Preludes and Nocturnes

To die, to sleep;

To sleep: perchance to dream: ay, there's the rub;

For in that sleep of death what dreams may come

When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,

Must give us pause

-Shakespeare, Hamlet

September 30th, 2012, the Sanctum Sanctorum

Deep within the maze-like confines of the Sanctum Sanctorum, Dr. Stephen Strange sat in his meditation chamber, doing what he normally did with his free time, scour the Astral Plane on a vigilant look out for trouble and disturbances. Ever since his three young friends had made their second début, the Astral Plane was awash with psychic feedback and chatter over the event. And beneath it all, Stephen couldn't help but feel a powerful, foreboding undercurrent. He couldn't identify what it was, or even get a solid feel for it, but whatever it was, Stephen couldn't help but think that all it meant for him and everyone else was trouble.

"Vigilant as always, Sorcerer Supreme," a booming voice said within Stephen's mind.

Stephen's astral image whirled around in surprise, his eyes widened in shock. Behind him stood an immense figure, its form taking up all of his sight. The figure was roughly humanoid shaped, cloaked in a robe of utter blackness. The black of the robe was broken up by images of realistic and moving stars and planets, making looking at the being like looking at the night sky. Its only discernible feature was its navy blue face peering out of the robe's hood, half of its face still covered in blackness, with a supernova star replacing one of its eyes.

"My Lord Eternity!" Stephen exclaimed, before prostrating himself on the semisolid ground of the Astral Plane, "I did not feel you approach!"

"You were deep within a meditative state, I did not wish to disturb you till now,"

"Thank you, my lord. But surely you didn't come here for idle chit-chat," Stephen questioned.

"Indeed I did not, Sorcerer Supreme," Eternity relented, "Tell me, you know of my children? The Endless?"

"Of course, my lord," Stephen replied, "What sort of Sorcerer Supreme would I be if I did not?"

"Of course, of course. As such, you must know that one of my children has been missing for sometime, hidden and sealed by powerful magics," Eternity continued

"You speak of Dream, my lord?" Stephen asked.

"Indeed. He has been missing for a century…until now" Eternity replied

"You found him, my lord?"

"Yes, it appears he was summoned and then sealed here on Earth,"


"Yes, somewhere in Britain to be specific,"

"That's incredible. How did you find him?"

"It seems his keepers have become lax in recent years, allowing me to finally sense him. Now Sorcerer, you know I can not directly interfere with the universe as a whole. I have too many responsibilities. So I'm entrusting you to save my son. Can you do that?"

"Of course, my lord. You can count on me," Stephen replied, standing straighter.

"That is good to hear, Sorcerer. Dream is being held at the estate of one Alexander Burgess. You have your orders, now go to work," Eternity said with a serious tone, before disappearing before Stephen's eyes.

Nodding to himself, Stephen closed his eyes and concentrated, drawing his spirit back to his body. Opening his eyes and finding himself in his meditation chamber, Stephen quickly rose to his feet, grabbing his cloak as he headed to the door.

"Wong!" he cried as he flung the door open, wrapping his cloak around his neck.

"Yes, master?" Wong asked breathlessly as he hurried around a corner.

"Which of the Sentinels are currently available?" he asked.

"Uh, Lady Clea, Sargon, Ibis, Dr. Fate and yourself of course," Wong replied.

"Gather them, tell them to meet me in the main foyer. Then contact Albus and tell him to meet us at Stonehenge and tell him it's important. Then prepare yourself, you're coming with us." Strange ordered.

"I-I am?" Wong replied, startled.

"Yes, we're going to need all the help we can get on this," Strange explained.

"Of course, master," Wong replied, bowing before hurrying off.

"Now to find-AH!" Strange began to say, before he turned around and found himself face to face with the Phantom Stranger.

"Looking for me, Doctor?" he asked, nonchalantly.

"Don't do that! Don't you know I hate it?" Stephen exclaimed as he recomposed himself.

"Yes," the Stranger replied simply.

"Well seeing as you're here, I'm sure that means you understand what is happening?"

"Don't I always?"

"Then I don't need to bother asking you for help?" Strange asked as he began to walk away.

"No, though I would ask something of you," Stranger stated, simply.

"And what would that be?" Strange asked, raising an eyebrow as he looked back at the Stranger.

"Simple," the Stranger said with a shrug, "I need some vacation time,"

"Vacation?" Strange asked, turning completely around, "Since when do you take vacations?"

"My reasons are my own,"

"Fine," Stephen said with a sigh, "I'm sure we can hold down the fort while you're gone. Now are you coming?"

"Right behind you," Stranger replied as he followed Dr. Strange deeper into the Sanctorum.

Later, outside the residence of Alexander Burgess

A large, stone home sat upon a rolling green hill, with the sun dipping in the horizon behind it, casting long shadows across the hills and lighting the sky with purples and reds. Suddenly, a large popping sound broke the silence as several figures appeared on a hill not far off.

"This is the place," the Stranger stated, looking at the house in the distance.

"How are you so sure?" Sargon asked.

The Stranger merely turned and looked at the young wizard with a raised eyebrow in response.

"Right," he replied, looking back at the house, "Sorry,"

"So what is your plan, Stephen?" Dr. Fate asked.

"Simple, we go in and demand they release Dream," Dr. Strange replied simply, as he began to walk towards the large house.

"And if they don't release him?" Clea asked.

"Then we do it ourselves, whether they like it or not,"

"Do you think that's wise?" Albus questioned.

"No, my friend. I actually feel rather rash. But Eternity made it clear that he wanted Dream released as soon as possible. And I'm sure Dream would appreciate every moment less it takes for us to release him," Dr. Strange explained as they reached the door.

"Very well," Albus said with a resigned tone as he drew his wand.

Reaching out, Stephen knocked on the door. Their was the sound of people moving behind the door before a small peephole appeared in the once solid wooden door.

"Who's there? How did you get past the wards?" a voice asked.

"Heh, Wards," the Phantom Stranger whispered to himself near the back of the group, "Like those so called wards could keep us out, even if I didn't bring them down when we got here."

"I am Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme of Earth and these are members of the Sentinels of Magic. We know you are holding the entity known as Dream here and we've come to release him by order of Eternity itself. You can cooperate or not, it's up to you," Stephen explained to the doorkeeper.

"Oh dear, the Sorcerer Supreme!" the man on the other side of the door exclaimed, "Of course we'll cooperate, just let me open the door here and Avada Kadava!"

Throwing open the door, the man, revealed to be dressed in a dark robe with the hood up, pointed a wand at Stephen as a bolt of green light shot out. But Dr. Strange's reflexes were quicker, and he managed to hold his hand up in front of him, forming a barrier of magical energy that reflected the attack harmlessly away. Before the guard could react, Dr. Strange stretched his other hand out in front of him, causing a bolt of clear energy to shoot out and send the guard flying back.

Rushing through the now open door, Dr. Strange and his companions found themselves in a large foyer, much larger than the house seemed capable of containing, with doors and hallways leading in all directions along with a grand stair case leading to the second floor. A few tables sat along the walls, while paintings hung here and there. The guard groaned from his position on the floor, before he rolled over and fell completely into unconsciousness.

"All right," Dr. Strange turned around to address the group, "Everyone split up and search the house. Once you find where they're keeping Dream, contact the others. If you can find a way to release him yourself, do so."

"Uh, Doctor?" Ibis asked, looking past Stephen.

"Yes, Ibis?"

"Your plan is great and all, but I don't think they want to cooperate," Ibis stated, gesturing to something behind Stephen. Turning around, Stephen found dozens of robed men and women rushing into the foyer from the various entrances, wands drawn.

"Move!" Dr. Strange shouted as he threw his hands up, creating a magic shield as he was barraged with magic spells. The others took the opportunity to duck behind walls and tables for cover, regrouping for attacks of their own. All except the Phantom Stranger.

Rushing forward up the stairs, spells seem to bounce off him or flow around him. Running up to one of the cultists, he grabbed his wand arm and twisted it, causing the man to drop the wand. As the man gasped in pain, the Stranger kicked him hard in the chest, sending him flying back and crashing into the three cultists behind him, sending them tumbling to the ground. Whirling around, he held up his hand towards the group behind him, firing a bolt of white light at them, which exploded with concussive force, sending multiple cultists flying through the air and crashing to the ground.

Behind the Stranger, a cultist pointed his wand at him and attempted to catch the Stranger off guard. But before he could unleash a spell, Ibis flew up from the ground floor and landed on the banister before casting a disarming spell and knocking the cultist's wand out of his hand. Then, twirling his staff, he pointed it at the cultist, firing a bolt of force that knocked the cultist through the wall behind him, sending debris flying. Turning to another part of the balcony, he made a sweeping motion with his staff, knocking the cultists into the air and scattering them across the ground.

A group of cultists came up behind him to attack. Ibis spun around and began to spin his staff in his hand before him. As it spun faster and faster, a gust of wind picked up, quickly growing strong enough to stop the cultists in their tracks. Before the cultists could do anything to stop it, the winds increased even more, literally blowing them off their feet, sending them flying through the air and crashing through the wall at the end of the balcony they were on.

As Ibis' attention was diverted, a female cultist that the Stranger had knocked down, got back to her feet and drew a knife from her robes before rushing him from behind. Turning around, Ibis lashed out with his staff, grabbing her hand with its crook- like end, before twisting it and forcing her to drop her knife. Then, he struck her in the stomach with the other end of his staff, before tripping her up with the crook end. After she fell to the ground, he brought his staff down hard on her stomach, knocking her unconscious.

At the same time, Sargon placed his hand on the table he was using for cover, causing both the jewel in his chest and hand to glow red, before the table was surrounded in an aura of the same color. The table suddenly sprung to life, sprinting on its newly animated legs towards a group of cultists. Caught off guard by the surprising sight, the cultists were unprepared when the table flung itself at them, smashing into them with its broad side and sending many scattering. As the cultist tried to recover, the table began to kick its legs about like a wild bronco, sending a number of cultists flying and knocking them out.

As the table went on the offensive, Sargon turned his attention to other cultists in the foyer. Turning towards one, he lifted his arm, and fired a bolt of red energy, striking a cultist in the chest, causing his robes to glow red. Suddenly, they came alive and began constricting around his form, wrapping around his legs so that he fell to the floor, before wrapping themselves around his neck until he passed out. Sargon quickly followed this by shooting another bolt at a rug near a group of cultists. The rug sprung to life, quickly wrapping itself around one of the cultist's feet and tripping him. It then picked up the helpless wizard and began to swing him around, knocking the other cultist around it flying.

As Sargon was admiring his handiwork, a group of cultists attacked him with a barrage of spells, forcing the wizard to take cover. Putting his fingers to his mouth, Sargon whistled sharply. In response the table he had animated rushed over. Slapping a hand to the table, it lost its red glow and became inert again. Flipping it, Sargon quickly rolled behind it for cover. As the cultist bombarded the table, slowly blowing it apart, Sargon whispered a few words, before the table lit on fire. Then with a gesture, he sent the table hurtling through the air at high speeds before exploding in a large ball of fire when it smashed into the wall behind the dodging cultists, sending them flying.

Rushing at a group of cultists, Wong struck one with a flying kick, sending the man flying through the air. Wong rebounded off the kick, flipping through the air before knocking two more cultists out with a split kick. Landing in a crouched position, he turned on his heel before kicking another cultist in the chin, knocking him away. Still spinning, he swept another cultist's legs, knocking him on his back before striking him hard in the gut.

Rising back up, he grabbed the wrist of a cultist who was pointing a wand at him. He twisted the man's wrist violently, causing him to let go of his wand, which went flipping into the air. Wong quickly kicked the cultist away before spinning around and catching the wand as it fell. Turning quickly, he hurled the wand at another cultist, striking the man hard on the nose. As he reeled back, Wong leaped towards him before delivering a powerful kick to his jaw, sending him flying and knocking him out.

Meanwhile, Albus had his hands full, dueling multiple opponents at once with his back to the wall. The half a dozen cultists continually shot curses and hexes at him, but the aged wizard managed to deflect them all, remaining untouchable. Then, finding an opening; Albus made a large sweeping motion with his arm, causing each and every one of the cultists' wands to fly out of their hands and go sailing across the room. Before the cultists could react, Albus made a second sweeping motion, causing an arc of light green energy to spring from his wand and shoot out at the cultists, knocking them through the air.

Suddenly, the door right next to opened, revealing a cultist behind it with more reinforcements in tow. The cultist stared at Albus in surprise, but before the wizard could react, Albus pointed his wand at the door, causing to slam shut with an audible smack. Then, standing in front of it, Albus gestured towards the door again, sending it flying off its hinges into the other room, smashing into the group standing behind it. The force of the blow scattered them across the room and knocked a majority of them out. Some however, began to stir and regain they're footing. Looking up, Albus saw that there was a small chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

"Diffindo!" he shouted as he pointed his wand at the chandelier. As he did, the chain holding the chandelier suddenly broke and the chandelier fell upon the cultists below with a thunderous crash, sending glass flying everywhere. When the dust settled, Albus was the last man standing. Giving a nod of satisfaction, he turned and exited the room to rejoin the battle in the foyer.

Dr. Fate floated up above the floor, deflecting spells left and right. Then, he held his arms out with his fingers outstretched. Suddenly, beams of yellow energy shot out from his fingers, each hitting a cultist in the chest, knocking them back through the air, and some through walls.

Turning to face another group, he held up his hands in front of him. A circle with an Ankh design appeared in front of him. Suddenly, the design appeared below the cultists, set into the floor. A second later, gravity reversed for the cultists, causing them to go flying into the air and crash into the ceiling. Fate then disappeared in a flash shaped like an ankh, before appearing inside the circle on the ground. The only effect this seemed to have on him though was causing the ends of his cloak to point up towards the ceiling.

Holding his arms out, he made a few, quick gestures with them, causing the symbol beneath his feet to disappear, sending the cultist tumbling down. Right before they hit the ground, he made another motion, catching them all in midair. Then, with a swishing motion of his arms, he sent them flying through the air, crashing into the walls, furniture and even other cultists.

Clea threw up a large wall of magical energy to protect herself, causing the cultists magical blast to ricochet off, striking the walls and even some of the other cultists. With a few more words and hand movements, she slammed her palms against the wall of force, sending it flying across the ground, and striking the cultists, before slamming them into and through a wall.

Turning to another group of cultists, she made a swirling motion with her hands before slamming them to the ground. At the same time, the floor beneath the cultists' feet suddenly changed to water. The cultists could do nothing but shout in surprise before dropping into the water. Standing up, Clea threw her hands above her head, causing the water to blast upwards as a geyser, slamming the cultists into the ceiling. As they began to fall, Clea made a swirling motion with her hand, causing the water to form into a whirlpool suspended in midair. The cultists were spun about helplessly by the magic water, as the force of the whirlpool sucked other cultists standing near by.

After a few seconds of spinning, Clea brought her hands to a stop, causing the water to stop spinning as well, leaving the cultists floating helplessly inside. Then, she quickly clapped her hands together, forcing the water to rapidly condense into a small ball, crushing the cultists together. Bringing her clasped hands up to her mouth, she breathed into them, causing the ball of water to freeze solid. In one quick motion, Clea brought her hands quickly down while spreading them apart, as if she were smashing something, causing the ball of ice to slam into the ground with explosive force, sending cultists and chunks of ice flying, smashing into walls and other cultists. As a thin, crystal white fog settled over the area, Clea adjusted her hair, smiling at her handiwork.

Dr. Strange floated up near the room's ceiling, a bubble shield surrounding him and protecting him from harm. Turning his attention to one cultist, he threw his hand in his direction, causing the man to shoot through the air and a nearby wall. Turning to another, he made a sweeping motion, causing the cultist legs to shoot out from him before his face slammed hard into the floor below him. Focusing on another, standing on the second floor balcony, he pointed down with his right hand, causing the floor beneath the cultist to collapse, sending him falling to the ground below.

Turning to his left, he saw yet another group of cultists rushing out to face them. Narrowing his eyes, Dr. Strange floated up towards the ceiling, before placing his hands against it. Suddenly, his eyes and hands began to glow red as he chanted indecipherable words. As he did, arcane runes, written in red energy began to expand from his hands, until they covered the entire ceiling. At that point, Dr. Strange brought his hands down quickly, which caused tendrils of red energy to spring from the ceiling. The tendrils branched off multiple times, until they were like large rivers with dozens of tributaries. Each of the smaller tendrils grabbed a cultist, before squeezing them or slamming them against something until they fell unconscious. Then, as one, they receded back into the ceiling as Stephen ended the spell, floating down to the floor amongst the dozens of defeated cultists.

"Looks like we're done here" the Phantom Stranger commented as the group reassembled in the center of the hall.

"I sure hope so," Sargon commented, massaging his shoulder.

"Now all we have to do is find where they're keeping him," Wong stated.

"But how are we to do that?" Clea asked, "This house is huge, it might even rival the Sanctum in size,"

"I have a solution," the Phantom Stranger said, before reaching out his hands, "But I will require the two doctors' assistance. Specifically, I require the powers of the Helmet of Fate and the Eye of Agamotto. Take my hands."

Moving up to the Stranger, Dr. Strange and Dr. Fate took his hands; before all three closed they're eyes in concentration. Suddenly, their hand began to glow, before Stranger opened his now brightly glowing eyes and stared off into nothingness.

"I've found him," he muttered before marching off in a seemingly random direction, forcing the others to follow him. He walked with complete certainty through the maze-like hallways, leading them down multiple flights of stairs, until it look as though they were in more of a dungeon than a mansion. Eventually they came to an ordinary wooden door, with a small, closable window in it.

"He's in there," the Stranger said, indicating to the door.

"Alright," Dr. Strange said before walking up to the door, "I'll go in first. Everyone be ready."

Putting his hand against the door, Dr. Strange whispered a few quick words before quickly pushing the door in and rushing inside, everyone else hot on his heels.

Inside, the room was large and mostly bare, with rough hewn stone walls and floors. In the center of the room, a large glass globe sat on a pedestal, its interior obscured by billowing, white smoke.

Between the door and the globe sat an old man in a wheel chair. He was dressed in simple clothes, with a blanket draped across his legs. His head was bald and his face had been ravaged by time and disease.

"Alexander Burgess, I presume?" Dr. Strange asked.

"Indeed and you must be Dr. Strange, the new Sorcerer Supreme," he said in a wheezing voice.

"That I am, and I suppose you know what we're here for then?" Dr. Strange questioned.

"Yes I do, and I'm sorry but I can't let you have it!" he said with surprising energy, before whipping out his wand and pointing it at Dr. Strange.

"Expelliarmus!" Albus shouted, disarming Alexander with a gesture. Alexander watched with surprise as his wand clattered to the floor, out of reach. Turning back to the group, his eyes narrowed as he caught sight of Albus.

"Albus," he said, familiarly.

"Alexander," Albus greeted him in return.

"You too know each other?" Ibis asked.

"Old classmates I'm afraid. Always was a bad apple."

"Like you're one to talk, Dumbledore," Alexander growled.

"I sense some bad blood between you two," Wong commented.

"You have no idea," Albus commented before turning back to Alexander, "I'm not the one with a member of the Endless in my basement, Alexander"

"My father's work," he said with a hint of pride, "He was aiming for Death, got Dream instead. Kept him around to see what we could get. Stubborn bastard hasn't said anything since we captured him. I suppose you're here to take him from me too?"

"We're not here to take him," Dr. Strange explained, "We're here to release him."

"Release him?" Alexander said in a frightened tone, "You can't!"

"We can," Dr. Strange stated, as he pointed his hand at the globe, "and we will,"

A beam of magical energy erupted from his hand, striking the dome and causing it to crack. Soon, all of them joined in, blasting the dome with magic.

"How are you doing this!?!" Alexander demanded as he watched helplessly.

"Your father didn't come up with this himself. It's based of the same prison that holds the Specter," the Phantom Stranger explained. "I created it and I know how to take it apart."

Holding up his hand, he shot a beam of pure white energy at the heavily damaged dome, causing it to explode violently. Tiny glass shards shot everywhere before collecting on the ground like grains of sand. The mist that was previously held inside the dome spilled out, covering the room and obscuring sight.

Alexander looked around, panicking. Hearing a noise behind him, he turned around to try and find out what it was. Suddenly, he felt something looming over him. Turning back around, he found a tall, gaunt man with chalk white skin and wild jet black hair standing before him. He was dressed in a long black robe, and his eyes were black, with twinkling lights, almost like stars in them.

"Hello" he whispered.

"You!" Alexander cried.

"Me" the man replied.

"S-Stay away!!" he shouted, desperately trying to roll away, but his wheel chair refused to move.

"You wanted a gift from me. I give you this," he said, reaching out his hand to Alexander's forehead, "Eternal Waking!"

The only thing that the others could hear wasAlexander's cries of horror before silence. The fog suddenly dissipated, revealing Dream standing over Alexander's prone form.

"Lord Dream?" Dr. Strange asked, hesitantly.

Dream turned his head slightly to look at Stephen.

"Who are you?" he asked, simply.

"Dr. Stephen Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme," Stephen explained.

Dream cocked an eyebrow, "Much time has past since I was sealed away. Who sent you?"

"Eternity, your father,"

"Father? You took a good deal of time finding me"

"I'm sorry. There wer-"

"I care not" Dream interrupted before walking up to Dr. Strange and holding up a single finger, "I own you one favor, Sorcerer. Use it wisely"

Stepping back, he closed his eyes before he disappeared in a cloud of sand.

"Not even a thank you?" Sargon commented, crossing his arms.

"Dream has never been known as the most pleasant of individuals" Albus stated.

"What did Dream do to him?" Clea asked, standing over Alexander's sleeping form.

"You know when it feels like you woke up from a nightmare, but you're really still dreaming?" the Phantom Stranger explained, "It's kind of like that, only a hundred times worse."

"Wow," Ibis said before turning to Dr. Strange, "Do you think that's the last time we'll see Dream?"

"No," Dr. Strange said, a solemn look on his face, "I think this is only the beginning."

The sun had set outside the small bar in England, and the patrons were slowly departing. The four teenagers were still gathered around the old storyteller, enraptured by his tales. As he finished his latest one, he stretched and cracked his back, before putting out his cigarette.

"All right you kids, it's about time for you to be going," he said with a smile, causing the group to groan like children half their age.

"Hey, don't go getting all upset. Tell you what, next time you lot are down here, I'll tell you more stories. How's that?"

"Sounds great!" one of the girls said.

"Oh crap, we're going to be late!" one of the guys said before they all got up and rushed out the door, waving their goodbyes.

The old man chuckled as he watched them go, before he got up and put on his coat. Making his way to the door, he waved the bar tender good night before stepping out into the cold. Looking up he smiled at the swinging sign, displaying the bar and inn's name; "Hog's Head." Looking into the distance, he saw the looming castle of Hogwarts in front of him, where the group of kids he had talked to was no doubt headed.

"Having fun?" a female voice asked. Turning, the old man found a young woman standing next to him. She had long dark hair and pale skin. She wore a slim, black, winter jacket and snow pants, which showed off her attractive frame. She had wore a large black winter hat on her head and an ankh around her neck. She also had the eye of Horus tattooed below her right eye.

"Hello Death," he said with a grin, before his form shifted. Seconds later, he was a young man with pale skin and wild, pure white hair. He wore a white winter coat and white pants, along with a white scarf. His eyes were black with twinkles of light in them, almost like stars.

"Hello Daniel," Death replied cheerfully, "Now what have you been up too?"

"Telling stories. I am the Lord of Dreams after all. " he replied with a smirk.

"Morpheous would be proud of you. I know your parents are," she said with a smile.

"Thanks," he said, before looking at her curiously, "Where's that boy toy of yours?"

"He's not my boy toy," she laughed, punching him in the arm, "Now come on, old man. We got places to be."

"I'm coming" Daniel replied, before taking one last look at Hogwarts, "Dream a little dream for me"

"Come on!" Death cried, having begun walking away. Daniel smiled before running after her. Catching up, he walked alongside her, before both of them disappeared in a gust of snow.

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B.P.R.D Lost Files: Read about the secret missions and adventures of the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense's Alpha Squad. Runs parallel to the Raven's Lost Years Series.

Requiem for a Dream: After nearly a century of imprisonment, Dream of the Endless has been released. Now he must strive to reclaim his powers and kingdom while adapting to a universe that has moved on without him.

Make sure to cast your vote, and as a side note, all the stories, unless otherwise noted, run parallel to each other and will crossover at certain points, ultimately leading to the next part of the over all story. Righting this story has been really fun and I'm glad you all enjoyed it too. Thanks for reading, and until next time, Later True Believers!