Pairings: Tezuka x Fuji

Disclaimer: Prince of Tennis does not belong to me.

Genre: Romance/Slight angst/AU

A.N. Hello readers, a while ago I wrote a set of companion fictions title "Picture Perfect" and "Capture." After some convincing on the readers' part I decided to write a sequel which would be this piece. They are both very short one shot fictions so please read them before reading this fiction.

Story is taken place after both Tezuka and Fuji went their separate ways.

Warning: This story doesn't have a beta so please pardon any mistakes that I happen to overlook.

Reviews will be much appreciated and I hope it lives up to your expectation.

Losing Ground

Prologue: Glimpse of the past

"Fuji, you are brilliant. My dear prodigy, I don't know what I would do without you. Of course, like always you are simply just perfect." Exclaimed Mori in an over exaggerated manner as he continue to take pictures in a frantic manner.

The rest of the camera crew can't help but laugh whenever Mori flaunt over his favorite model, Fuji Shusuke during a photo shoot. Two years ago, no one thought that the great Mori would ever use a human model because while no one doubts Mori's ability in producing breath taking works, it was also a well known fact that Mori's personality was bit weird to say the least.

In the photo industry, Mori was a legend. In the last thirty years, everything that Mori had ever worked on was pure perfection. However, Mori had one rule when it comes to taking pictures; he absolutely refused to use a human model regardless of the circumstances. It was a known fact that no matter how much money numerous wealthy businessmen and some of the most beautiful women and men had offered Mori to be their photographer, he had all rudely declined. While his peculiar rule had left many of his fans in a state of disappointment, Mori had finally announced to the world his reason behind his rule. In one of Mori's few personal interviews, he told the reporter that he will never take a photo using a human model unless the model was perfect.

Two years ago

Mori was on his way to his favorite coffee shop when he spot Fuji walking out of a bookstore and before Mori could help himself he had started taking pictures. The sound of the camera made Fuji turned around and he was surprised to see an old man taking his pictures with sheer excitement. After the shock had wear off, Fuji decided that it was probably in his best interest to ignore the man behind the camera.

"Wait, you can't leave yet." Yelled Mori as he attempt to catch up to Fuji.

Fuji started walking away but after few minutes he can't help but slow down when he noticed that the old man was still chasing after him.

"Are you alright?" Asked Fuji in a concern tone.

Mori took a deep breath and nodded.

"Wait, aren't you the Mori?" Asked Fuji suspiciously.

Mori put his camera away before saying, "Yes, and I want you to be the model for my next project."

"Thank you for your complement but I am not a professional model." Answered Fuji politely as he continued to walk away.

"It doesn't matter because you will be perfect. I had never wanted to take someone's picture so badly and I can just imagine the end product that I will be able to produce with you as the main subject. I had never felt this excited before." Commented Mori excitingly.

Fuji started to feel uneasy but before he can comment, Mori handed Fuji a piece of paper with his phone number on it.

"I just want to give you my number for now. Just give me a call if you ever change your mind." Stated Mori as he walked away sadly.

Fuji couldn't help but smile at old man Mori's fickle reaction and put Mori's number in his pocket before continue his way. That night Fuji was alone in his apartment when he started thinking about what it is that he wanted to do.

Fuji stared at his camera with a sad smile when he remembers that he had stopped taking pictures. His professors had all try to talk Fuji out of it when he told them that he had decided to stop taking pictures.

Kunimitsu …

Why can't I get you out of my head? Sometimes I wonder if I still have the right to call you by your first name. I love the way your name roll off my tongue. I enjoy the small chill running down my spine at the thought of you. You were the one person that I could never lie too. You were the one person that I was never good enough for. You were the only one that made me felt inferior.

"Shusuke, I am sorry but the person that I love is Keigo."

Why do you have to be so cruel?

Why couldn't you have given me a glimpse of hope?

That night I realized how weak I was. I realized that I couldn't face you again. I realized that in the end I was just another coward.

For the first time I had tasted true defeat and it leaves the most nauseating after taste in my mouth. I admit I never knew how much losing hurts.


Losing you

Losing a part of me

And so I did the only thing that I could have done …

I ran

I ran for hours.

I ran aimlessly without a purpose in the rain.

I ran till I collapse on the ground.

I remembered smiling.

I remembered crying.

I remembered you ordering us to run laps during a tennis practice. I remembered everyone's reaction to your insanity. A chuckle escapes my throat when I remembered everyone's reaction to Inui's juice. A laugher came out when I picture everyone's astonished look when I smile after drinking Inui's juice. Finally, a tear roll down my cheek when I realized that I will never see everyone again.



In the end, the only thing that I could have done was run and so I did. I ran and isolated myself from everyone. When I arrived in Paris, I blow everyone's mind away with my talent and it sickens me. I hate being the prodigy. I hate being in the spotlight. I hate it and every time someone compliments me I would cringe. I would cringe because my work was not the best. It was a far cry from being "perfect." In my mind, you were my perfect model and only by shooting you would I be able to produce perfection.

That night I packed my cameras and equipment away and promise myself that I will never take another picture until I found my perfect subject again. The next morning, I give Mori a call and without knowing what I was doing I had made front page news for being the first and only human model to ever be photograph by Mori.

Ironically, I had traded one spotlight for another. For a brief second, I smiled because secretly I had wished that you were still looking at me.


Chapter 1: The meaning of perfection