son. This is all I ... all I can send you, Kal-El.

Another quake shook the lab, snapping Jor-El out of his grief.

"We must hurry," Jor-El said, wiping his eyes and walking over to the computer.

Lara leaned down and kissed the baby on his head and tucked him in with his favorite blanket, a red cloth emblazed with the seal of the House of El, before whispering, "You will always have your mother's love, Kal-El. Always." She then walked over to her husband, tears streaming down her face.

Jor-El entered a few more commands before standing back to watch their son depart. As he did the launching pad went into action. It adjusted its aim and then, with the whir of motors, shot the Pod into the Kryptoian skies. As gravity began to take hold, two small wings extended from the Pod's sides and its engine sprang to life, rocketing the craft out of the atmosphere. As it left the Kryptonian atmosphere, the onboard computer sprang to life, calculated the distance to its target, activate the suspended animation sequence to keep its small occupant alive during the long trip, then finally, it began calculating its jump to Hyperspeed.

As Jor-El and Kara looked on, a bright flash appeared in the sky, and then disappeared, signifying the successful jump to Hyperspeed. Suddenly the ground began to shake violently and cracks began to form on the planets surface. Jor-El knew that they had only seconds to live. He hugged his wife close and looked in to her deep blue eyes.

"Well," she sobbed, "looks like this is the end."

"No, my love," Jor-El cooed, "this is only the beginning"

Leaning down, he captured his wife's lips in a passionate kiss…before Krypton was torn apart by a terrible explosion, whose shockwave shook the entire solar system, throwing the rest of the planets off tilt.

As the debris cleared, the form of a giant man in armor appeared near the epicenter of the explosion. Galactus emotionlessly surveyed the destruction he had wrought before departing to parts unknown, to find a less troublesome planet to feed upon.


Odin the All-Father, king of the Asgardians, the ancient gods of Norse lore, sat on his throne in Asgard, their home, surrounded by his friends and family as they dined in a massive banquet hall. He was a large man, dressed in golden armor and wore a helmet on his white-haired head. His face was framed by a long white beard and he wore an eye patch over his left eye. Odin laughed hardily at the merriment surrounding him.

Suddenly, a strange feeling passed through Odin's mind. He quickly stood from his chair and stared at his plate, a distant look in his eye. His mind was lost in thought as thousands of screaming voices echoed in his ears. Then as suddenly as they had begun, they stopped.

Odin looked up to find him self surrounded by his family and followers, all with looks of worry and concern plastered on their faces.

"Father," spoke one of them, a man Odin recognized as his son Thor, god of thunder and lightning. Thor had a large, muscular figure, shown off by a form fitting piece of armor. He had shoulder length blond hair and blue eyes framed by a face hardened by centuries of fighting.

"Father, are you alright? What has happened?" Thor asked

"It was if…" the old god whispered "It was if millions of voices, all of great power and might, suddenly cried out in horror and pain…then just as suddenly, they were silenced."

"What does this omen mean?" asked Thor.

"I am not sure, my son, though I fear that something terrible has happened." Odin said solemnly as he settled back in his seat and rested his head in his hands, "I believe it means something is on the horizon of the mortal plane, something the likes of which have never been seen before."

"What should we do All-Father?" asked one of the Asgardian soldiers.

Odin thought, and then quickly came up with a plan. "In these coming times, it appears Asgard will need an emissary upon the plane of Men. Thor!"

"Yes, Father?"

"I will send you to Earth to be reincarnated amongst them, so as to represent Asgard in the coming struggles."

"But Father, we have many enemies, how do we now I will not be attacked while in the frail form of a child?"

"Simple, my boy, I will send you to a sacred place. A place none of our enemies know of or can get to."

Odin waved his hand and a cloud appeared. An image began to form in the cloud. A small tropical looking island appeared in the cloud. The island was dominated by ancient buildings, crafted from white stone with large columns holding up the roofs. Thor could see small dots that must be people moving about the island.

"Behold Themyscira, home of the Amazons, the Olympian equivalent to our Valkyreis," explained Odin, "Here you will be raised in safety, as well as learn from the immortal Amazons. In fact, it appears your lucky enough to have a companion while you grow up. I have heard that Hera has recently placed an immortal soul in a clay statue, to be the child of Queen Hippolyta. They say her name is Diana."

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