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"Why are you doing this?" Heaven asked desperately as she fell into step beside Tony. Tony took a deep breath before answering.

"The only thing I have ever wanted, Heaven, was a family. When I met Jillian I thought that I could possess that. Start a family with her. But she lied to me, told me she wanted the same things as I did when all she wanted was my wealth. And then your mother came and I believed in her as well. And she left me as well," Tony spat bitterly before turning to look down at Heaven once again as he walked. "But you, Heaven, you sought me out. And for many years, you loved me. And in return you have become one of the only people in my life that I can trust. You have lied to me throughout the years, I know. But that was only to protect your relationship with Troy. That I can forgive. In a way I admire your staunch loyalty to my brother."

Tony stopped and turned to look at Heaven, raising a hand to brush a lock of hair from her face.

"Don't you see, Heaven? You, my daughter, are my true family."

Heaven felt tears come to her eyes. A part of her wished she could have the wonderful relationship with her father that Tony described. But too much had happened over the years. Too many lies.

"If you care so much for family, then tell me why can't you allow my daughter and me peace? Let us be happy, let Troy be happy!" Heaven shouted angrily.

Tony shook his head with a knowing smile on his face.

"This way is for the best, families were meant to be together," Tony replied calmly as he began walking again.

And then they were at the end of the hedge maze, before them stood Troy's small cabin. Heaven stopped abruptly, too surprised for words. The cabin looked just as she remembered it. The small garden was tended and well cared for as well.

Heaven dropped to her knees to study the small flowers. "Troy's flowers," Heaven murmured reverently as she reached out to touch one.

"Yes, I always make sure to have his favorite variety planted. It pleases him," Tony explained. Heaven looked sharply at him from her kneeling position, a questioning look on her face.

"Yes Heaven, he comes here sometimes. Pity you never ran into him, but he does come home on occasion."

Heaven said nothing but Tony continued on.

"I tell him about you, you know," Tony said. At that Heaven looked up once more.

"Yes, I do. I tell him of you and your daughter. He believes that she is Logan's by the way. I tell him detailed stories of you and Logan living together happily back in Winnerow."

"You wouldn't," Heaven replied breathlessly.

"You think I wouldn't?" I assure you, I do. I admit it pains me to hurt him so, making him believe that you never think of him anymore, do not love him anymore. But it is necessary and I will continue to do so, unless I have reason to do otherwise…" Tony answered.

Heaven sighed and turned back to stare at the flower beds, her shoulders feeling heavy. She was trapped, yet again. Tony was insuring that Troy would never come looking for her and manipulating her daughter at the same time. Annie was 12 now, how much longer until Heaven was no longer able to control her? She would surely run away to her loving grandfather the first chance she got, Heaven was sure. Stubborn, that was what Annie was, now that she had an inkling of the truth she would not stop until she believed all mysteries were solved.

Heaven was trapped yet again.

"I'll sign the papers," Heaven mumbled, keeping her eyes downcast on the flowers below her.

"That's my girl," Tony responded proudly as he reached down to lovingly caress Heaven's head. "Now get up, we should be going back to the house by now."

Heaven stood on numb feet. She almost couldn't believe how quickly her life had been destroyed. She wished fervently to be returned to that happy time before the last Christmas day.

Almost before she was aware of it, Tony was once again leading her back into the manor. She was not surprised to see it looked mostly the same as it had before. Tony silently directed her to his office. Heaven sat willingly down in the nearest chair and watched Tony absently as he looked through his desk.

A moment later, Tony placed a pen and piece of paper upon the small table beside Heaven's chair.

"Are these the papers?" Heaven asked without looking down.

"No, we'll go see my lawyer tomorrow to get everything finalized. I thought perhaps you would like to write a letter to Troy informing him that you would like his presence back in Farthingale manor as soon as possible," Tony replied quietly.

Heaven looked quickly down at the piece of blank paper beside her.

"Choose your words, carefully, Heaven. I will get custody of Annie whether or not Troy decides to come back and spend his life with you. I will go and entertain my granddaughter while you compose your letter."

Heaven stared blankly at the sheet of paper for several moments before gaining the courage to finally begin.

"Dear Troy,

I'm not sure how to begin. All I can think to write is that I love you and wish you would come back to Farthingale as soon as possible so that we could be together finally. But I know that is not enough. I suppose the most important thing you should know is that these last years have been a lie. Whatever you have heard from Tony is a lie as well. I divorced Logan soon after you left. I only ever wanted you. As you probably already know, I have a child now, Annie, you are her father. She has your fingers and the same color of chestnut brown hair that you possess. I wish you could have been there to watch her grow into the girl she is now. You would be proud of her, she draws beautifully.

But those dreams of mine were not meant to be. Twelve years ago, shortly after my divorce from Logan, I told Tony that I was aware that you were alive. I asked him for your address. He replied that he would comply only if I gave him legal custody of our child. I had always known that Tony was manipulative, but I never truly understood how cruel he was until that moment. Please understand, I could not give up my daughter, no matter how much I wanted to be with you. I did my best and tried to make the best decision for Annie. I decided to leave Farthingale manor soon after that.

I found a place here in Boston, hoping to perhaps run into you again one day so that we could be together as a family. Up until recently, I continued on as before. However, last month Annie found out about Tony and instantly became fascinated with her new found grandfather. I am sorry to say that in addition to your artistic skills, Annie has inherited my stubbornness. She refuses to understand how controlling Tony can be and does not heed my warnings. She has decided that she wants to be Tony's legal ward and sees it only as a chance to be reunited with her whole family. By the time you get this letter I will have already signed over custody of our daughter to Tony. Please forgive me.

And now you are caught up with all of the events of the last 12 years. It is now your choice whether to return or not. I truly hope you do. Even though I loathe the situation I am now forced into, I cannot help but be eager for your anticipated return. I will hopefully see you soon. Love, Heaven.