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Wiggle Those Hips – You're a School Girl Now
Bevino – summer 2008
Beta's by Allys777

.:Chapter 18:.
T h e E n d O f T h e S ki r t

They say the good guys always finish last. Often because of the cruelty of fate, the bad guys win because they have black hearts and evil minds, which help them to make everything go their way. But sometimes there are too fucking many good guys, making it incredibly hard for the bad guys to survive.

That was what happened the moment Kisame felt the gun barrel press harshly against his temple. Not wanting to risk his life for a pair of stupid brats he let his own gun fall. The heavy thud from it hitting the floor echoed down the hall, and as soon as it stopped, almost every door in the corridor burst open spitting out ten police officers from each room, each holding a gun. The corridor was full of people in mere seconds, surrounding Naruto, Sasuke, Itachi, Kisame and Asuma.

In the fear of being shot no one moved a finger. Asuma smirked and let his gun arm fall to his side, leaving the rest to his comrades. Both Itachi and Kisame knew better than to try to escape now; they might as well be caught with elegance. Itachi tried to ignore the pearls of sweat rolling down his forehead.

Damn that Uzumaki was scary. He knew he had been worthy his attention all those years, but this was no doubt above his expectations. All those things he had said into his little brother's ear, Itachi knew that if Sasuke had only whispered the word 'yes', Naruto would have pulled their fingers on the trigger and shot him in all the places he mentioned.

The way the sun kissed boy had looked at him, blue eyes turning black when the creepy smile grew even worse for each moment that passed. Bangs falling over his terrifying eyes, the excitement of maybe soon killing someone. The emotions flying over his face, hands and arms trembling over his brother's arms, wanting to shoot, to kill someone, something; Itachi. Itachi had seen it. Uzumaki Naruto was a monster, a demon. He wasn't supposed to be part of the police. He was supposed to be with someone like Itachi, ruling with or over him. Itachi wouldn't mind the latter. If it was Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Itachi would sell his soul to him. Being ruled by Naruto would be the life for Itachi, being ruled under those cruel and wicked eyes of his. The boy was a monster. A cruel monster. And what happens?

Itachi's stupid fucking piece of shit little brother controlled him.

If Sasuke had only whispered the word 'yes'.

If Sasuke had only nodded next to his cheek.

If Sasuke had said 'Kill yourself'.

If Sasuke…

If Sasuke…

The monster would've listened. The monster would've done anything his brother had told him to do. Even now, when Itachi watched them, the blond had his full attention towards Sasuke. They hadn't moved and inch. The tan arms still encircled Sasuke protectively, his head resting on the raven's shoulder, pressing his cheek ever so closely. Even in a situation like this both of them were fully relaxed.

And Itachi hated it.

Itachi was the one who was supposed to stand there with the Uzumaki. Itachi was the one who was supposed to have those arms around him.

"No," he suddenly said. No one moved and inch. Standing passive, everyone waited on what was going to happen, and all the guns followed Itachi as he took one step forward. "No."

Sasuke glanced up from having his eyes set on the monster's god-like arms (but how Itachi knew he wasn't a god) and looked at Itachi. The dark thin eyebrows drew closer to each other, but what disturbed Itachi the most was that he hadn't gained the attention of the blond. He still looked sideways at his little brother, observing the only one in his world. Sick. "You have absolutely no right to have him. He is mine." Only the tiniest raising of Sasuke's right eyebrow made Itachi crack.

"Fuck you!" he screamed. He knew making faces like this wasn't good for his appearance, destroying the perfect surface with wrinkles and nasty looks. He knew he wasn't suppose to act like this; he was an Uchiha. Uchiha's shouldn't scream. Uchiha's shouldn't loose their cool. But that was exactly what Itachi did as he lunged forward towards his little brother and the monster. He wanted to hit them. He wanted to beat them bloody to the floor; he wanted to rip those fragile hearts out. He had never wanted anything this much, and screamed with fury as three officers tackled him to the floor and held him down, as a forth one kneeled down and put handcuffs around his wrists.

"Fuck you!" he screamed, but his voice was overpowered by one of the officers who read him his rights. He was unkindly shoved up from the floor, and with one look at Kisame he saw that he wasn't any better off.

Asuma raised one eyebrow as the older Uchiha begun to struggle and scream again. This was the high and mighty underground king? He had to say that he was kind of surprised that someone with as lofty a position as Itachi could loose his composure that easily. Oh well. The man and his men were going to prison. They had caught everyone that had been sent out from the Mafia before they had got to Itachi. And now they had him, once in for all. That man wouldn't be free for many, many years, if ever. He let his eyes wander to his young comrade and his love, Uchiha Sasuke. He didn't know the kid Sasuke, but the way Naruto looked at him was enough to understand that the young man was a good person. He was glad that Naruto had found someone like that, since Asuma himself had never been good at being someone's family at all. Hell, he tried his best to keep away from his own. But looking at the two teenagers made him miss them. They were so perfect together, Naruto standing close behind. He decided to break their attention from each other and walked up to them.

"Mr. Uchiha, nice to meet you." He shook hands with Sasuke, and for the first time Naruto looked away from his lover. Asuma understood all the questions flying around in the blond's head, and tried his best to sum it up as short as he could. "We've been hanging around this school a long time now Naruto. I am surprised you haven't noticed us, but then again, you had other things to think about," he said and shot a look at Sasuke. "Anyway, we've been here for about two months. From reliable sources we got to know that Itachi was going to make a move. We guessed that perhaps he knew where you were, and so we sent a couple of cops to look after you."

"Why didn't you come out here sooner?"

Asuma laughed.

"You mean that you wanted us to interrupt when it was the most interesting?" Naruto's eyes darkened and his hold on Sasuke tightened.

"Someone could have been hurt, Sarutobi!"

The older man sighed and looked away, flipping up a packed of cigarettes from his pocket and playing with it in his hand.

"I know," he finally answered. "But we knew you had the advantage. I knew I could trust you Naruto. You are as good as any cop. We had to wait it out a little bit until the situation actually became dangerous. We knew that you would never kill the Uchiha, of course."

Naruto didn't answer and looked away. At the same time he was awfully mad at his older friend, he couldn't blame the man either. He knew he had had the situation under control. Nothing could have gone wrong. Nothing did go wrong. But what if Sasuke had actually shot Itachi? What would have happened? Naruto didn't even dare to imagine that. It was good that this was what had happened and not something else. Something else would've been a disaster. Suddenly the world began to sway before his eyes, dark spots appearing in his field of vision.

"Asuma?" he asked quietly. Asuma looked up, having a cigarette in his mouth.


"Is it... is it over now? Is it finally over?"

Asuma gave a faint smile and blew out smoke from his mouth as the smile grew wider.

"Yes, Naruto. It actually is. It's over. You can go home now. You can have your normal life back."

And with that, Naruto fell down to the ground at the same time as the world turned black. Everyone except the ones taking away the criminals rushed to his side. The rain outside the building stopped falling, the dark clouds still hanging heavy over the world. And slowly, everything faded away, disappearing together with Naruto's fake life.

"Trash, trash, trash... funny to save... trash, trash.." A knock on the door cut Naruto's chant off, and he threw a bottle of woman's perfume in the trash bin at the same time his visitor came in to the room. The principal's eyes landed on the empty bed before she saw him standing in the corner.

"What the hell are you doing up?" she asked rather calmly; it wasn't like she had excepted him to lay still. "You are aware that the hits that man gave you in the head did pretty serious damage?"

Naruto sighed and dropped some make-up in the bin together with a bra. Tsunade grunted and sat down on the boy's bed and watched him clean his room up, waiting for him to answer. Naruto finally stopped and glanced up at her.

"I know, I know Tsunade. It's actually hard to forget, since my head is hurting like hell." He scratched himself behind his ear and made a face. "But I just can't be in bed the whole day."

"I know you can't," Tsunade smiled and lifted the school skirt before throwing it back on the bed again. "How does it feel?" The blond boy tilted his head to the side.

"It feels good, of course. It's over, and I can be myself again."

The principal raised her eyebrows.


Naruto sighed and sat down next to her.

"But Sasuke. I don't know, hag. I don't know what is going to happen soon. There's only one week left in school and then it's over."

The woman smiled and put her hand on his shoulder.

"It's going to turn out fine, Naruto. I've seen you two together. It will be alright, be sure of that. And tonight, it's the breaking-up ball, and you're taking Sasuke. Tell him about your situation, and find a way to solve it."

Naruto nodded thoughtfully before looking up at her again.

"I'll do that, Tsunade!"

"Good. Now, maybe I can finally tell you the reason I am here. I have something to give you." Tsunade walked to the door and picked up a bag which she gave him. Inside lay a flat box, and when he opened it a black suit was displayed. Next to it a pair of black shoes laid together with an orange tie and a white shirt. "It's for the ball tonight. You should thank Jiraiya for getting it." Naruto smiled and picked it up. It looked really expensive, but what didn't at this school?

"I'll thank him when I meet him," he answered, and Tsunade looked satisfied. "I can't wait till tonight!" he chirped happily, but Tsunade stopped him before he could get anywhere else.

"Not with that hair, young man, not with that hair…"

When the principal finally had left his room he looked like a different man (for starters, he didn't look like a woman anymore).

He stood inside his bathroom, eyeing himself in the mirror. So many times he had looked in the same mirror and hated what he had seen. The horrible make-up, his long hair, the ugly mask covering his whole being. But now if felt like he had stepped down in a lake and washed himself off: stepping out like a new person.

He looked into his blue eyes, enjoying being able to see them free from black paint. His cheeks were clean and he had never been so happy to see his scars. His lips were a normal colour. But the biggest change was his hair. When he had been involved in the Mafia, he had let his hair grow, and had had to keep it long when he had became Shizuka. Asuma had cut his hair once, but it had not been short. And now, Tsunade had cut it short. Nothing hung over his ears, a small fringe hung down on his forehead, and the rest was standing out in every direction, messy and the way he liked it. He drew his hand through it, his fingers sliding through easily. He felt fresh.

He gave his face in the mirror a big fox grin, which turned into laughter. He had to show this to Sasuke.

And with that thought in his mind, he was off.

But when he knocked on the door to Sasuke's room, no one answered.

The young man named Rock Lee was walking across the schoolyard. He was happy that it was summer, and also that school was almost over, because all his classmates and friends were all in such a good mood! And better, almost everyone was in love! It was beautiful! Young love…

A giant grin were plastered on his face as he practically jogged through the crowds. He was on his way to pick up his lovely Sakura's dress which had been delivered to the main office a few hours ago. She had ordered it and her mother had sent it to the school, and he was sure it was a beautiful dress! She would look so adorable! His wonderful Sakura…

But what was even better was that he was going to take her to the ball! Oh, how happy he was that he and Sakura had ended up together. That was a dream he had been sure he would never fulfil. He had been in love with the pink haired girl for so many years, and finally she was his and he was hers! He had to thank Shizuka for introducing them to each other.

Shizuka was amazing. Not only had she gotten Sakura and Lee together, but she had also made them all get lots of new friends. Lee himself had never been a part of a group and had never really had a real friend for that matter. But when he joined them in that snowball war, he was immediately included in their fast growing gang. He had met Neji, Gaara, Kiba, and everyone. It had been the same time Sakura and Ino learned to accept the same persons too, and apparently Shizuka had seen the sparks between Sakura and him (well, at that time, only from Lee) and fixed them up. He couldn't find a word for how grateful he was.

But at the same time, he had a feeling that something wasn't right with her. She seemed to have so many secrets. He knew Shikamaru and Gaara also suspected something, and perhaps Neji and Sai too. They were all people that stood a little outside the crowd, observing their friends. Though he didn't think that Sai actually cared if something was not right, but he was sure the young painter had noticed something.

And then there was Sasuke. He hadn't spoken much with him. Actually, they never got any closer to each other. Sasuke had had all his attention on Shizuka the whole time, his other friends came in second place. Sasuke seemed to understand Shizuka more than anyone, and Lee guessed that that was one of the reasons why they were together. But Shizuka was their friend, and he was sure that if she had secrets from them, they would get to know them eventually, and no matter how horrible they were, they would never leave her.

She was the one who had brought happiness into their lives, after all.

Naruto was back in his room. He had waited for hours for Sasuke to turn up, all for nothing. He poked at his scratchy feet. The night when Itachi had been caught had ended with him passing out. Apparently the hits the man named Kisame had landed on him had given him a concussion. And the run from the back of the school to the dorm had ripped open his feet. He had collected many scars, and even now, a week later, his feet looked as horrible as they had then. But it had been worth it. He didn't want to think what would've happened if he hadn't arrived in time.

But now, he couldn't find Sasuke. He had not seen his boyfriend for a while now. Sasuke had followed Asuma into the city and taken care of some papers, and the truth about the death of his parents had been relieved. And Naruto had been taken to the hospital where they had taken care of his feet and his head. Also his shoulder was looked over, and Tsunade was praised for being such a good doctor, handling a wound like that with no resources. This was the first day he was back at school again, and he had been told that Sasuke was here too. But now he couldn't find him.

He flipped open his cell-phone and wrote a text messenge. Even if Sasuke didn't answer it he was hoping that his lover would make it to the ball. He wanted to show himself off in front of Sasuke, and that would be hard if he wasn't there.

Oh well. There was no point in waiting. His head hurt again, and he decided to go to sleep. He set his alarm clock so he wouldn't miss the ball, closed his eyes, and fell asleep with a smile on his face.

It felt great to be a man again!

In a jail far, far away from Naruto, a man with long black hair sat and looked into a stone wall. He had been here for five weeks now, and he was sick of it. Same thing every day. They got food, they got an hour under the blue heaven, they slept, they fought (or rather in his case, watched others fight), and every now and then someone was killed. He sighed. This was not the way he had planned his future. But someday he would find his way out, even if he had to offer his closest men in the process. Not that he cared.

The door to the long corridor was opened and people walked inside. He could hear the steps getting closer, and he looked up when he noticed them to stop in front of his own cell. His cell-mate had been killed last week when he had bumped into the wrong person. Not even a cell-mate like himself had been enough to protect the late man. But now, a guard smiled at him with something unpleasant behind it, before unlocking the door to his "room".

"New friend for you. Be nice." A man was shoved into the room, and he stumbled before he got control over his body. He stood straight, glaring at the guard who locked the door again and left. Then the new man looked at his new "friend". A frown appeared in the sitting man's face.

"Itachi…" he muttered.

"Orochimaru," the other greeted him. Itachi sat down on his new bed on the other side of the cell. Orochimaru glared.

"They thought it was funny," Itachi answered the unspoken question.

"It's so funny I forgot to laugh," the snake like man answered dryly. "Uzumaki Naruto?" Something dangerous crossed the others eyes.

"Uzumaki Naruto," he growled. Orochimaru shook his head.

"He was just out of our reach…"

Naruto woke up, feeling much better than when he went to sleep. He looked at his cell phone but found it free from new messages. The only difference was the time; he had slept for hours. In ten minutes his alarm would go off, but he shut it down before it began. He wondered if Sasuke had gotten back to his room as he stretched his limbs. He hoped he had. The ball would begin in twenty minutes, and he was determined to get Sasuke there. He still felt bad for turning him down when he had asked Naruto to the Christmas Ball.

Quickly he put on a pair of white socks, the black pants, the shirt and the jacket. The shoes shone, and with a face he put them on, the wounds on his feet stinging as he did. Then he tied the tie around his neck and combed his hair. He looked himself in the mirror one last time. Something was missing, and he knew what it was. He walked over to his desk where a small box had been laid, and opened it. Quickly he put it's content on, before he left the room. Seconds later he stood in front of Sasuke's.

And he knocked.

Sasuke had just come back when he heard someone knocking at the door. Hoping it would be the person he loved the most he made his way quickly and opened it. Only to have his breath taken away.

Before him, a young man stood. The hair was messy on top of the persons head, and the blue eyes sparkled with excitement and happiness. And love. The man was dressed in a black suit with an orange tie, standing tall in front of him. A smile began to grace Sasuke's face.

"God, you're gorgeous…"

And Naruto was. He had never thought he could look so amazing, but he did. It began to tingle in the pit of his stomach, a warm feeling taking him over. Not being able to keep away any longer, Sasuke stepped forward and drew his lover into his arms. Naruto's manly scent filled his nose, and he enjoyed having the flat chest against his cheek.

"Glad you like it, Sasuke."

Hearing those words with that voice made Sasuke turn his head up, closing his eyes as Naruto kissed him. His mouth moved slowly together with Naruto's, a little lazy. He let his hands wander up to the blond's chest, and his toes curled inside his socks as he felt Naruto's hands bury themselves in his hair, pulling him closer. The kiss grew hotter in seconds, and soon Sasuke found himself being pressed onto the bed, the door behind Naruto closing with a bang. Hands roamed all over his body, and he felt the heat building up inside him. Few times had he felt this good. Naruto's mouth kissed his neck and jawbone. Sasuke moaned. Naruto chuckled.

"Oh, Naruto… that feels good!" Sasuke grunted when Naruto licked a special spot. He felt Naruto's smirk against his skin as he attacked the spot over and over again, until Sasuke thrashed in the bed with need. Naruto memorised the spot as he pulled Sasuke's T-shirt over his head. He straddled his boyfriend and looked down on him.

It wasn't like he hadn't seen Sasuke without clothes, but today was different. He felt his cheeks burn a little as he blushed. Today was different, because today they both knew that this was going to turn into something more. Before they had had Shizuka between them, a girl and a wall keeping them apart. It hadn't felt good. But now it did, and Naruto could see from the burning fire in Sasuke's eyes, that he too felt good. Nothing could stop them.

"Wha…what about the ball?" Sasuke breathed out.

"We have hours," Naruto whispered back, before diving in again. His tongue worked down Sasuke's chest, flicking over a pink nipple, playing with it before he took it in his mouth, sucking and nibbling at the same time as he rolled the other one between his fingers. Sasuke moaned again and put his hands in the blond hair, enjoying what the man was doing to him. Of course the ball could wait, if they did this in the meantime. He jolted up in bed and tried to push Naruto off when the blond stuck his tongue inside his bellybutton.

"Hey!" he protested, and Naruto laughed, attacking Sasuke's stomach again. It tickled, and Sasuke too begun to laugh. This however came to an abrupt stop when he felt his pants being unbuttoned. He looked down on Naruto at the same time as he looked up at Sasuke, asking with his eyes if what he was doing was okay. Sasuke nodded and the blond between his legs smiled gently, before pulling down his pants along with his boxers. When they were off Naruto took his time pulling of his socks too, smelling each of them with a stupid grin on his face. Sasuke kicked his thigh for being stupid, and Naruto laughed again.

"Why are I the only one naked here moron?" Sasuke asked.

"Yeah, why is that?" Naruto smiled at him. "You think I should take some clothes off, Sa-su-ke?"

Sasuke blushed.

"Of course," he said angrily. He watched Naruto untie the tie and unbutton his shirt. He took them off along with the jacket, and once again Sasuke could admire Naruto's tattoo, the swirl around his belly-button. Oh, how he wanted to trace it with his tongue…

Off come Naruto's pants, shoes and socks (though he didn't smell his own socks), and now Sasuke could admire him in his full glory. The perfect tan covered his whole body, and Naruto was indeed a natural blond. Blond hair surrounded his erect sex, and Sasuke felt himself harden more at the sight. Naruto was big, a little bigger than the Uchiha himself. Some pre-cum had already leaked out and Sasuke reached out his hand. He let his finger gather it up and let it lay on his finger before sticking it into his mouth, sucking it off. Naruto sighed with need and placed himself on all fours over Sasuke.

"You are beautiful," he stated.

"I know," Sasuke smirked. Then he held out his arms and Naruto laid himself over him. They moaned as their erections brushed together, and the blond laid more pressure over that area, grinding himself against his lover. The raven moaned at the contact, grinding back for all he was worth. It was his first time, and even though it wasn't Naruto's, neither of them would last long if they kept this going.

"I want to fuck you," Naruto whispered in his ear. Sasuke groaned as the words sent sparks between his legs, but he felt he couldn't let Naruto win that easy.

"Who said you are the one going to fuck?" he breathed out as he tried to think straight (or perhaps not so straight…). "You are… are the girl…"

"I think we both agree that I wasn't," Naruto smirked evilly and kissed Sasuke hard. Sasuke knew then that he had lost the battle, and he eagerly put his legs around Naruto's waist. He could top another time, because he just wanted Naruto, either way. The blond moaned at his actions and pressed himself closer.


Sasuke could only grunt as an answer.

"I want you to prepare yourself."

Sasuke nodded and reached for the drawer in his bedside table and pulled out a new tube of lubricant. He opened it and covered his fingers with it before reaching towards his backside. He wasn't new to this, no. When he had got to know that Naruto (Shizuka) was a boy and realised he still loved him, he had begun to experiment a little.

First he had read some novels with homosexual pairings, with men. And then he had begun to touch himself in the shower, a little more for each time he tried. He liked the feeling of having something inside his asshole, and now, when his body was hot, he felt his hole clench in excitement at the thought of being filled.

He teased his hole before he let his middle finger slip in. He moaned and locked eyes with Naruto, who began to breath heavier as Sasuke let another finger join the party. Naruto sat up and watch Sasuke fuck his own fingers, and when Sasuke added a third one, the blond wrapped his hand around his big member, trusting into his own hand in synch with Sasuke's fingers.

Naruto had never seen anything that sexy before. Sasuke laying before him, ass-fucking himself with his fingers. God, that was hot. He couldn't wait for that to be his cock, moving the way Sasuke's fingers moved inside him. More pre-cum began to drip from his member as Sasuke began to groan more.

"Na..naruto! I want you inside of me...!" Sasuke panted as he withdrew his fingers. Naruto nodded and reached for the lube, squirting some of it in his palm and smearing it over his cock. It felt nice and cool on his warmth and he gave Sasuke a weak smile.

"And I want you to ride me," he said, leaving protest out of question. But Sasuke didn't mind, instead he followed Naruto's movements and straddled him. He felt the blond's cock against his hole, and they moaned in unison.

"Are you sure you want this?" Sasuke shot him a glare.

"Of course I want dobe. We wouldn't be in this position if I didn't." And with that, Sasuke lowered himself slightly at the same time Naruto grabbed a hold around the base of his member. Sasuke closed his eyes when he felt the head of the member slide inside him. This was bigger than three fingers, but he knew he could take it. He was an Uchiha for god's sake (Sasuke ignored what that just meant for all the other Uchiha's). He lowered himself more until he felt pain strike up his spine, and his hissed.

"You okay?" Naruto panted, trying his best not to thrust up to meet Sasuke's inviting ass. It felt so good, but he didn't want to hurt him. Sasuke nodded and bit his bottom lip. "Take it easy." Sasuke rolled his eyes, and with new determination he slammed himself down on Naruto. They both screamed, Sasuke in pain and Naruto in pleasure.

"Fuck...fucking idiot..." Naruto grunted out. Sasuke smiled a faint smile, but he soon lost it since the pain overtook him again.

"Just... a minute..." he panted out and swallowed. But even while it was hurting like hell, it was still erotic to feel Naruto being inside him. He had waited for this, and it was wonderful. He clamped around the cock inside him a couple of times, amused by the moans he could pull from the blond beneath him. He was sure he was going to like this, actually, he already did. The pain ebbed away after a few minutes, and he tried to raise himself. He could feel the pain coming back, but he didn't want to wait any longer. Slowly he began to move, encouraged by the sounds he got from his love. Soon the new pain disappeared.

That was something Naruto noticed. Sasuke's face had softened, and Naruto breathed out. And began to move, angling his thrusts in another direction. And hit the jackpot. Sasuke gasped and arched his back. He started to move faster together with the blond who hit his prostate dead on every time. Naruto reached one hand out and touched Sasuke's hip, before raising his upper body from the bed. Sasuke continued to ride him, and Naruto continued to move his own hips together with him. He looked into Sasuke's lust-filled eyes, brushed away the dark bangs that had fallen down on his face. Sasuke's skin was slick from sweat and the blond took a hold of his neglected member and began to pump it. Sasuke was so lost in pleasure that he was beyond words, and he couldn't seem to stop moaning. Naruto watched his dark angel and felt himself coming closer to the edge.

"I love you, Uchiha Sasuke," he whispered, and that was all it took for Sasuke. He screamed Naruto's name as he came over their chests, his inner muscles clamping around Naruto until he too fell over the edge and came inside Sasuke, coating his walls. The stayed like that, panting in the after-glow, before Naruto let his body fall down on the bed again. Sasuke raised himself from Naruto's now limp cock and dried them off with the blanket before laying down next to his boyfriend.

"I love you too," he murmured against the hot tanned skin. Naruto smiled and embraced him much to Sasuke's distress. It was too fucking hot! But he let Naruto do as he wished, because all his energy had gone into his intense orgasm.

"What time is it?" Sasuke rolled around and looked at the clock.

"Half past seven," he answered.

"Ah." Naruto eyed the ceiling. "Want to go to the ball?"

Sasuke nodded and stood up, walking naked to his wardrobe and picking out a nice suit and a pair of clean boxers. He threw a pair at Naruto who put them on. As he clothed himself, he felt Naruto's eyes on him, and he turned around with raised eyebrows.

"What?" he asked. The blond suddenly looked out of the window. The sun was still up, and it was really nice weather outside.

"I...I was just wondering what's going to happen with us next. You know I won't be attending this school anymore. I'm going back to work and taking extra lessons inside the city. I'll be moving back to my apartment in the city, but Sasuke. You have one...one year left. What will we do?"

Sasuke smiled and continue to put his clothes on.

"Oh, that," he said, smirking. "I've fixed it."


"I've fixed it. I was in town today, talking with the social services. My family has always been rich, but when Itachi killed my parents he was the one taking care of the fortune. But now that he's in prison, the money is legally mine when I turn eighteen, which I will in a month. And then I can make my own decisions. I've already talked to the principal and... and Naruto, please put some clothes on. We have a ball to attend. Anyway, I've talked to the principal, and I signed out. I won't be going here next autumn." Naruto got his pants on and gave Sasuke a strange look.

"What does that...?"

Sasuke laughed.

"It means I'll follow you Naruto. I have money, and I will educate myself. In the meantime, we can live on your salary and my inheritance." Sasuke watched as the information made it's way into the stupid little blond head, and when it did, Naruto's face broke up in a wide grin. He took the steps he had to reach Sasuke and embraced him, lifting him from the ground as he swirled them around.

"I'm so happy!"

Sasuke allowed himself to laugh, and when he was put down on the floor again he kissed the tears forming in Naruto's eyes away.

"Just did what my heart told me to," he said, happy that everything worked out alright between them. They put on the rest of their clothes, and Naruto helped Sasuke to fix his hair. They didn't need to say anything to each other as they walked out of the building and across the yard, their hands sometimes bumping into each other.

And Naruto had never felt this happy in his whole life. He had never had any proper family, never knew where he belonged. Of course the troubles in their lives were far from over. They would face many obstacles, but at least he would have Sasuke by his side. He had been through so much, and finally, finally he felt the calm overcome him. He had Sasuke, he had his friends. He had his own life.

At last.

They heard music coming from the main building. Some people in beautiful dresses and suits stood outside, some of them smoking, others only talking. Some gave him odd looks, as if wondering who this guy was. Most of them ignored him and just squealed over Sasuke. But neither of them cared, and soon enough they were at the door into the big hall. Naruto stopped and Sasuke reached for his hand.

"Are you ready?" Sasuke asked him. Naruto nodded. Everything would turn out alright...

"But Naruto?"

Naruto hummed in answer as he continued to look into the room. He saw some of his friends dancing and laughing, and suddenly he felt very nervous.

"Before we go inside," Sasuke continued, "I have to beg you something..."

Naruto tore his eyes away from the ball and looked into Sasuke's eyes.


Sasuke sighed and rolled his eyes.

"Stop wiggling those damn hips, Naruto. You're not a girl anymore!"

The End