Kaoru's mouth found the place where her collarbone met her shoulder, and Haruhi closed her eyes while he tested how sensitive the area was. She breathed deeply and gripped Hikaru's arms a little harder against her will.

Kaoru's eyes met his brother's at the reaction, and his lips curled upward even as they moved farther along Haruhi's neck. Hikaru matched the smirk and moved his hands across her stomach. They arched beneath her breasts and slid along the slight curve of her hips to her thighs.

A flash of a predatory grin was her only warning before he grabbed her knees and gave a quick pull, sending Haruhi back against Kaoru's chest. As his arms wound about her middle to hold her tight against him and Hikaru leaned over them without relinquishing his hold, a familiar feeling formed itself into words.

"Trapped again," she murmured before Hikaru thoroughly silenced her.