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Name: Little Pickpocket

Characters: Colette; Lloyd; Genis; Raine; Kratos

Timeline: Ossa Trail.

A magical light surrounded Colette and the words "LEVEL UP" flashed above her head. She suddenly felt a little stronger.

"Good job, Colette," Lloyd said as the mountain path materialised around the group.

"T-Thanks, Lloyd," Colette stuttered, blushing at the praise. Genis snorted, Raine smiled and Kratos grunted. Another mysterious light fell around the Chosen and she gasped. The group looked at her with concern but she just beamed. "I think I've just learned a new skill," she explained. She closed her eyes, trying to remember what technique she had just acquired. After a moment her mind clicked and her blue eyes opened again with glee. "Item Thief!"

"Huh?" Lloyd was baffled.

"Cool!" Genis was excited.

"Hmmph." Kratos was disinterested.

"How interesting!" Raine was intrigued.

"Heehee." Colette was so giddy she deliberately ran into a grey monster avatar… thingy… and initiated a battle.

Lloyd and Genis groaned and Kratos found himself expelled from the combat zone. It was probably just as well since Raine was still desperate about studying Colette's new skill. Colette herself was still itching to find out what she could do.

"Here I g- oof!"

She tripped – on nothing – and fell onto a feral wolf in mid-lunge (which really shouldn't have been there in the first place). Despite definitely being lighter than the wild creature, it collapsed under her weight. Maybe it was cut by the chakrams she was holding but that would be considered a moot point by now. In any case the opponent was defeated and Colette was the winner – with spoils.

"Oooh!" she cried ecstatically. "Beast hide!" She hugged the fragment of fur close to her, blissfully unaware of the bear… er, bearing down on her. It roared to get her attention – "AHH!" – and continued to lumber towards her.

"Colette!" Lloyd finished off a hawk with a Tempest and rushed to the Chosen's aide. "Get away from her! " He slashed the bear with a Demon Fang, immobilising the beast and allowing Genis to finish it off with Flame Lance. "Thanks, Genis."

"Is Colette all right?" the mage asked as the battlefield cleared and Ossa Trail reappeared.

"She's just startled," Raine diagnosed. Colette clung to Lloyd who had embraced her reassuringly, provoking a small smile from the Professor. "But I think she'll be just fine."

"It's okay," Lloyd whispered to the quivering blonde girl. "I'm right here if you need me."

"Oh Lloyd!" Colette, for lack of a better word, glomped the brown-haired boy. There was a general laugh among the group and the teenagers flushed as they separated and brushed themselves off. Soon, everyone was travelling again along the mountain path. Until…

"Hey, where's my Poison Charm?"

Entry 4: Complete!