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1: The King's Engagement

It was a warm summer's day, a week or so after Midsummer, and King John Presbyter was holding a banquet.

This, in and of itself, was hardly unusual. But at this banquet, the nobility of Erkynland would meet Prester John's intended bride.

Rumors plagued the city of Erchester. It was said she was beautiful. That she was a princess. That she was the youngest daughter of a poor baron. That she had Sithi blood. Few things were known for certain: she was very young, younger by a score of years at least than the king; that she was Hernystiri; and that Prester John was marrying her for love, not politics.

As evening fell, the dining hall of the Hayholt was overflowing with visiting and resident nobility. At the high table with the king sat his knights, most notably Camaris-sá-Vinitta, his brother Leobardis, Sir Tallistro, Sir Fluiren of Nabban, and Duke Isgrimnur of Elvritshalla. Present also were Towser, the king's jester, and Doctor Morgenes. Seated beside the Dragonbone Chair, which had been brought in specially for this occasion, was a very young woman, hardly more than a girl, and it was upon her that the eyes of the multitude were fixed.

Serving-boys rushed in and out of the hall, filling goblets with wine, clearing away empty serving platters, refilling empty wine goblets, and restocking the tables with venison, mutton, boar, swan, and all manner of well-prepared meat- all under the watchful eye of the new Mistress of Chambermaids, a woman named Rachel, who was already nicknamed "the Dragon" for her strictness about order. Though few, if any, of the guests saw her, her presence was felt in the precise, efficient, and expedient manner with which the servers worked as she watched from the shadows.

At last Prester John rose from the Dragonbone Chair. All attention, until now half-focused on him, was riveted to the high table at this slight motion. The king did not have to call for his guests' attention or tap his goblet. For once, silence fell instantly.

"My lords and ladies," the king declared, "the moment for which you have long been waiting has arrived. I present to you Ebekah, my betrothed."

The young woman next to the king stood. She was lovely. Long dark curls fell down her back gracefully, contained only at the top by a jeweled hairnet. Her eyes were pale blue as the sky on a hot summer's day, and her skin was flawless. The assembly cheered her loudly, so that John had to raise his voice to be heard.

"We shall be wed at Aedonmansa in Saint Sutrin's Cathedral," he said. Again the crowd burst into applause. King John sat, taking Ebekah's hand in his own under the table. "See?" he whispered in her ear, "they love you!"

Or they are happy that their king is marrying at last, thought Ebekah. Indeed, the king was showing signs of age. Wrinkles were appearing on his face, and hair and beard were streaked with gray, which shone silver in the torchlight. Still, he was a handsome man, and Ebekah had done well to marry him.

But even as she thought this, her eyes flicked of their own accord to the mighty Camaris.