Lord Cynic: "Originally I was going to wait until I could submit two things at once. But I wanna experiment... heheh... Anyways, as you can tell this is really short. That's intentional, this will turn into a collection of ficlets involving anything and everything that can happen in and around battles. So... enjoy!"

Lord Cynic: "I don't own Tales of Symphonia. As it is, I forgot when Colette was supposed to learn a certain move so my original timeline is stuffed up. Oh well..."
Entry: Para Blade

Timeline: Considering the techniques used, uh... probably after Ossa Trail (before or after Sheena shows up the first time). I play new games with all skills intact, and 10x EXP so I have no idea how long it takes to learn skills the standard way nowadays.

Characters: Collette, Lloyd, Genis, Raine, Kratos

"Para Ball!" Colette yelled, electrifying a thief. The man yelled in pain before falling over. Her recently developed wings fluttered on her back as she hovered around giddily. "Para Ball!" An unfortunate fish, which had just jumped out of the sea, was hit and fell victim to her attack.

"Be careful, Colette!" Lloyd called from her left. "You might get us with those!" He narrowly avoided getting speared with an arrow.

"Oh, don't worry Lloyd!" Colette said gaily, still on her mysterious high. "I have complete control!"

Lloyd and Genis sweatdropped lightly, clearly dubious of the truthfulness of Colette's statement. Raine coughed lightly from outside the perimeter of the battlefield. Kratos merely grunted and stabbed an axe beak with a well timed Sonic Thrust

"Para Ball!" Colette sang merrily, oblivious to her friends' discomfort. The electrical orbs bounced along the ground towards some pitiful opponent (probably a Witch in the middle of casting a spell) and she giggled excitedly. Her giggling increased when the witch was fried and fell to the ground.

Even Kratos face faulted into the ground. Another axe beak took advantage of his position and drove its beak into the seat of the mercenary's pants. It was swiftly and brutally slaughtered by the irate frog-faced man after he had a brief stint of hopping on the spot, howling in pain.

Lloyd and Genis snapped out of their stunned stupors to laugh at Kratos' misfortune. They were hit with an arrow by an Archer and zapped by a sea jelly respectively. Raine could only shake her head in exasperation as the boys hopped around clutching their backsides. Colette continued to prance around obliviously.

"Keep your guard up," Kratos ordered, his own humiliation forgotten (for which he was secretly grateful).

"Yeah, yeah," Lloyd grumbled, meeting his aggressor head on. The bow-wielding man sneered and pulled back the string on his arrow, only to meet a face full of Demon Fang. "That's for earlier!"

"Lloyd, look out!" Colette called out suddenly.

"Huh?" Lloyd dumbly turned around and came face-to-face with the thief that Colette must've beaten before. What, did one of the witches have a resurrection spell or something? "What the hell? Genis! A little help?"

"I've got my own problems!" Genis yelled as he repelled a Mandragora with his kendama. He quickly received help from Kratos who struck the creature with a Demon Fang of his own. "Phew, thanks!"

"Watch yourself." The adult brunette quickly cast a healing spell, energising the half-elven boy. "Lloyd, guard your back!"

"Crap!" Lloyd swore as he jumped out of the way of the thief's thrust. "Damn guy keeps coming at me!" The thief only chuckled as he continued his offensive.

"I'm coming, Lloyd!" Colette rushed to help the stricken chocolate brown-haired boy. "Para Ba – ahh!"

Genis, Raine and Kratos watched in frozen horror as the spheres left the blonde girl's hands with her trademark clumsiness. They tumbled along the ground towards the unknowing Lloyd and his assailant. However, the balls were heading towards the wrong target. There, when they made contact with the poor sod who was attempting a Tiger Blade…

"Ti – gaaaaaaaah!"

Lloyd's blades conducted the electricity, sending shockwaves through his body. Coincidentally, his swords had struck the thief's knife at that exact moment and the electricity surged through the enemy as well. When the dust settled, Lloyd was lying on the ground, twitching constantly, and the thief was… well, dead.

"What was that?" Genis gasped after a very pregnant pause.

Colette wasted no time in declaring the technique a "Para Blade!" before running off, humming happily. It was left to Kratos to carry Lloyd's paralysed body into Izoold, after the half-elven brother and sister followed the blonde Chosen to keep her out of more trouble.

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