Author's Note: I've decided to take a tiny break from Solstice in an attempt to do my first one shot. This is one that I have thought about doing for a long time now. This is from Alice's POV and it is how she came about stealing the yellow 911 Turbo in New Moon. I am not Stephenie Meyer I do not own Alice or the yellow Porsche (I wish though lol) etc. etc. you get the point. It's shorter than I would have liked to have done, but I had to remember that this had to be rushed. Edward was in danger and Alice wouldn't have taken her time. So, I apologize for the length and please R & R.

Grand Theft Auto

The moment we stepped off the plane, I was in hot pursuit of a vehicle.

"Stay here," I told Bella, "I don't have time to track you down or take you with me to get a car. I'll pick you up in a flash."

Bella nodded and I strolled off. Naturally, I moved as quickly as I could, but I couldn't afford to run in an airport. It was too risky that someone would see me and then think that I disappeared. I noticed a sign for a parking garage and hurried into it. Speed was of the essence, so I was not going to grab the first piece of junk I saw. I closed my eyes in frustration and I saw something. A gorgeous piece of machinery, canary yellow. My favorite color as well. Could I get any luckier? I estimated that it would pull in any second, so I waited. Sure enough, a 911 Turbo pulled into the garage.

Oh please let it be a male driver, I thought to myself as I casually strolled over, as if looking for my vehicle.

I watched as the lone man climbed out of the car. He was young, maybe in his late twenties. Not bad looking either, but that certainly wasn't my immediate concern. I would have to do this right if it was going to work.

"Excuse me?" I said, giving my voice a slight accent. I flashed him my most girlish smile, tucking a strand of my short hair behind my ear. "I seemed to have forgotten where I have parked my car… Would you mind helping me to search for it? I'm in a bit of a hurry…"

The man looked dazed and quickly nodded his head.

"Sure, sure," he said, his accent so thick that it was a bit hard to understand. "Vhat kind of car is eet?"

"It's a canary yellow 911 Turbo."

"Like mine?" he asked, confused.

He turned to look at his car and I took advantage of his lack of concentration. Hitting him swiftly, but not so hard as to kill him, on the back of the head, I watched as he sunk to the ground.

"Sorry," I couldn't help whispering. He would have a large goose egg on the back of his head for at least a week. I quickly pulled his keys out of his pocket. Now, to stash him somewhere where he wouldn't get run over. My eyes circled around the parking garage, spotting a bench near the elevator. I picked him up as easily as I would a child and ran him over to it, lying him down. Grinning, I spotted an empty beer bottle and placed his hand around it. No one would think a thing of it now. Racing back, I hopped into the Porsche, starting it quickly. The result was wonderful. This car was a real piece of work. It purred as I put it in reverse and raced out of the garage. I smiled, gazing at all of the gadgets and gages that it had. This was one car that I definitely could see myself driving in on a regular basis, but right now wasn't the time. The car screeched to a stop as I flung the passenger door open for Bella.

Time was definitely of the essence and it was back to business now.

"Hurry, Bella!"