"In time every sad ending becomes happy. It's a sad ending only because the author stops telling the story. But it still goes on. It's just untold."

- From the movie Twin Falls Idaho

Bleak and desolate like a lost child, a black dot on the horizon, in the midst of a sea of fog, it sat. No eyes had been set on it in thousands of years. The old civilization built much like an enormous floating castle sat on pillars immersed in the clouds.

Light streamed down on its cracked surface, dust caking everything in sight. Far within the old walls, sitting dormant in the center of the fallen realm was a throne room. Age old stains marked its floor and ceiling, with terrible burns marking most everywhere else. It seemed like an old battlefield.

And yet, though everything in the entire castle was destroyed, beaten, and decayed, the throne was not. It was pristine, crystal, and unmarked. A purple pillow, lined in lace sat in the seat, with but a small little crown atop it.

It read upon it the words, Taishite zakaichou mai Munesanzun.

For the melody of my heart.

Kingdom Hearts: The Fallen Kingdom

The early morning peace was shattered by the infernal buzzing of an alarm clock. Flashing "6:30" in bright red color, the machine gave a Chocobo like squeak. "Time to get up! Time to get up!" It chimed.

The bed sheets rustled and the bed's occupant groaned. His hand slipped out of the blankets, groping blindly for the annoying clock. When it was found, he shut it off with a click. Tossing the sheets aside, the boy sat up, groaning sleepily as he covered his eyes from the light.

"Good morning" He mumbled to no one, leaping up and out of his room. The boy made a mad dash for the bathroom.

In the lovingly nicknamed Crap house household, a make shift mansion of patched ceilings and broken windows, 6:30 was an early time to wake up. With almost twenty inhabitants in the home, it was usually a crowded busy place, even with four bathrooms and three floors.

Edym "Demyx" Nocturne wasn't usually an early riser, but had had big plans for that Monday. Humming to himself in his Chocobo boxers, the blonde began washing his face, brushing his teeth, and otherwise cleaning up for the day. With a little floss, some cologne, and half a can of hair gel (a very valuable item in the household) Demyx was ready to go. Beaming, he ran out of the bath and towards the stairs.

Of course, he back tracked after feeling a bit of a breeze and realizing he'd jumped the gun. He decided he might want clothes before running off into town.

Ten minutes later, the boy closed his bedroom door behind him and scampered down the steps, a beautiful sitar in hand. Demyx wore white converses, short knee length jeans, and a black tee shit bearing the Universal Alliance symbol: it was a heart with four swords behind it, reading "Unite" as the title.

Even though he'd woken up early, Demyx wasn't at all surprised that he wasn't alone. When he hopped into the kitchen, Demyx saw Dilan sitting in front of a small television, sleepily munching on toast. Dilan "Xaldin" Whirlwind barely ever slept, staying to coffee to stay awake.

"Hey Xaldin" Demyx smiled, calling his ally by his family nick name. The man nodded to Demyx as he watched the morning news.

"More news about the summit?"

for the past week and a half, world leaders from all over the galaxy have been convening and discussing peace, and the coming changes that lie ahead for us all. As these meetings have progressed, many strong determined leaders have caught the public eye.

One such leader is Lady Braska Yunalesca of Spira, a young religious leader of the Yevonite Fayth. Peace and unity seem to be her top priorities, and she continues to tell the people: do not forget the past wars, and the past sacrifices, let's not let them happen again.

Another speaker who has stood out is a young island girl who's only spoken once, yet captured the hearts of many. Yuuchou Aisu, younger sister of Yuuchou Sora, talked of her first hand experiences with the Heartless and her brother's death, and revival.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, a member of the crowd stood up to speak today and his radical views have caused quite the stir. Prof. Hojo of the planet Gaia proposed to the council that they return to the Gate to Midnight and attempt to retrieve any last remains of the Heartless; Radiant Garden leader Squall Leonhart is firmly against this, and most of the citizens say…

"I can't believe that cockroach is still alive" Demyx murmured angrily, glaring at the image on the TV screen. Xaldin growled in agreement.

On a funnier note, one recently appointed ambassador from the world Gunsmoke caused quite the stir today, but a good one. The young man, titled Vash the Stampede, spoke of peace with these words; "Peace is like a donut, never ending, and really yummy." He continued to say that peace was good glazed or frosted, and gets soggy when dipped in coffee. Vash ended his speech in tears telling the people "the lobby has really good donuts, and they're having a two for one sale".

Demyx and Xaldin stared at the television screen, Xaldin with a piece of toast hanging from his lips, Demyx with his mouth open. Twitching a little, Xaldin looked up at his friend slowly. Demyx shrugged. "I like that guy!"

"You would" Xaldin smirked. Shaking his head, Xaldin chuckled as Demyx leapt up and grabbed his sitar, about to run out the door.

"Where're you going?" Xaldin asked, looking over the TV. Demyx took hold of the door frame and looked over his shoulder. With a grin, he held up his instrument.

"I want to practice before I go out" he explained.

"You'd better find a place soon I hear the others getting up"

Demyx gasped. "Aw man!" Rushing out of the kitchen and into the main hall, Demyx glanced around and decided the library was his best bet; who would get up at seven am to read?

Leaping in, Demyx smiled and sat on the floor with a sigh.

"You'd better not be thinking of playing that in here" A female voice muttered.

Demyx grimaced. Slowly looking over his shoulder, the boy winced to see a blonde woman sprawled out on the sofa, a book in hand. It read Marquis de Sade.

"Hey, Lelean!" Demyx cheered with an overly sweet voice. "How are you this morning?"

"I didn't sleep at all" She seethed, grinding her teeth. "Go play your trash somewhere else!"

"But, Larxene!" He pouted with big puppy eyes. His lip twitched.

"Get. Out."

With a gasp and a leap, Demyx panicked to get out the door with his sitar, slamming it shut just in time. He could feel Larxene's knives embed themselves in the door, and gulped. Come to think of it, the library door had many such scars.

"Meanie" Demyx grumbled, stomping away with a pout.

Glancing around, Demyx wondered where else he could go. He could feel the rumbling sound of footsteps and voices getting louder; running out of time, Demyx ran to the left, to the weight room.

Slamming the door shut, Demyx sighed happily glad to have gotten in before Axel or anyone else decided to start the morning routine. Since he couldn't see anyone else, the room was his. Or so he thought.

Suddenly, Demyx heard a giggling, and the thump of something hard hitting the floor. Eyes very wide all of a sudden, Demyx looked down. On the floor sat two little toddlers in cute, pastel colors, alone with out supervision in the weight room. The little boy, Rin, was busy sucking a ten pound weight, but when Demyx had walked in, he'd dropped it. His sister Vixen giggled at Demyx's befuddled look with innocent, rose colored eyes.

"Oh, no" Demyx whispered, backing away slowly. Rin was watching as his sister picked up one of the weights. With a thundering crash, the weight smashed into the wall by Demyx's face as the boy let out a girlish squeak. Scampering to escape the room as Vex bombarded him with heavy objects, the boy ran smack into the door frame before escaping.

Breathing heavily, Demyx leaned against the door. "Demon baby" He whispered with wide eyes, frantically hurrying away from the door.

The next room he tried was the break room, but when he entered the room the door was suddenly smashed back into his face.

"Out" Zexion seethed.

Muttering something about emo boys, Demyx moved on to try Xigbar's room. Usually the man was gone all through the night to who knows where, so there was a chance he hadn't returned the night before. When he opened the door, though, Demyx found Xigbar… and someone else.

"Ah! –Yeah!"


Shrieking, Demyx leapt right out of the room, breathing hard, his chest heaving. He did not want to see Xigbar or Paine like that. Especially not at the same time. Though it would be kinda weird if they somehow managed that alone. Even though you could kinda do that, it would be really hard, and you'd have to…

Stop thinking about it! Demyx commanded harshly to himself, beat read in the face.

Scampering back down the hall, Demyx gave up on the house, and turned to the one place he thought just might have some peace.


It was quiet, serene, and peaceful. Outside the small, empty room the citizens roamed the streets; inside, all there was, was a piano. A marvelous grand piano, pristine and elegant. Sitting on the stool beside it was a young girl, stretching her fingers lightly. Without making a sound, her fingertips danced over the keys, not quite touching.

She began to play. Lighting, her fingers danced over the keys, making a beautiful, nostalgic sound.

"Very nice" A visitor standing in the doorway smiled. The girl turned to him and smiled.

"Thank you" She murmured, eyes low. Her mind seemed far away, almost as if she was on a high from being near the marvelous instrument.

"The meeting begins, shall we go?" The boy spoke with a French accent, extending his arm to her politely. Both were dressed in old French attire.

Nodding, the girl smiled. "Lead the way, mon amie"

"Redresser de cette façon, ma dame" (Right this way, my lady) The boy bowed with a smart grin as the girl walked by him.

"Merci, Armand. Se dépêchons; Je veux obtenir ceci tout fait avec." (Thank you, Armand. Let's hurry; I want to get this all done with) with a smirk, the girl strode by, turning to look at the piano one last time.

"Now, now, head out of the clouds, ma dame" Armand insisted, clicking his tongue. "Confiances de Madame Belle vous avec ceci. Vous ne voudriez pas le seigneur et Madame déçue vous?" (Lady Belle trusts you with this. You wouldn't want the lord and lady disappointed, would you?)

Sighing, the girl shook her head. "That's the last thing I would want"

The two left the room and shut the door, leaving the grand instrument silent and alone.


Out in the soft light, beneath the old pillars of the house dropped vines and roses. Chrysanthemums and day lilies crowded together with small sunflowers leaning over them; tulips all colors of the rainbow were arranged into color coordinated flower boxes, with daisies growing from the cracks in the stone path.

It was a gorgeous little hideaway in a house where the roof was falling apart, so Demyx often would go to the courtyard to relax. It was a dangerous place in the early morning, but for the sake of practice he would risk it.

Glancing up, Demyx smiled; standing in the midst of the flowers and shrubs was a friend and gauging his demeanor, he was in a friendly mood. He wasn't always agreeable in the morning… or any other time, really.

"Hey, Edym" Lumaari "Marluxia" Grace was the one standing in the garden, fingering a flower in the garden. With a pink polo, dark blue jeans, and brown sandals, Marluxia was very at home in the garden.

"Hey, Marly!" Demyx cheered with a wave. "Good morning!"

"Morning" Smiling, Marluxia walked away from the flower box and sauntered over to his friend.

"Came to play music, huh?" Marluxia leaned against a nearby pillar. "Feel free to, I need someone to water the flowers" Wincing, Demyx bit his lip.

"Well, about that…"

"Huh?" Marluxia looked surprised. "You're still having trouble?"

"Yeah" Sighing, Demyx lowered his head. "Ever since we arrived here, everybody's had a bit of a foggy head. Axel and Namine remember everything but I still have trouble remembering stuff, and –"

"Me too" Marluxia added. "I remember bits and pieces, like Sora and Ridu – Riku."

"Yeah, what about your powers?" Demyx interrupted eagerly. Marluxia nodded.

"I can summon my scythe – it's coming back, slowly" Demyx looked ready to sob his lip quivering. (Aw! Kawaii!)

"Aw, man!" Demyx pouted. "I still can't do anything! Not even a rain drop! This sucks!"

Laughing, Marluxia patted Demyx's shoulder. "Hang on, it takes time. You'll get it back"

With a heavy sigh, Demyx looked back to his sitar. Marluxia walked back over to his plants, pulling weeds away. "At least I still have sitar – chan" Demyx smiled, beginning to play a soft melody.

From over his shoulder, Marluxia smiled. "Hm, Demyx" Pausing to listen to the music, he sighed. "The greatest power you have never left you"


The pathway up into the summit center was crowded, loud, and very beautiful. The mix of so many was a great sight, yet it hurt the chances of finding people you knew. In order to tell whether or not the person he was waiting for was there already, the brown haired boy was standing on a railing, his hand wrapped around a pole.

The boy was handsome, coming of age, with a firm, yet slim build. He'd matured, a bit scarred, yet his eyes full of youthful hope and optimism. Dressed in a black jacket and blue capris, he wore the insignia of his home world; a Paopu fruit.

Scanning the crowd, the boy called out the name once again. "Lady Aimé? Lady Aimé Rousseau?"

"¡Aquí! I am Lady Rousseau!"

Glancing over, the brown haired boy grinned and leapt to the ground. A red headed French girl, dressed the part in her white gown, raced up to the boy, bowing quickly. "I am Aimé Rousseau."

"This is my partner, Sir Armand Ackart." The boy who'd caught up with her was a bit taller than the brown haired boy, his hair jet black and slick, his eyes a piercing blue. He nodded to the brown haired boy.

"My name's Yuuchou Sora!" Puffing out his chest, the boy pointed his thumb to himself with a big grin.

"Yuuchou?" Armand asked. "A strange name" Sora looked dumbfounded.

"Uh – no. That's my last name. Err – just call me Sora. It means sky."

Armand looked a bit confused. Scratching his head, he shrugged. Smiling up at him, Aimé continued. "We represent Lady Belle and the former Beast's Castle."

"Huh?" Sora seemed a bit confused. "It's not his castle anymore?"

Giggling behind her gloved hand, Aimé shook her head. "¡Tonto¡Él es tan lindo!

It is his castle, but he is no longer a beast!" (Silly! He's so cute!)

As Armand smirked and Aimé giggled behind her hand, Sora shrugged with a smile. "Cool! I'm glad he broke the spell." He beckoned the two to follow him. "Come on, I'll tell you all about the summit"


"Hey, Demyx!" The boy ceased to play, looking up. Marluxia spoke. "Didn't you have somewhere to go?"

"Oh, its time already!"


La la la…

Underneath the blue sky, the wind blows toward the future, as if embracing the rays of the sun

Merely wandering along, I leave behind only a trail of footsteps.

As long as there's a breeze brushing my cheek and grass to lie in

I don't need anything else, and I'll smile with satisfaction.

Sleeping, gazing at

The never ending future…

The Wind Blows Toward the Future, from Trigun

Rushing down the crowded, busy streets, Demyx disappeared into a crowd by the coffee shop, his sitar in hand. It was nice to be back in the peaceful place; he'd been busy with his music all week, he hadn't had time to look around. Stepping into the line, Demyx bought a box of Danishes for everyone at home and a coffee for himself. He stepped out of line and as he did, the boy glanced around, looking for one face…

As the boy stepped out to find his friend, he missed looking down. Some merchandise had fallen onto the floor before him, and without fail, he stepped on it. With a quick slip, he fell to the floor with a yelp. The coffee and box of Danishes in his hands flew into the air. With a grimace, the boy waited for the items to fly down onto his face.

He heard gasps and yelps, yet nothing hit his face. Blinking, the boy opened his eyes, looking up.

His breakfast was covering the clothes and face of a man in line beside him.

He was scary. Tall, very tall, with an eye patch over his right eye, and a scar running down the left side of his face. His teeth were fanged, and his chest broad and Demyx almost mistook him for Xigbar. White Danish and coffee were all over his clothes and his face.

"Uh oh" Looking down to the mans' feet, Demyx saw a young girl standing beside him. She was very innocent looking, with pink hair and wide eyes.


"Oh, man" A bald man behind him sighed. Demyx watched the tall scarred man seethe as the bald man shook his head. A fourth person with a strange feather coming out of his eyebrow looked down on Demyx in pity and disgust.

The scarred man was twitching, looking down on Demyx with fire in his eyes. His hand went down to his waist. There was a blade there.

"Oh, my gosh, I am SO sorry, I really am, I –"

"Run, Blondie!" The pink haired girl yelled.

Screeching like a little girl for the second time that day, Demyx leapt to his feet, tripping over the shirt again, before rushing out of the coffee shop like a monkey on steroids. As he did, he passed the very person he'd been waiting for. "Demyx?" Yuffie asked, watching him screech and rush off. Only a moment after, a tall man with strange looking hair ran by, the bells tied to the end of his hair jingling.

"What in the world? Demyx?" Yuffie gasped.

"You know Blondie?" Yuffie spun around. The little pink haired girl was standing beside her. "My name's Yachiru. Blondie made Ken – chan really mad."

"Ken – chan?" Yuffie asked, looking back to Demyx. His blonde head and waving hands were disappearing into the crowd as the raging Ken – chan chased after.


His voice reached very high vocal feats as Demyx leapt over a small wall beside the walkway, rushing towards the path below. To his surprise, the man behind him leapt from wall to wall, very strong, easily catching up.

"Ohman, ohman, ohman" Demyx bit his lip, glancing around for anything to save his life. If only he could produce some water, do something!

There! A skateboard on the side of the street. Two kids were standing beside it with their dog. Rushing past them, Demyx stole the board and leapt on it. "Sorry! I'll bring it back!" He told them, looking ahead.

Grimacing angrily, Ken – chan leapt off the side of a building to propel himself around the corner of the walkway and to the other side, where Demyx was boarding down a railing. He screeched at the sight of the scary man grinning angrily, dark and evil looking as he flew down towards the blonde.

Grasping a pole, Demyx propelled himself around, landing easily on the other side. Ken smirked. "Heh, not as dumb as he looks." He fell by with great speed, which caused some of the cake on him to fly off and smash into passerby's faces.

"Excuse me! Coming through!" Demyx chirped, beginning to think of it as a game. How the boy could take a life or death situation as a new challenge baffled the writer of this sentence, but the writer of this sentence rarely writes a sentence without wondering to write how the sentence she wrote could be wrought.

Of course, behind him, the demonic looking man Ken – chan grinned evilly. "I think its time to get serious"

Demyx skated out of sight and into an area where there was no one. He hoped beyond hope he'd lost the guy in the crowds. Wiping sweat from his brow, Demyx collapsed against the wall. Now he'd have to back track. No doubt Yuffie was either confused or steaming, and a mad girlfriend was never a good thing…

It came suddenly and swiftly. He just couldn't move. His limbs were shaking he was sweating, sliding to the ground. It was terribly, massive, absolutely horrifying – the air was almost thick with the feeling, heavy, as if Demyx was at the bottom of the ocean instead of in Twilight Town. The feeling was the intent to kill, and the air was saturated with it – a lot of it.

"W – What?" Shaking, Demyx climbed up to his feet, glancing around for the source. It – it couldn't be?

It was. The scary, scarred man who'd chased him from the coffee shop was standing across from him, his grin very malicious, his aura radiated extreme killing intent – enough to knock out any inexperienced opponent. How could anyone love killing that much?

"I said I was sorry" Demyx whispered, biting his lip.

The man's hand went to his sword.



Typing away with precision and swift hands, the man chewed on a bagel. Absentmindedly the man's thoughts drifted from his report and he sighed, his head falling back. Somehow, writing reports about the summit just wasn't as fun as actually working out in the summit.

So, he had a plan. He would dump the report on the next person to be foolish enough to walk in the room, and then he'd run outside! He'd finally get to have fun! No more paperwork, no more sheets, no more crap…

Suddenly, the click of a gun met his ears. Almost as if she'd red his mind, his First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye was right behind him, cleaning her pistol. And no doubt, first time he tried to leap away from his duty to report to the Fuhrer, that gun would be down his throat.

Okay. So he'd have to be sneakier. He could do that.

The door to the room opened – in walked a young man with blonde hair, dressed in the blue military uniform. Immediately, the Colonel saw his chance.

"Havoc, report to the Fuhrer!" Mustang insisted as he stood and quickly strode from the room. The blonde blinked in surprise, half a potato chip in his mouth. Mustang slide the door shut behind him and ran down the hall as gunshots broke the silence.

Freedom tasted good, and so did the ice cream Colonel Roy Mustang treated himself to after having found his freedom. As he wandered the summit, glancing at the stalls and food stands, the authoress wondered where she was going with this.

Avoided blondes in the crowd, the Colonel turned down the hall, just as a brown haired boy and his French companions walked past him and into the stadium. Sora bumped into his shoulder; and for a moment, they saw each other. But it passed; Sora walked on with Aimé and Armand, not giving the Colonel a second thought or glance.

Mustang watched the boy go. The ice cream in his hand was melting. For some reason, his eyes seemed far away. But with a sigh, he realized he'd better move on before his sea salt ice cream became sea salt muck and a certain blonde Lieutenant found him and shot him full of holes.

"This place is amazing, como un palacio en los cielos" (like a palace in the heavens) with happy eyes and a content sigh, Aimé took it all in, her heart fluttering.

"I'm glad you like it" Sora told them. Armand looked down to his little ally. Her eyes were lost in thought, her smile wide. And her fingers were tapping against the metal railing, almost as if they were holding a tune.


It was the beginning of another meeting and another day of discussion in the Summit Dome, and everyone was getting settled.

"Everyone let us begin the ninth day of ceremonies here at the Universal Alliance Summit. I believe today we are to hear from…?" Rinoa Heartily spoke bravely into the microphone as all the representatives and political powers sat, and she awaited a response.

All over, reporters and television crews were in the crowds, hanging on to every word. A woman from across the way, sitting with a large group stood.

"I believe we wish to make a statement today, and introduce our society into the summit" The woman said.

"And what world do you represent?" Rinoa spoke, giving him the full attention of the summit.

"We are the Soul Society, who takes into our purpose the protection of souls from the Hollows, soul devouring monsters, and to bring peace to the dead. I am Retsu Unohana, the Captain of the Fourth Division of the Gotei 13."

"Are all of this Gotei 13 with you?"

"Yes –" Suddenly, a man behind Unohana leapt up and whispered into her ear. "I – no. Oh my. I'm afraid we are one captain short."

Two men in the front shared a tired, disgusted look. "Kenpachi…"


It was quiet in the little room. Outside, laughter and cheers, reined, but inside, all that was there was a little note. When he entered the room, it was the first thing he saw.

Cid scratched his chin and walked up to the note.

Hey Cid!

I'm gonna try and find everybody, and get them all over to the tavern tonight! We've haven't all hung out in a while, especially not with Xemnas and his gang.

How are you? We haven't spoken recently. I'm doing well; Demyx and I have been hanging out, and he's been remembering some stuff. He asked me if we'd ever had sex! The nerve!

Well, I hope I'll see you tonight. Tell Shera I say hi!

Yuffie Kisaragi

PS, you don't want to eat the stuff in the carton in the fridge, Vincent does NOT know how to cook.

PSS, don't use the upstairs bathroom, it kinda smells like throw up.

PSSS, you might want to clean the upstairs bathroom.

Chuckling, Cid passed the letter through his fingers and threw it in the trash.

"Just like the good old days" He smiled.

Just like the good old days

Even when all the old days are done

Here we are with unlimited ways

To spend these last days under the sun