So much for negotiations with the cylon fleet. First a copy of Sharon, supposedly the original Boomer, had gotten into a cat-fight with Helo's Sharon. After that rumpus was cleared away things had only gone downhill. Brother Cavil kept winking at his father; President Roslin's voice dropped lower and her speech pattern got slower as she tried to keep everyone focused. Each side had agreed to consider the key points for another twenty-four hours and the meeting was finally adjourned.

Then the next explosion happened. On their way out Sam Anders had walked by and seen the Leoben model. For the last two minutes they'd been arguing about Kara and who was destined to be with her. Lee wasn't sure how Anders knew that this was the same Leoben that had held Kara captive on New Caprica, but the cylon had confirmed it.

As for the object of their argument, Kara had barely been let out of the brig after her medical work had proven her identity. Lee would much rather be looking for her instead of watching Anders get scammed by a cylon.

"I resurrected for her six times. The pain washed over me like water over rocks in a stream. You haven't experienced it even once; your love hasn't been tested like mine."

"She pointed a gun at me once."

Lee couldn't help himself. "Hey, she shot me in the chest!" He started to unbutton his white shirt to show them the scar but Anders wasn't looking and Leoben just muttered "Friendly fire" as he turned away.

"I see the patterns of her life and you don't. I see her dreams. I've been in her dreams." Now the cylon had the smuggest look on his face; Lee wanted to smack him. Anders did, popping him in the jaw with his fist and the two started to grapple.

Lee noted with pleasure that Anders was significantly taller than Leoben. (Unfortunately, he realized, Leoben was still taller than he was. He had once dated a woman who called him her pocket Adonis. She was just being nice, though; she dumped him for a star player on the Picon Panthers.)

Kara walked in the room them, eyes big at the sight of the two wrestling. She sidled up to Lee. "What the frak is this?"

"Uh, they're fighting over who's destined to be with you."

Kara giggled. "You're putting me on, right?"


"Well... frak me." Lee had a hard time not saying anything back but decided against any further comment.

Anders was trying to choke Leoben but it wasn't working. The cylon was still talking, taunting him about the fifth time Kara killed him, about how she was straddling him as he died. It was a successful tactic because Anders glanced at Kara for a moment and Leoben used the loss of concentration to break Anders' hold.

"Keep your head in the game, Sam!" Kara yelled, then muttered, "Frakkin' idiot."

Lee said, "So you want Sam to win?" His heart sank.

"I'm not going to pick either of those losers just 'cause they wrestle well."

For a moment Lee felt a small hope like a tingly glow in his chest... until THWACK! Kara had smacked him with the back of her hand.


"Hey, go to the mess hall for me, 'kay?"

"What?! Why?"

"There's some cooking oil in there." She yelled across at Sam again, "Hey Anders, you better have your shirt off by the time Lee gets back!"