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Organization goes to the movies.

Axel: It started as a regular movie night until the tv died.


Demyx: Someone has angered the tv. One of you must die. ( looks at Luxord who hides behind a box)

Luxord: I have a plan.

Demyx: (Demon like voice) WHAT?

Luxord: That we go the movies.

Demyx: ( Like a little girl) OOO! The movies!

Axel: Ah (Bleep bleep bleep bleep) to the second.

Saix: Anthother fic about us going somewhere I quit. Dragongod go (Bleep) yourself!

Me :(

Demyx: (Demon voice) Lets go.

End Flashback

Axel: So now I'm stuck in the "Organization mobile" (An old rusted S.U.V.) and am going to the movies.

At the ticket counter

Demyx: Five for Headphones the movie please.

Ticket guy: Here you go you also recieve free headphones.

Demyx: Thanks.

Inside the theater

Demyx: (Like one of the mission people from the video games) Go find theater thirteen. (Coinsident (can't spell) )

Axel: I hate life.

End of chapter 1.