Pairings: Tezuka x Fuji, Atobe x Jiroh

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Genre: Romance/Slight angst/AU

Note: Story is taken place after both Tezuka and Fuji went their separate ways from the previous two pieces.

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Words in italic imply thoughts and flashback.

Warning: This story doesn't have a beta so please pardon any mistakes that I happen to overlook.

Losing Ground

Chapter 8: All well ends well?

The startle woman quickly grabs the remaining of her clothes before running out of the room as quickly as possible. Once she was out of the house and in the safety of her car she was finally able to feel her body temperature returning to normal because never in her life has she seen eyes so cold and razor sharp that it threaten to pierce her heart with a single glance.

Tezuka quietly got out of the bed and pick up his glasses before putting it on without a single word or a glance toward Fuji. Tezuka's cheek was still throbbing from the pain but he took no notice of the pain as he awaits the inevitable.

"Fuji-aniki, I know you must be angry but don't worry we will be leaving Tokyo first thing tomorrow morning." Commented Kai eagerly while grabbing on to Fuji's arm.

Fuji stared coldly at Kai before replying, "Yes, I am angry but more than anything I am disappointed."

Kai was taken back by Fuji's tone of words and unconsciously she let go off Fuji's arm and started backing away. Tezuka quickly grab Kai's frail body when he saw that she was going to fall over.

"Fuji-aniki …" Started Kai uneasily as she avoided eye contact with Fuji.

"Right now the only thing that I want to know is what you two have hoped to gain from this little amusing act that I had the pleasure of seeing." Commented Fuji as he scanned Kai and Tezuka's guilty faces.

"Fuji-aniki, I don't understand. How can you forgive Tezuka after finding him in bed with another woman?" Asked Kai hysterically.

"Because I know nothing happen between Kunimitsu and that thing." Stated Fuji angrily.

"Shusuke if you know that I didn't do anything then why did you slap me?" Asked Tezuka suspiciously.

"You let your guard down in front of someone else and that disgusting thing was all over you." Replied Fuji stubbornly.

Ignoring his throbbing cheek, Tezuka pull Fuji close to him and said, "I am sorry. The possibility that I could lose you again terrified me."

"It is not fair. I should be the one that you love." Cried Kai loudly.

Fuji walks over to Kai and brushes the tears off her cheek gently.

"Kai, I am sorry that I didn't notice your feelings for me earlier but Kunimitsu is the only one for me, for now and forever." Answered Fuji honestly.

Tears continued to run down Kai's face as she run into the street hysterically.

"Shusuke, should you run after her?" Asked Tezuka.

"I am the last person she wants to see right now. Besides we need to get you an ice pack for your face." Replied Fuji as he walks towards the kitchen.

Tezuka smiled softly as he watch Fuji's fragile yet firm back disappear from his view.

The next day, Tezuka woke Fuji up and told him that they are going to meet Atobe and Jiroh for lunch this Saturday and surprisingly Fuji was being very pleasant. For the next few days, Tezuka keep having this bothersome feeling in his stomach but like last time he decided to ignore it.

Saturday was finally here and once they arrived at the restaurant, they immediately noticed Atobe and Jiroh because as much as Tezuka hate to admit it, Atobe does have this alluring aura around him. Tezuka frown slightly and thought, "Why did I agree to this?"


"Tezuka, next Saturday you are bringing Fuji to lunch with you." Stated Atobe.

"Why should I?" Asked Tezuka.

Atobe flips his hair elegantly and said, "Because Ore-sama said so."


"And you owe Ore-sama for bringing Fuji back to Tokyo." Added Atobe smugly.

Tezuka frown slightly before replying, "Atobe, I thought I already paid you back by working for you."

"Oh my silly little naïve Tezuka do you really think I will let you off that easy?" Asked Atobe with a snobbish grin on his face.

After that Tezuka suddenly lost all his appetite and vow to stay away from Atobe.

End Flashback

"Fuji-kun!!" Yelled Jiroh happily as he run over and embraces Fuji.

However before Jiroh could succeed Tezuka quickly pull Fuji back and at the same time Atobe also pull Jiroh back in his arm.

"Nai, Keigo why did you stop me? I want to give Fuji-kun a welcome hug." Commented Jiroh.

Atobe tighten his grip on Jiroh before replying, "Don't forget that you are Ore-sama's possession so don't go off touching other guys."

A faint blush appears on Jiroh's cheek before he nods his head.

Fuji laughs slightly before saying, "Jiroh-kun, come here for a second. There is something that I want to tell you."

Curiosity, Jiroh walks toward Fuji and before anyone could react, Fuji gently pulls Jiroh close to him and kisses Jiroh on the lips in front of both Tezuka and Atobe.

"Tezuka, keep your boyfriend's hand off my possession." Demanded Atobe angrily as he wipes Jiroh's mouth with a wet towel.

Meanwhile Fuji just continues to smile like nothing had happened and said, "That is payback for deceiving me all these years ago."

Both Tezuka and Atobe felt a shiver down their spine and thought, "Note to self, never cross Fuji/Shusuke again."

"Umm, Fuji-kun what just happened?" Asked Jiroh confusingly.

"Nothing, Jiroh-kun I just noticed that you had some chocolate stain left on your lips and thought that I would get it for you." Answer Fuji smugly.

Jiroh laughs innocently before replying, "Why didn't you said so before, Keigo used to do the same thing all the time. I guess I need to learn how to eat more neatly."

"Tezuka, this lunching is officially over. Please take that demon with you and stay fifty feet away from us." Commented Atobe as he quickly left the restaurant with a very confused Jiroh.

"Shusuke, don't you think that your little joke is bit out of hand this time." Replied Tezuka in a jealous tone.

"If you feel this awful after seeing me kiss Jiroh-kun then how would you feel if you saw me in bed with another person?" Commented Fuji casually as he walks out of the restaurant with his trademark smile.

A sense of doom appeared in Tezuka's head as he thought, "I really need to stop doing stupid things if I want to live with Shusuke for the rest of my life."

Few weeks later a letter came for Fuji:


I am sorry for causing so much trouble for you and Tezuka-san. You were my first love and in my eyes you were perfection. As long as I could remember you had always been so kind and gentle to me but on that day when I saw you with Tezuka-san I realized how wrong I had been. The person that I loved was merely a fictional character that I had created. I hated Tezuka-san for taking you away from me but I finally realized that he could never take you away from me because I never had you in the first place.

Stubbornly, I refuse to see the truth and I asked Tezuka-san to participate in that little act you saw. I was surprise when Tezuka-san agrees without a second thought. Tezuka-san told me he believe in Fuji-aniki and that no matter how bad things look on the surface Fuji would see the truth. I laughed at his ignorance but in the end he was right. I will always love you Fuji-aniki but in time I hope I can turn the love I have for you into a brotherly love.

P.S. If Tezuka-san ever treated you badly you are always welcome in England with me and granpa.


Fuji smiled smugly at the letter and thought, "It had been a while since I been on a vacation."

Meanwhile, Tezuka felt a small gray cloud over his head as he bend over to pick up the car key that he accidentally drop a second ago.

Fin …

A.N. Hah, I know I scared few readers with chapter 7 but since I already promise a happy ending for Tezuka x Fuji this I won't go back on my words. Hopefully the ending was to everyone's liking and now I just need to finish the other 2 fictions before I can start on a Christmas fiction (not sure if that will happen with my slow speed).