Title: Snapshots
Summary:My collection of SaiHikaruTouya drabbles.

Happy Endings

The funny thing is, Hikaru is not sure he had ever believed in happy endings. But he must have, for he had been devastated and so heart broken when Sai left. Even if he had not been able to say those words out loud and would have mocked them as a child, he probably had on some subconscious level been expecting it.

A happy ending.

But then it was gone, poof, like yesterday's sunset he never watched and replaced by the memory of an open window and curtains fluttering in a breeze. The image of the empty cushion across from the standardized Goban forever sunk into his mind; replacing things like naiveté, ignorance, and shallowness. The bittersweet tang of grief and shadows shrivelled up his tongue, loneliness and sorrow choked him.

Hikaru had never thought about a happy ending but when the constant happiness of 'living-everyday-like-this' cracked, he knew he would never believe in it again, if he ever had in the first place.

So when Akari confesses her sweet childhood crush, he smiles and accepts with a goofy awkwardness and half-drooping jaw. Her face flushes red but her eyes widen and an exuberant smiles breaks out over her countenance. She giggles and beams and they stumble over twisting tongues and clumsy sentences. She leaves the roof of the school with a delighted look back.

But when she is gone Hikaru leans onto the rooftop fence and wonders how long this dream of hers will last, before it cracks too.

Three months later Hikaru gets his answer when Touya confesses to him and Akari screams at the other Go prodigy to leave the two of them alone. Akari begs the other boy to let them be and Touya is pained but resolute.

Hikaru doesn't quite smile and not quite cries. He hugs Akari close for one long moment, in which Akari almost relaxes and Touya almost admits defeat, and then he pushes her away.

He turns towards Touya and even as Akari's footsteps rush off in the distance, Touya's face is alight with barely suppressed hope. Hikaru stands in front of him and it's not quite acceptance but it's not denial. As Touya takes him into his arms Hikaru knows he has caused Akari unbearable pain.

But there are no truly happy endings here, only better endings, and he's going to take what he can get.