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College. Ah, yes, the wonder full days of college. From day 1, leaving the family and stepping out on a new life. To be able to be independent, as of the time your parents leave. You enter the new grounds… The new grounds of war!


Natsuki pulled out her rifle and looked down the corridor of Hallway 1 in Fuka University. Pulling out her … toy… 'walkie-talkie', she pressed the monitor.

"Ice Blue Over. No signs of enem- Ah! Defense Systems have failed, Enemy spotted infiltrating home base at Corridor 3A, Hallway 1! Permission to send back-up and to ready for attack is waiting sir!"

Natsuki waited for her response, as she leaned against the corner, hoping she wouldn't be seen. Her walkie-talkie vibrated and sent out a static noise before her Commander answered it.

"Roger that. Captain Ice Blue, Red Hot Smokin' Mai Fire Over. Permission Granted. Wait for Strength Hawk Cannonball Midori for arrival as back-up. Spider Girl Web Catcher Nao should be infiltrating the enemy base. Be careful, Ice Blue Natsuki, I repeat. This may be a mere game, however, our pride is betted on this game of Army Laser Ultimate Fun-Fun Puri Puri Tag!!!"

Natsuki nodded, and with determination, waited for Midori's arrival. Hearing footsteps behind her, she saw her teacher/comrade/Commanding Officer signal her. With a grin, Midori held up three fingers.





Jumping out of the second hallway into the intersection point, Midori and Natsuki blasted at the enemies. They shrieked as the laser pressed onto their armor, leaving them defenseless. One of them, a clever girl, managed to shoot her gun, which barely passed Natsuki, if Nao hadn't jumped in through the window and shot the girl.

"Spider Girl Web Catcher Nao! That was stupid and dangerous! Never do something like that again!" scolded Midori, which she then lowered her voice and let out a little whistle, "…unless you teach me how to do that too…". Nao grinned, and shrugged. "Ice Blue Kuga needed help, and I was there, so I seized that chance. Better take these P.O.W now, eh? You're an adult, you'd probably break your back.

While Midori stuck her tongue out at Nao, Nao shot out webs to entangle and trap the newly captured prisoners, as they led the four girls into their secret main base; Where their leader was. Natsuki sighed; her comrades were major idiots.

Natsuki checked to make sure nobody was following them, and loaded her laser gun at the Base's (which really was Midori's New classroom) supplementary area.

"Red Hot Smokin' Mai! How is our leader?" Natsuki asked, hoping that she was safe so they could win the game. Mai looked towards Natsuki, the determined puppy, and grinned. "Hungry-hungry Hippo Girl Mikoto Leader is Safe! Do not worry, Ninja Protector Warrior Akira and my Mistaked-for-Girl-Almost-Bishounen- Takumi is watching her. Also Fuzzy Sideburn Boy Tate and Annoying-ass Flute Girl (which just reminds me of KnM XDXDXD) Shiho are on guard protecting them."

Natsuki sighed. "Why the hell did we have these long-ass names?" Nao shrugged. "Do not ask the people who are clueless and have asked that question somewhere before; ask the author."

Natsuki looked up at me typing, and I shrug. "How the hell am I supposed to know? Fuckin' bored here mate. (smiley face inserted here). Anyways get back to the goddamn plot before I start whipping yer' asses!" (gets pwned)

Midori laughed. "Enemy taken care of! Orders from Sub-Leader Red Hot Smokin' Mai! What do we do with these minions of the other team?" Mai observed the girls, who were taped at the mouths and trapped in ropes- or webs…

"Interrogate them! We must find out where the base of Empress Fujino is, and we will Crush, Kill, and…um…What ever threat comes after that!!!"

Natsuki sighed at the fired up Mai. "Jeez, at least know your threats before you make em' fucking idiot…" Mai glared at Natsuki. "MAGGOT! You do not Talk to your Sub-Commanding Leader like that! 100 Push ups and no Mayonnaise!"

Natsuki's eye twitched at the impending doom. "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I never thought Mai would do such a…a…humiliating thing! Why! Why! Why!" Shaking her fist at Mai, Natsuki marched off, hoping to doom her anger on an unsuspecting inanimate object.


Empress Fujino Shizuru smiled at the screen. Ever since the new girl Natsuki Kuga had arrived at Fuka University, She's been wanting to meet her. The all-hailed College Student President smiled in her Base, which was also the Student Council's Office. The holographic screen showed the angry bluehaired puppy-eared girl in camo-colored clothes, with her laser-rife strapped at her back.

Ah yes, this was merely a game between the two leading forces in the college, of her own, Double Edged Amethyst, and the fierce eater warrior, Mikoto, the Hungry Eating- All-u-can-eat Clan.

Shizuru sat behind her desk with both elbows on her desk, using her hands to support her chin. Her devious crimson eyes flickered once more on the angry Kuga Natsuki, as she made more plans.

Like, the winner of this simple battle would be able to be ruler of both groups, meaning Shizuru could seize this opportunity and use it to…make obligations and benefits with her. Grinning madly, Shizuru clicked the 3-D screen to use it as a computer.

She checked her front-line security system, consisting of her two favorite bodyguards, Reito and Haruka blocking the door. Yukino in the emergency exit room, also helping with the security system, making locks on the electric doors, and watching corridors to report the enemy.

Of course, the enemy's base was in the other building, across from them, but it didn't hurt to be safe now. Most of her TDS Fanclub (Tea-Drinking-Sama) joined her side, however, they were unfortunately stupid, weak, and…stupid.

Same went with the Hungry Eating- All-u-can-eat Clan, who had many fans of the cold, freshman Natsuki Kuga in it. Checking her cellphone, Shizuru dialed up her scouts, Arika and Nina.

"Have you spotted her?"

"Yeah…she's exactly across from us…but in the other building still…"

"Okay. Send reinforcements to capture her, and to take back our missing soldiers. We need Erstin too, y'know!"

"Yes Ma'am! … Yey! Nina-chan we get to be heroes and save Ers-chan!!! YEY!!!!"

"Arika!!! GET OFF ME!!! AH…Ah..mmf…W..s…stop…Da…dame!!! A..Arika…no…no grop…groping!!!! Ah-"

Shizuru stared wide eyed at the letters "CALL ENDED" on her phone. Immediately, the naughty devil-disguised-as-god made…naughty thoughts. "Ara…someone is having fun…"

Returning her glance at the monitor the Disguised-as-God-But-is-Really-a-Horny-Devil licked her fingers.

Of course, what she was planning to do with them, was entirely…naught…

Shizuru Fujino, the Empress of Fuka University, laughed manically within the safety of her Student Council Room.




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Oh yeah, here are the couples! (crazy…I know..!!)

-Shizuru and Natsuki (Duhh…)

-Chie and Aoi (Once they get in)

-Mashiro…well…(Mai otome Mashiro) and Arika, who's secretly fondling with Nina and Ers, who inturn they are lovers….so it ends up to be your wildest imaginations of a FOURSOME!! MWHAHAHAHA

-Reito…Takeda…and Tate. What can I say. I suspect one thing, it leads to another, the next minute you have all this bull shi- (The following has been censored)

-Mai and Mikoto (you know something was gonna' happen sooner or later mates. --)

-Haruka and Yukino.

-Akira and Takumi

-From Guubear, Nao and Shiho

-Alyssa…and Miyu????

Of course, this must go on!