There had been many things over the years that Joss had faced, bucking broncos, psychotic slashers with plasma fueled claws, and a stampede, but this... this was terrifying. And yet all she had to do was talk to someone. "Dr. Go, ma'am? Could... could I talk to ya?"

"Please dear, call me Ana," the matron of the Go family informed the shy young girl. "Please sit down and let's talk."

Joss took the empty chair across the medical table from the doctor, fidgeting slightly under the older woman's expectant look. "I... I wanted to explain somethin' t' ya'll... when ya mentioned me bein' girlfriends wit' Amanda earlier this week, I panicked, and I realize I might 'ave come off as prejudicial..."

"Homophobic is what you're looking for dear..." Anastasia supplied, watching the younger girl squirming in embarrassment.

"Err... yes... but I'm not... I've actually come t' terms with bein' a lesbian... or at least bisexual... but me and Amanda aren't an official couple or anythin'..." Joss explained with a healthy blush burning across her body. "My dad doesn't know about me bein'... that way, and I don't know how he'd react. I like Amanda, and want her as a part of my life... but I think I really messed that up..."

"I don't know how to advise you here Joss, but I'd suggest talking with her, and your father. I'm sure they'll both surprise you."

Joss felt her heart leap to her throat at the thought of her father accepting her... alternative lifestyle. It would mean so much if she didn't have to keep hiding her interest in girls, and didn't have to put up with his suggestions of finding a boyfriend.

Smiling at the doctor she let out a relieved sigh and nodded. "Thanks Doc, I'll stop worryin' so much about it... Now, the parents are supposed t' be in tomorrow, right?"

"That's correct..." Anastasia answered, ignoring the reference to her as doc instead of Ana. Even if she had just reminded the girl not too long ago.

"Did... did my tests show I was goin' t' start glowin' green, white, or not at all?" Joss asked quietly, still not sure which way she wanted the tests to reveal. On one hand, she could train with Kim, on the other, she would still be normal. Well as normal as a lesbian inclined Possible woman could be.

"Oh your test results came back... and they are very serious..." Ana answered, dropping the casual airs and frowning deeply. She pulled out some paperwork, and began to thumb through it with a darkening expression. "Joss... you are... going to grow up to be a very tall, healthy, normal woman at this rate."

As the sense of dread that she'd felt building was replaced by a tidal force of relief, exasperation, and peace, Joss realized she had been fearing being a mutant more than she'd even known. Looking down in shame, she sighed and rubbed her hands together. "I suppose that there is nothin' t' cure me of this normal thing, since I'm a Possible..."

The laughter she got off that had made being made fun of by the doctor worth it. After all, it wasn't everyday that she got to catch a woman like Anastasia Go off guard. And right now it felt deliciously evil.

~~~~~~~~Breakin' my heart babe~~~~~~~~~

Dr. Carmen Ann Possible pulled up the family's minivan in front of the gates to the Naturalist reserve with a deepening sense of déjà vu, but still unable to place it. "We're here..." she said solemnly as she exited the car, and passed off her keys to the valet, heading for a changing room. "Come on you two... let's go see our daughters, and don't forget that heavy case, it's important!"

As she walked along, flashes of memories, and raven hair danced on the edges of her memory, almost as if begging her to go back in time to find the memories again. Slipping into the female's changing area, she felt a blush rush over her body as one memory of her moaning out a name she couldn't remember slammed to the front of her mind like a jackhammer. It couldn't be, could it?

Shaking her head, to banish the memories back into the distance, she began walking down the rows of lockers, until she found an open one. She quickly stripped out of her clothes and shut them inside the locker. Looking at the number she frowned as it struck a bell. "5-3-3..."

Closing her eyes she let her mind take her back, to when she was just a college freshman out exploring the world with her roommate, Anastasia Greene. They'd come to this resort after finding it in a pamphlet Ana had picked up somewhere, but wouldn't tell Carmen where. It had been a lovely place with a thriving hippie community growing. But the real selling point had been the seclusion.

No one would know who they were, and they could relax and enjoy nature, and each other.

That thought slammed the blushing doctor back to reality. She'd long since forgotten about her roommate from college, having parted with her when they went on for their doctorate degrees. They'd kept in touch for all of two years, before the workloads caused them to drift apart, and by the end of the third year, they'd lost all contact with each other. But they still had those nights under the stars, with nothing but a sleeping bag and each other keeping them warm.

Walking out of the changing room, she'd found her husband and his brother waiting for her. Apparently the resort allowed hats, as Slim still had on that ten-gallon Stetson of his firmly planted on his head. If she hadn't seen him without it for her wedding, she'd think it was fused to his head. The man had even worn it at his wedding.

After getting directions to the Go household, they took off, Ann driving the electric golf cart, while the other two guarded her precious photo albums. James seemed particularly fearful of any damage coming to them, maybe it was because she had hounded him for months after he accidentally got a drop of coffee on Kim's first one. But that was only supposition really.

Pulling up to the house, she stopped short when she saw a trio waiting for them. One she barely recognized as her niece, despite the deep tan, a couple of spots seeming to not fully match color-wise, and the look on her face that screamed she wanted to be anywhere else. The next one was holding her firmly in place by the shoulder, smiling slightly nervously as her eyes met with Slim, and her mother instinct kicked in, alerting her to Joss's preference, and who exactly she was into right now.

The third one however was one that took away her breath. The years had been kind to her, and she obviously kept in excellent condition, so there was no denying it. Dr. Anastasia Go, the woman whom her husband had talked on the phone with, was none other than her former college roommate Anastasia Greene.

Apparently, she was recognized as well, for the devious trademark smirk slipped and a look of pure shock registered on the naturalist's face. "CARMEN? Carmen Ann Sandiego? Is that really you? I haven't seen you since our rooming days in college!"

"It's Possible now Ana, and it's good to see you too," Carmen confirmed with a warm, welcoming smile, drawing shocked looks from everyone else. "I can see that Kimmie-cub's in good hands... shall we go inside?"

"Err, da? Could ya'll come wit me 'n Amanda?" Joss asked nervously as she rubbed her arm, and tried to look anywhere but at either of her male relative's privates.

"Sure thin' spitfire, lemme just drop off this load of photo albums fer yer aunt," Slim answered, not noticing his daughter's discomfort, mostly because he was not looking anywhere near her. He'd bathed her as a baby, but somewhere from then and now, she'd grown up.

"Photo albums?" the dark-haired doctor asked curiously, trying to catch a peek into the box as they walked inside. "What's this about?"

"Oh, well after you briefed us on Kimmie-cub's health, I thought we could share some of her history..." the fire-haired neurosurgeon answered with a serene smile, as the menfolk got the box inside, and set down carefully in the living room. Slim parted with his brother with a hearty pat on the shoulder, and a kiss to Carmen's cheek, before catching up with his daughter, and what he didn't even suspect to be her girlfriend.

"Shall we begin?" Dr. Go asked, wondering where she'd put the album of Shego and the boys. It was only fair that she share with Kim's mom, if she was sharing with her.

"Indeed, how is she?" James cut in, sitting himself in front of the box, with a serious look to his face. He knew that if he didn't take the reigns now, they'd never get to her current medical state.

The two women had the decency to blush. Anastasia recovered first, and cleared her throat, before stating as calmly as she could. "Oh right... let's start with that..."

~~~~~~~~~Break out that album~~~~~~~~~~

Kim sighed as she and Shego began the trek back to the Go house and training compound. It had been a good week, and she felt more relaxed and at peace with things than she'd ever thought possible. Only one thing bothered her right now, and that was this nagging sense of dread that something was going to happen to make the entire past week fade into a memory, like a midsummer night's dream.

Putting that feeling off, she found herself face to face with Shego, who pulled her in for a tender kiss. "What're you thinking about Pumpkin?"

"Just... worrying about the future Firefly..." Kim answered, blushing as she used Shego's nickname. Oh she knew she was going to pay for it, but she wanted the villain to know she could go toe-to-toe in every field.

Shego scowled slightly, before letting out a laugh. "My ass does not glow cupcake..."

"Well now, I wouldn't say that in front of your mom... she might take it as a challenge..." Kim answered with a playful smirk. And that killed Shego's laughter, while also replacing the fierce green woman's usual confident stature with panic and searching around for the mother in question.

"Don't even joke about that! Last time she heard anything remotely like that, she had me eating nothing but re-fried beans and spicy food for a month..." Shego snapped while still glancing around nervously. "And before you ask, no we don't light up when we let one rip..."

"Aww... no lower posterior energy bursts? Where's the fun in that?" Kim teased, before pecking Shego lightly on the nose and flitting off like a fairy from that game Ron'd gotten her sucked into. She smiled brightly as she heard Shego grumble and start chasing after her. It was fun running again, the normal thrill she felt fighting against Shego had been replaced by a need to playfully compete with the smoking hot woman. "Race ya Shego!"

And with that, they were blurring through the trees, laughing and teasing each other as one or the other fell behind. It was fun, especially when they started trying to mess up the other by using their plasma powers to drop branches in the path of their lover, only to similarly use them to blast away said branch.

Kim had gotten to the straightaway that lead to the house first, and put every ounce of her leg strength into a flat out run, Shego being only half a footstep behind her. Then she saw something that brought her to a dead stop, which unfortunately meant that Shego ran into her back, and the pair were sent sprawling.

"And this is Kimmie-cubs after she figured out how to undo her diaper on her own..." her mom's voice drifted to her ears, before the poor red-head let out a whimper of fear. That sense of dread from earlier made a whole lot more sense now.