Wiggle Those Hips – You're a School GirlNow
Bevino – summer 2007
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.:Chapter one:.
B y T h e W a y, D o Y o u H a v e N i c e L e g s

"Mr. Kyuubi," the man at the door said as he stood leaning against the doorframe. "He wants to see you."

Naruto looked up from his seat on the comfortable sofa. He glared at the man through the red glasses, unsatisfied he folded the paper he had only gotten half way through. Slowly pushing himself up from the chair he let out a frustrated groan. Seeing his 'boss' wasn't very high on his wish list at the moment. Not after his latest job, no. He quickly brushed off his pants in case any dirt had stuck to them, before passing the man who was smirking at him. Walking through the long corridor, his hand quickly checked if his gun was still in its place next to his hip. As if its weight didn't already confirm that. It was still there, loaded and ready. In case something was going to happen.

God he hoped not.

Naruto reached the door and the two guards, opened it up with stern faces. If he was asked to identify them, Naruto couldn't do it. He had never seen them in anything other than the black suits and the black glasses. He couldn't see a single tattoo or piece of jewellery. He walked inside the dim lighted room. The walls were covered in red wallpaper, curtains closed over the closed windows. A heavy smell of nicotine and alcohol pressed against him like a thick wall and he resisted the urge to cough and turn around. On either side of him stood two more guards, and in front of him a big desk made of oiled mahogany, a dark brownish red colour lit up by the only light source in the room - a small lamp in the corner. On the other side of the desk, his boss sat, hands folded together and placed on the blank surface. Next to and slightly behind him stood Kabuto, looking at Naruto with an emotionless face.

"Kyuubi-kun," the man in front of him said. "Please take a seat." Naruto watched the golden eyes, trying to find out what exactly was going to happen as he sat down on the soft chair. Almost immediately, the two guards that had been standing at the door moved up behind him, each placing a hand on one of his shoulders. The weight pulled him down, and he was forced to lean back in the chair.

'Oh god.'

"Ah. How nice," the black haired man drawled. "Now we can talk." Naruto crooked his head to the right, slightly leaning back with his head further.

"What can I do for you, Orochimaru?" The man named Orochimaru slit his eyes. He didn't like when his underlings called him by name. But of course, this 'Kyuubi' did. The stupid blond haired, blue eyed idiot. Orochimaru had almost smelled trouble with his tongue as the young man came to him the first time, but since he was so damn loveable... Not to mention his strength and his amazingly technique with a gun, the martial arts and the strategic thinking. Kyuubi was the ultimate underling, or right hand even; if Kabuto hadn't already had that position.

Oh well. People came and people went.

"Boney noticed something off some nights ago, Kyuubi. He saw you with two police officers." Naruto smirked as he tried to break free from the two big heavy hands as one of the thick fingers found his pulse on his neck. He realized that was something he probably wouldn't see through and looked directly at Orochimaru.

"Yes, boss," he said, as calm as anyone can be before a storm waiting. "There had been a robbery near my neighbourhood. Of course I was the first one they checked. It wasn't me though. We did... other things that night." Naruto was perfectly aware that his heart wasn't racing faster as he lied. But the look Kabuto gave him as he leaned forward, the light catching his glasses. He whispered so quiet not even Naruto was able to listen. Orochimaru smiled dangerously as Kabuto finished.

"Kabuto is pretty sure that you're lying, and he has good grounds for that." The pale man put one hand out towards Kabuto and Kabuto gave him his sword. While Kabuto liked to kill his victims with poison and experiments, Orochimaru was a very big fan of cutting off body part after body part. Then he sometimes gave them to Kabuto - he also wanted something to play with since he didn't get to do someone that often. Orochimaru quickly drew the sword, pointing it into his neck making a hole in his skin. Naruto could feel the blood trickle down to be collected by his shirt. "Don't you think so, Uzumaki Naruto?"

And all hell broke loose.

Almost the second Orochimaru pronounced the last vowel, all the windows that were placed around the room exploded. Naruto had already taken down one of the big gorillas behind him, by hitting him with his elbow in the man's groin. The other one reacted immediately by smacking him in the back of his head, sending Naruto flying over the desk and Orochimaru.

Orochimaru who was currently defending himself against the police force that had jumped into the room, dressed in black and shooting down everything that moved - 'but damn you all if you touch the blond' the correct order had been. Naruto crashed into the wall which he left rather soon, since Kabuto was hot on his trail. Having a borderline psychopath chasing him made him a little jumpy. His legs felt like jelly, and he freaked, placing a bullet between the flunky's eyes. Kabuto stared him right in his eyes as he slumped down over him. Naruto pushed the body off, trying to roll under the desk to get out of the way of his fellow workers shooting. But as soon as he tried that, the shooting stopped with a high command, as the chief police entered the room from the door.

When Naruto stood up, he could make out two dark forms lying on the floor in the corridor, and he figured they had been two of the guards. The other two were secured with their hands behind their backs, one of them was shot in the knee, and the other in his shoulder. As they walked out, the latter gave Naruto a dirty look, and the blond almost felt sorry for the fellow he had violated between his legs. But he shrugged it off as he walked over to his real boss, who was poking at Orochimaru with a broken piece of a chair.

"Get up. You won't die from that."

Orochimaru snarled angrily as he stood up, both his arms hanging useless against his body. Sarutobi Asuma made a gesture with his hand, and some officers came and took care of him. Before he was pushed out of the door, he pressed his face close to Naruto's.

"You will regret this you little-fucking-disgusti-"

"That will be all, thank you," Asuma said, and the snake like man cursed several times before he was out of sight. Naruto and Asuma stood quietly as they waited for the sounds to stop.

"Good job," the chief inspector said as they finally did.

"I was unmasked."

"Naruto, we got them." Naruto nodded. He had been working undercover in Orochimaru's group for over six months now, and it actually felt really good to finally be done with them. No more sleeping in someone else's bed, no more helping with acts that would probably end in murder, no more ass kissing for a disgusting dude in his fifties. Finally, Naruto would get to go home and live a normal life suited for a seventeen year old teen. "I have to talk with you at the station," Asuma said at last, and Naruto nodded knowingly. Even though he had no idea what the chief had on his mind.

"You are not serious."

"I'm afraid I am."

Naruto was currently pacing back and forth in the brightly lit office. The daylight here shone in, and the windows were opened. Naruto had got his own clothes back – some of them – when he had complained loudly how tight the leather pants clung around his crotch in front of the whole force. Asuma had smacked him in his head, but given him some jeans and an orange hoodie for him to be comfortable in. He still wore his expensive French shoes however, clashing horribly with his other casual clothing.

Naruto slammed his hands down on the desk as he hung over it, frustrated.


Asuma sighed as he picked up his cigarettes, putting one in his mouth and lighting it. Naruto wrinkled his nose in disgust, muttering something about stupid old man smoking in the presence of an underage boy.

"Because you are a seventeen year old boy who works with the police and you practically know everything about Orochimaru, his underlings, his… business and his power. Of course you are an easy and attractive target for the other underground groups." At the word underground, Asuma pointed down with his thumb towards the floor.

Naruto let out a string of curses that could make the dead shift in their graves.

"So I have to stay hidden? Asuma for fuck's sake! I wanna live! I wanna go to school and hang out with some friends and actually be normal for once! That was the fucking deal!" Naruto grabbed a photo frame which showed Asuma's son and wife.

"Not that one!" Asuma saved the picture and gave Naruto an ugly vase he had got for his birthday from the department some years ago, and watched amused as the blue object was crushed into the floor. That would take some time to clean up. "And for your information," he said as Naruto huffed angrily, "I intend to keep that promise." Naruto looked up at him, with a face that asked 'and-why-in-the-world-would-you-bother-to-do-that-you-fucking-son-of-a-bitch?' Asuma shook his head. If the boy wasn't Minato's son to, he would've kicked the brat out a long time ago. He took a brochure from his desk and gave it to the blond teen who looked at it with a big question mark on his face.

Welcome to
Deciduous Forest Special University
for affluent young men and women.

"Special… like… retarded?" Naruto asked when he wasn't even able to take his eyes off the folder with its neat text.

"No. Special like in unconventional education. The school doesn't follow the other school systems. In D.F.S.U. teens matriculate the year they turn fifteen and stay until they turn eighteen. It's a boarding school, so you'll have to live there. Of course you will have your own room, your own shower and toilet. Since you are already seventeen you will not concentrate on a specific track, instead you will have free time so you can keep up with your police training. You are not allowed to tell the teachers or the other students why you are there, where you come from, your real name, what you do for your living and other things like that. Your identity will be completely unknown except to the principal, the vice principal and the owner of the school."

When Naruto thought about it, it didn't sound that bad. He would make friends; he would get to go to school – a rich school, surely a good one with comfy beds. He would learn some new things and still be able to come back to the police force when he was done.

"Free food?"

"Of course."

"I'll do it."

Asuma nodded and put out his cigarette. Naruto folded the brochure and put it in his jeans pocket. He was just about to leave the office to collect his things from home, as the police chief cleared his throat.

"Oh. I forgot something."

Naruto half turned back in the doorway, raising his eyebrows as he waited.

"Your new name will be Nanohara Shizuka."

Naruto only looked at him, as the words slowly sank into his head. During that time, Asuma had already lit a new cigarette and was halfway through it.

"Isn't that a…"

"Yes, it is." Asuma breathed out a big air of smoke from the corner of his mouth. "You will be wearing a girl's uniform, Shizuka."

One minute. And then two. Asuma put down the cigarette, and put two big fingers in his ears. The scream followed by the deadly curses could this time not only make the dead people stir.

It would wake them up.

To Be Continued