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Just so you know, this will have one-sided HinataNaruto, one-sided InoSasuke, and one-sided SakuraSasuke. Just so no one will seem OOC. And (because this often confuses me) the crush will be from the first name, toward the second.

And one more thing, I may deliberately make the ninja OOC at the beginning due to some plot things.

Fifteen ninja, five teams, sent on a single mission, they were not informed why so many were required, only that they had to bring the object back.

They never returned.

Shikamaru's eyebrow twitched as he read the description for some new book. He wondered if it would become popular.

He fervently hoped not, that would go far beyond troublesome. Especially if someone who read it saw Gaara, who was currently out shopping with Naruto and Tenten.

How could they have found out about it anyway? Any documents should have turned to dust long ago.

Really short, but it seemed good for a prelude.