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--- --- ---

Muffled sounds came from the other room; sounds that the children on the sofa could hear, and didn't nessecarily like. Chika sighed, digging her spoon into the ice cream she was eating, stuffing the frozen milk into her mouth and pouting at the television screen. Ikuto, who sat on the other side of the couch, merely sighed, trying like the girl next to him to keep his gaze focused on the TV.

"I can't believe you! You were just going to leave her here alone while your mother was out grocery shopping, just to take me out?! MASARU! GET BACK HERE!"

"I don't see why you're so touchy about this! Chika can take care of herself!"

"You don't just do that with younger children!"

Chika sighed once more. Sheesh, they were noisy. Ikuto sunk lower in his seat.

"I can't hear the TV ..." he mumbled. TV was his newest addiction ... though his parents weren't too happy with him watching it all the time. Chika nodded.

"Me neither." Another spoonful of ice cream entered her mouth.

"You are staying RIGHT HERE and taking care of her! It doesn't matter that we're missing possible alone time, they are more important!"

"She's got Ikuto here, though!"

"He's barely been in this world!"

"He's been here long enough to know how things work!"

"AUGH! You just don't understand!"

"What? She's my sister! I know how she can deal with things!"

"Should we stop them?" Chika asked, placing her bowl to the side and sinking down into the cushions. Ikuto shook his head.

"They'll be okay," he responded simply, trying once more to focus on the television.

"I'm not letting you leave them here! That's irresponsible!"

"Fine! We'll spend our day here, then! Nothing special! Wow, some date, Yoshino! I'm having LOADS of fun!"

"You have to put some things before dating, Masaru!"



"Well maybe we should just consider our date for today off!"



"Fine! I'll leave, then! And if I hear that you're not home when your mother returns ..."


Chika and Ikuto's heads turned as a blur of pink stomped out the front door. Moments later, the screeching of tires signaled that Yoshino had indeed left the house. Masaru came out, grumbling about stupid girls and how troublesome dating was.

"Masaru-niichan, is your date rescheduled for tomorrow?" Chika asked innocently, emerald eyes peering at her brother's amber ones.

"Ha! Hell no! I don't even wanna see her!" And Masaru left, moving upstairs to his room. Chika smirked, looking to Ikuto.

"That means yes." Ikuto laughed, turning his attention back toward the television. Chika did the same.

"And they say we're immature."