Why, hello there!

How is everyone's summer? Good, right?

The reason I wrote this is because I can't move. I had to dance for 6 hours last night. It was torture. Why do people find in fun sitting on people while their doing the splits? I tell you, it's like a sick game to them. Why, oh why did I sign up from 1 PM to 7? Oh well…

Anyway, I'm sure you didn't click on this story to hear about my personal life, now did you? (Unless you actually did…but you'd have to be psychic, because in the summary I didn't say "COME READ ABOUT ME AND DANCING AND THE TORTURE I WAS PUT THROUGH!!!"…or did I?!)

No, I don't own LWD, because if I did, DASEY would've happened a loooooong time ago :--) (Do you know on WORD document, it said I spelt that long wrong, and one of the suggestions was boohooing?)

Now read on!!!!!

"I. Hate. You," I whispered, trying to give my fiercest glare.

"Pretty good," I thought, still staring at myself in the mirror.

You see, I have been practicing for the last hour trying to make convincing insults. Because lately I've been saying stuff like: 'Well, you're breath smells girly! Mwahahaha!' And those insults leave people thinking I've lost my mind. Which maybe I have.

Because I have fallen madly in love with a boy.

And can you guess who that boy is? Max.

Ha, just kidding. I wish I had fallen in love with Max, but I didn't; I couldn't. Mostly because once Max and I had our 2-month anniversary, I was already in love with my stepbrother.

Yes, that's right. Edwin.

Ha, just kidding again, but wouldn't that make an interesting twist? However, I have fallen in love with my other stepbrother, Derek.

So ever since I finally ended it with Max (which was 1 month ago), my insults have been unbelievably stupid. So I have come up with a schedule, which says that I have to practice my glares, my Der-ek, and my insults. And I must say, their almost back to normal.

"Casey, can I come in?" I hear a muffled voice through the door.

I nod, but then I remember whoever it is can't see me, nodding.

"Sure," I mutter, glaring at myself in the mirror. Rawr.

"What are you doing?" Oh no; not him.

I turn around and my heart stops. Mmmm, Derek looks very hott.

"What are you doing?" I ask in reply; cringing at my stupidity.

He stares at me for a second then says, " I need to borrow your notes for whatever class we have second hour."

"You mean English?" I ask, reaching into my backpack. "Why do you want them?"

"Dad says if I get an F on my next test he will ground me from dating," he says, rolling his eyes.

"Wow, George is being totally unfair," I reply sarcastically.

Apparently Derek doesn't know the meaning of sarcasm. "I know!"

I hand him my notebook, and he leaves, shutting my door. I turn towards the mirror.

:) :) :--)

"Der-ek!" I'm getting pretty good at that.

"You monkey!"

"You dor-. Wait, monkey?" Derek asks me, confused.

I freeze for a second and stare at the floor shaking my head slightly, "I didn't say monkey."

"Yes you did."

"No I didn't."

"Uh, yeah, you did."

"Well, I did say monkey, but monkey is French for loser," Actually, I don't know one word of French, but I'm guessing he didn't either…

"Well," He pauses, probably thinking of something to call me, "You're a dork."

I sigh at him, and shake my head. "Why are we even fighting?"

I could tell Derek was confused on why I stopped and he looked slightly disappointed. So I hit him.

"What was that for?" He asks, rubbing the spot where I hit him.

"Why do you like fighting with me?"

"Who says I do?"


"Ooooh, that was very dramatic Casey, but you're wrong."

"No, I'm not."

"Yeah, you kinda are. Why would I like fighting with you?" Derek asks. Then hits me.

Oh, its on.

"You're," I hit him, "not," and then I hit him again, "suppose," and again, "to hit," and again, "a girl!" And then I slap him, but believe me, really softly. It was more playful. He seems shocked for a second so I take this as my chance and run, laughing my butt off the whole way.

"Could you pass the peas, you monkey?" I ask, looking at Derek. We smile at each other, and he throws some at me. And one hits me in the eye. Then falls in my smoothie.

"Der-ek!" I ask, trying to yell, but it comes out as a laugh.

"Derek, not now," My mom says, shaking her head.

"Sorry, Nora," He gets up, and comes around the table, to where I sit. And then he digs his hand in my smoothie, and pulls out the pea.

"There ya go," he says, putting the pea on my plate.

Okay, Casey, look mad. But I can't. I start laughing, while my mom and George are yelling.

I look at him and see him laughing, too. I stand up, meeting his eyes, and pick up my smoothie. I smile at him, and he's confused, everyone is. Until I pour it over his head, which causes more yelling.




"Food fight!" Marti screams, while my mom and George are yelling 'no!'

No one listens, because food is soon flying everywhere.

"STOP THIS RIGHT NOW!" My mom yells, and everyone freezes.

"Edwin take a shower in my bathroom, Lizzie take a shower, Marti take one after Lizzie. Go." Once everyone leaves, but me and Derek (even though we tried to get away), my mom turns to us, "You guys are going to clean this up, and then go straight to bed. You guys are grounded for a week."

"Oh come on, Nora. Is that really-," Derek starts.

"Derek, do you want to make it two?" I mutter, stepping on his foot.

So how's everyone's summer? Mine is rocking. I just made 100 dollars, WOOOWOOO! I feel so powerful with money….