The land of tears gave forth a blast of wind,

And fulminated a vermilion light,

Which overmastered in me every sense,

And as a man whom sleep hath seized I fell.

Dante's : Divine Comedy

How could the body feel such pain like this? Every cell in his living body was in anguish torture. Limps had gone numb long hours ago from the chains biting into the tender flesh. His clothing draped from his small limps in rages. Much of it darker then it once had been from the blooding driving long ago. Strains shown from the white like blood on snow. His hair was the same way, the silver hair clinged to the skull from the blood and sweat. Dull teal eyes looked out into white walls, giving away no sense of time to his still mind. Days ago, those same eyes would have frozen over any soul that dared to this to his him. Now they fell stationary, heavy in shadows.

No life played on the face, or words from the crack lips. Broken was what that still cling called a soul to the body.

This had become his world.

A world of endless torture and scared flash; fired metal, whips with barbs, hands hitting his broken body, needles driven into the skin and left for hours. Those were wounds on his body, but his mind was far off worse then any of those numerous done to him. Shattered was the once keen mind he was known for. Poison thoughts were shoved into his mind; his worse fears being brought to life over and over while the curly was done to the flesh. dreads he possessed never known, and had been taught to fear in this white hell.

Clink, the door opened to his room. A delicate figure walked in, humming a nameless tune from her lips. Smiling at the site of her doll chained to the wall. Her graceful hands reached out to softly stroke his check. Whimpering at the sensation of being touched, he wished to withdraw from that hand. Quiver at what those same hands had done to him over and over again. Eyes locking from their mucky gaze to look at the girl.

Her smile growing even more at the display of fear. She loved to play with her new doll. Days of fun and joy had entered into her world at last. This place was full of people who had no idea what fun was. Yet this doll given to her one day had changed all that at last. He had been full of trouble and bad words. Tugging from under the chains he had been placed into by some of the dull heads. Fighting and refusing to cry out from the lashes of the bard whip into such a tender back such as his. He had been gift from her most loved person in all the world.

"Shhhhhhhhhhhhh, its alright. I won't hurt today. We need to get you cleaned up now and taught proper manners like a good boy. If you do well this time, I won't have to punish you again my little chibi." her silked words poured from the magenta lips. Those blue eyes glistening like half cast moons.

Whimpering deep in his chest, he kept still at her touch on his body. Cuffs were removed from the flesh. Blood oozed from the reopened wounds left from them. Dripping down his arms to the while floor below. Her gaze locking on the crimson dots on the floor. The two males dragged the boy without a fight out of the white room. Paths of blood showing was he was being taken if followed by anyone at the time.

Bright eyes flashed a bit more and a high giggle fell from those lips. Twirling on the path of blood like a child. She loved clash of color. Of coarse, he had always been like that in her eyes. A clash of color and form.

One more man watched that pieties figure dance and twirl in the blood. Softly smiling like any proud parent of a child. "Are you cleaning up your doll again?"

Stopping at the sound of his voice, she nodded virology. "Yes, I didn't really want to brake him like that. But wasn't doing what I ask again. I just hope he learns this time around. Next time, I am going to have to get a new doll."

Deep auburn eyes glowed heavenly at her own azure ones. Walking into the white cell and cupped her cheek in his own hands. "Now my dear, it would be very hard for me to get a new dolls like this one. It took a lot of hard work to get what you asked this time."

Her lower lip stuck out at this words. Knowing they were true. Anything he said was always true. He would never lie to her, not at all.

"Alright, Aizen-kun. I'll play nice." she murmured, looking down at her feet like a child would.

Smiling at her acting, his eyes crinkled in good humor. Peeking from under her bangs like she always did when corned in this speech. Turning away once more, her eyes looked once were the boy had been kept.

"I hope Shiro-chan listens this time." she singed out, loving the echo being played back off the walls.

Smiling at the tone he answered as he left "So do I Momo-chan."