I'm back with another story. This is a character development one-shot, starring and from the point of view of Silver the Hedgehog, who is tied for first with Tails on my list of "Sonic characters who need a hug". I know, there are a lot of Silver one-shots, but I think mine is worth reading, so please do.

Disclaimer- I don't own Silver or Iblis, although I do speak Arabic and know that Iblis is pronounced very oddly in English.

Dreams of an Absolution

Dreams are free, the images from your soul, your heart's desire, something that you understand better than anyone elseā€¦

When most people refer to dream, they are referring to the images played in your sleep. If that is what a dream is than I don't have dreams, because I don't sleep. I haven't slept since I was six. That's when Iblis showed up in my sleep.

Every night, when I closed my eyes, he'd be there. He was waiting for me. I was sure of it.

Every night, he would find a new way to torture me. Some nights he'd burn me very slowly, and I'd feel nothing but the heat bite at my flesh. Other times he would wrap his charcoal hands around me and strangle me until I couldn't breath and eventually fell to death. And other times, he'd place me in the middle of a maze he'd made out of his flames, one that had no exit, only fire.

I would wake up and run to my mom, covered in a cold sweat. She would hug me and calm me down. Eventually, I would be calm enough to go back to sleep. She always gave me a warm, motherly comforting smile that made me feel safe. Now that I look back at it, I can tell that smile was covering sad eyes. What was she thinking while I told her about how Silver had killed me that night? Did she ever regret having me in a time like that?

2 weeks after the dreams started, Iblis killed my mother. She was a nurse and, when she went out to get an injured body, he got her. I saw him again that night in my dream, but he was hurting her instead of me, and there was nothing I could do but scream. When I woke up, I realized that I could not go to my mom anymore, that she could never hug me again, tell me that it was all going to be alright.

I felt like Iblis had pegged me as a target. Sure, other kids had the dream, but never every day for two weeks. Sure, they had lost family members before, but he made me an orphan with no body left at all. I was completely alone.

And that's when I stopped sleeping. Instead, I just stop, lie down, and rest. I let my mind wander; only stopping it once it went in the direction of the old nightmares. I guess that's the time I use to dream.

I heard this word once, a long time ago. Absolution. It means 'freedom from sin'. I l also once learned that Iblis is the Arabic word for 'devil'. Devils cause sin and too free ourselves from sin means freedom from Iblis.

So, to put it simply, I Dream of an Absolution.

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