On a lazy winter evening, while watching variety shows in the common room, Mahiro popped the question.
"Tokiko-san, why do you like Onii-chan?"
Filled with chatter and laughter just moments before, the room suddenly went quiet. Tokiko was painfully aware of this.
"Wha- WHAT!?"
"Tell me! What is it about Onii-chan that you like?"
Kazuki choked on his aojiru.
"He's your brother, you should be the one who knows all his personality traits!" Her face was burning, and she could feel the eyes of everyone in the room boring into her. She cast a pleading look at Kazuki, but he had yet to recover from his coughing fit. "I... you can't really expect me to answer an embarassing question like that." Rising abruptly from her seat, Tokiko fled to the sanctuary of her room, leaving the rest gaping after her.
Mahiro looked aghast. "I didn't mean to embarass her; I just really wanted to know!"

After the incident, Kazuki was caught off guard when the knock on his door turned out to be none other than Tokiko. She didn't answer when he called her name in surprise— just quickly and quietly shut the door again behind her.
"The way you're always thinking of others instead of yourself," she said.
But she ignored his interjection. "The way your eyes light up like a kid in a candy store's when you get excited about things. The silly things you do that are incredibly stupid, but also cute. Your stubbornness, how you're terrible at karaoke, but always have fun anyway." She rattled off her list with her eyes focused on the floorboards.
When his hands on her shoulders pulled her in towards him, however, Tokiko finally looked up.
"Should I tell Tokiko-san the reason I love you?"
She mentally chastised her heart for giving her anxiety away with its rapid fluttering. She was sure he could feel it beating a mile a minute, with their bodies pressed against each other.
"It's because, like Tokiko-san once said: 'you and I are one'."

Let's spend Christmas together—
Valentine's, too.
From now on, I want all my days to be spent with you.

Author's postscript: As a note, in Japan, Christmas is more of a couples' holiday than a family one. The title comes from the name of a Petitmoni song
And I apologize for having written yet more waff.