Of Foxes Felines And Funny Situtaions By Falconlobo

I don't own Samurai Pizza Cats Or Wedding Bell Blues

or I Love Lucy which the story is like

Taking place one year after The Purrfect situation Leads To Much Much More

Big Cheese wants to plan something special for their anniversary.

but needs to keep it secret from Polly and the kids then Hilarity Ensues with misunderstandings.

(Their kids were with her parents for the month to give them some time alone.)

(Polly was trying to hint to Big Cheese that soon was a very special day.

He pretends not to know what she's talking about.)

Polly came out in her wedding dress humming the wedding march.

Big Cheese said "Honey are you going to a party why was I not informed?"

Polly blushed and thought it's only been a year he could not have forgotten could he?

She said no reason and got changed for the day singing Wedding Bell Blues while she changed.

Big Cheese looked in on her and chuckled a bit and went about the planning of his surprise.

Polly decided to go for a walk and saw Big Cheese talking to another girl.

So she hid behind a bush.

Then Francine came along and she pulled her behind the bush.

Then she said "what's the big deal?" And Polly shushed her.

She pointed toward Big Cheese and the girl and they saw him go into a building with her.

Francine said "That Rat."

Polly Said "now Francine don't call him a rat let's find out what he's up too."

So they used the launcher and launched themselves to the outside of the building.

They walked up a staircase to a window of the room that they saw the Big Cheese and the girl go up to.

They looked in the room through the window.

And saw Big Cheese sitting on a chair and the girl was showing him jewelry of some sort.

and he pointed to a nice ring.

Then before they could see what this was about they now found out they were locked out of the building.

they were stuck out there not to mention that it started to rain.

"Great" Francine said.

"Your Husband is probably buying a ring from her to give to her and we're stuck out here in the rain."

"Francine that doesn't' make any sense I think we were the ones mistaken.

He was probably buying a ring in secret for me."

And I jumped to conclusions like a jealous scatterbrain.

Big Cheese opened the door and found his wife and Francine out there so he said:

"What are you too doing out here?"

So Polly explained what she thought then said what she now thinks.

Big Cheese said "How could you even think I would ever leave you.

"I love you too much to ever do that to you.

She said "I just thought you didn't like me anymore.

cuse it seemed like you had forgotten our anniversary.

And I saw you talking to another girl and my brain went bye bye.

he bushed and said "I guess my sneakiness worked a little too well to make you think that.

cuse your second guess was right.

And I guess I was bit cruel to make you think I forgot our anniversary."

"She blushed as well and said " I was stupid to think what originally thought.

I guess it was just because I love you so much too ."

"Naw i was stupid to try to trick you like that making you want to follow me.

That in turn making you think I was leaving you."

he said "Well I got news for you you're stuck with me baby."

And Polly said "I wouldn't want it any other way."

He said "Happy Anniversary early hon."

then he gave her the ring and she put it on.

Then she gave him a big Kiss.

Then Francine said "if I might interrupt you for a bit.

I don't know about you two but I want to get out of the rain."

Big Cheese and Polly blushed.

And they both said "oh right."

They went in the staircase door of the building to go out the front door.

Then they walked back to their home for little alone time.

And Francine went back to her establishment.

The End