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Shizuru's face was completely red, and she was gasping for air. Natsuki smiled at her work. She stopped blowing air into Shizuru's sex and parted her lips. Shizuru grabbed the bed sheets, anticipating the ecstatic feelings she was about to experience.

Natsuki slowly pulled her head in and licked slowly. She let it linger for a minute before restarting. Shizuru was letting out quiet yelps, and her nails were making holes in the bedsheets (perty strong Shizuru!).

Natsuki finally decided to stop torturing her and finally let her tongue enter Shizuru, only to then have it exit and lick Shizuru fully. She repeated for what seemed like endless years, and Shizuru gasped and almost came, but held it all in, wanting the feeling to stay.


Shizuru begun to rock her hips, which made Natsuki go faster. She kept licking until Shizuru suddenly began to moan louder and then let her body spasm. Natsuki felt a wetness on her mouth, but she drunk it all anyways. Licking still, Natsuki gave Shizuru more orgasms to enjoy until Shizuru regrew her senses and stopped Natsuki.


Natsuki grinned and poked Shizuru in the stomach, making her squeak. "Your really cute like that, even when your drop dead gorgeous naked…"

Shizuru blushed and playfully tried to push Natsuki down onto the gigantic bed, but was surprised when her legs were shaking. Natsuki took notice and grinned at her handycraft. Shizuru squinted at Natsuki and put on a threatening expression, "Oh your soooo dead!!"

Shizuru jumped onto Natsuki and the wrestled, in which Natsuki lost, because Shizuru brought her hand down and in between Natsuki's legs.

Natsuki moaned at contact and shut her eyes and brought Shizuru down and hugged her. Shizuru kissed her, while letting her fingers rub over Natsuki's clitoris and sometimes entering but barely passing the lips

"S..Shi…Shiz.u…Shizu…ru…ju..just do…it!..."

Shizuru smiled at the panting girl, but not listening to her. She was here to make her torture, in this wonderful way. Natsuki suffered the same endless minutes, and possibly longer, but she couldn't remember.

She kinda was in a haze, her vision was blurred, but all she could see was Shizuru's eyes.

Maybe she really was in love with her. Those red eyes pierced into Natsuki's heart, just as her green eyes did to her. Kissing Natsuki, Shizuru finally entered two fingers into Natsuki's wet vagina, and pressed her mouth onto Natsuki's breast again.


Using her free hand, she slid it to the lone breast and rubbed Natsuki's nipple, making it erect. Natsuki's moaning got louder and louder, and Shizuru felt her tense, possibly trying to make this last longer, just like Shizuru had. But Natsuki had a stronger will.

Shizuru begun to enter fully and went faster, while letting her tongue swirl around on Natsuki's hard nipple. Natsuki bit on her lip, and felt blood, and she scratched Shizuru's back.

Hold it…hold it in…c'mon Natsuki…you can… OMG Chibi's! Why aren't Shizuru's boobs in my vision! WHY CHIBI'S! GET OUT CHIBIS!!! Jeez, big Natsuki ikezu! Yey! Shizuru's boobs again…haha…

Natsuki felt it coming, and it hit her hard. At first her eyes snapped open and she scratched harder on Shizuru's back, which signaled her.

Shizuru pressed hard on the front wall, making Natsuki actually scream in a sensual way.

Wetness went all over Shizuru's hand and it was over. Looking at her cell phone, Shizuru smiled. "Wow you last pretty long Natsuki. That was 47 minutes in all…well, for the whole thing that is…"

Natsuki slowly breathed, trying to regain her breath, and she weakly smiled and blushed.

Natsuki and Shizuru looked at Shizuru's hand, seeing how it was really wet. And it seemed that Shizuru still had her Cat Ears on. Shizuru grinned and licked her hand like a cat, making Natsuki blush.

"Oi! Wh..What are you doing!!!" ishi…and I want more…"

"Ara, Natsuki I just wanted to see how you tasted like…like you did to me…but…its oo

Natsuki froze. "Whaaaat?! Come on, give me a break here. My first time and I kinda need to rest a bit…"

Now Shizuru froze. "Its your first time?? Oh cool! Mine too! Now were more special to each other!!!"

Sighing, Natsuki wrapped her arms around the brown-haired sweaty beauty, and pulled her close in a bear hug. Shizuru wrapped her arms around Natsuki's waist and breathed slowly, sometimes cuddling and nipping at Natsuki's neck.

Natsuki breathed in Shizuru's hair; it had a fragrance of Strawberries. Shizuru moved up and kissed Natsuki's cheek, then softly on her lips and smiled. "I love you…so much y'know…"

"Doesn't everyone?"

Shizuru laughed and cuddled more into Natsuki.

"Shit, I think we need a shower…"

Natsuki looked up at Shizuru. "Huh?"

"If you haven't forgotten, we still are playing the game, and your team is probably over here looking for you…"

"Ga…Oh fuck!!! My mayo!!"


"My first motivation to come by myself was to redeem myself since Mai forbid mayo, which is a delicacy I can never give up on!!!"

"…Mayo? Natsuki…that's…it's like…it's practically reeks of death!!!"

Natsuki glared at Shizuru, and pouted. "Jeez, my metabolism is strong, you guys over react…"

Shizuru bit Natsuki's shoulder and looked up. "Its still not healthy! I wouldn't want a fat wife…"

Natsuki blushed. "Fine…but I'll be going on a Shizuru diet then…"

"Shi..zuru diet?"

"No! Better yet, the Fuji-cat Neko-Zu Diet! It consists of eating Fujino Shizuru three times a day…"

Natsuki grinned at the shock on Shizuru's face.

"Then I'll go on a Nat-"

"Nope. If you go on a diet you'll be malnourished."

"But I'm starving for Natsuki!"




The two glared at each other for a long moment, and ended with giggles. Shizuru glomped Natsuki, and the two lived happily ever AFTER.

The End.

Haha, jk, TBC. After all, they're still in the game.

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