Color Blind

Drabble #19

Summary: As Shadow was pounced on by Amy, as she mistook him for Sonic for twentieth time, Shadow could only come up with one conclusion: she really needed her eyes checked.

Disclaimer: If I owned Sonic X I wouldn't be hunting for a job in this crappy economy.

T.A.R.N.S.: I was watching Sonic X today, that one where they're one Prison Island and Amy sees Shadow and thinks he's Sonic, and I was thinking, how can you mistake Shadow for Sonic? Even if they do look somewhat similar in profile, that doesn't explain why no one can tell the difference between the colors blue and black.

So here we go, again. Enjoy!

"Sonic!" Amy squealed with excitement as she spotted her hero walking out of building in uptown Station Square. "I'm so glad to see you!" She shrieked as she ran over and hugged him. "Since you're here, do you want to come with to Cream's house?"

"Um, Amy."

"Has your voice gotten deeper?" She asked, then opened her eyes and glanced at him. Amy shrieked again and jumped back "You're not Sonic!" She exclaimed as she pointed at the imposter.

"Very good." Shadow said dryly as he straightened out the edge of his now slightly damaged book. "It only took you two words and ten seconds to figure it out this time. You're getting better."

"But I thought you were Sonic!"

"I figured as much when you jumped on me. But tell me, have you ever seen Sonic come out of a bookstore before?" The black hedgehog asked as he pointed over his shoulder at the building behind him.

"He might have." Amy said firmly. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go visit Cream."

She flounced away, and Shadow sighed in exasperation and wished Sonic would come out from where ever he was hiding. This was only the eighteenth time this month that Amy had jumped on him.

Starbucks' coffee was not as good as his own brew, that was certain. It wasn't strong enough, but it was a long was from his house and his coffeepot, or Tails' house and Tails' coffeepot, so Shadow sipped his Starbucks coffee and tried to appreciate it. As soon as he was done with this G.U.N. assignment he could go back home and get a decent cup of coffee.

He headed down the road, studying the half-sheet of paper that some mission information on it as he walked, when suddenly he heard a very familiar voice.


"Oh, crap." Shadow glanced around for a place to set his coffee down, but couldn't find one before Amy jumped onto him and knocked them both to the ground.

And spilling Shadow's rather hot coffee all over his face.

"Sonic I'm so glad to see you!" Amy squealed, then realized that Sonic was not saying anything or trying to get away. She opened her eyes and jumped off the other hedgehog a moment later when she realized who she had pounced on.


Shadow opened one red eye and glared up at her. "Yes, that is my name."

Amy put her hands on her hips. "Why are you on the sidewalk?"

"Well there are two reasons I can think of." Shadow said as he slowly got back up. "The first is that you pounced on me and knocked me to the ground. The second is that when you jumped on me, you spilled a cup of 140 degree coffee all over my face."

"Oh." Amy said contemplatively, then turned and scurried off, calling back as she did, "Sorry."

Shadow looked at his now empty cup of coffee and wondered if it would be worth suing over. Then he dismissed that thought. No one would take his case, and he didn't want to admit to what happened.

Besides, he despised lawyers.

In hindsight, he realized later that he should have seen this one coming. It was a few days after his trip to Westopolis, and he had spent a couple of days crashed at Tails' house, which was also a known hang out for Sonic.

And the blue hedgehog had been there before Shadow himself had even arrived. However he had pulled out at about the same time Shadow did, taking off zipping thorough the woods, tearing up trees and shrubs behind him. Shadow had paid it no mind, preferring his quiet walk.

Which ceased to be quiet about ten minutes after Sonic zipped through.

"SONIC!" A familiar voice shrieked.

"Oh no," Shadow quickly turned to face the voice. "Amy! Wait! I'm not-" He got cut off as Amy pounced on him.


"Oh sonic so I'm so happy you waited for me." Amy gushed. "I have a great idea! Let's go to the park, just the two of us."

"Get off me!" Shadow exclaimed, shoving the pink hegehog off and standing up. "What is the matter with you?"

"Shadow? What are you doing here?" Amy asked as she got back on her feet.

"I was leaving Tails' house when you jumped me... again!'

"Well it isn't my fault that you and Sonic look so much alike." Amy said as she crossed her arms and turned away from him.

At that statement, Shadow nearly lost it. "So much alike? I'll grant you that maybe we do look alike, in profile, but I would think that most people could tell the difference between the colors bright blue and black! what are you, color blind?"

He was forced to jump out of the way a moment later as Amy smashed the spot where he'd been standing with her mallet.

"How rude!" Amy shouted. "I can see colors perfectly, thank you!"

From the tree branch where he'd landed, Shadow glared back down at her and delivered the last word. "Then maybe you need glasses!" And to make sure it stayed the last word, he teleported away.

T.A.R.N.S.: Poor Shadow, so fed up with Amy always jumping on him. ^^ But you really, you do have to wonder how come she can't tell the difference between Sonic and Shadow. Come to think of it, she's jumped on Silver thinking he was Sonic before, so maybe she really does need glasses. Hm. Also, no offense intended to lawyers. I know you're not all in the job just to take stupid lawsuits.

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