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Chapter One: A Paper and a Problem

"Did your mother do that?" The dark-haired teen spun around and immediately dropped his arms to his sides.


"The fist sized bruise on your back. Your mother did it." It was neither a question nor statement. Ritsuka sat down in his computer chair and turned away from his fighter.

"Yes, but you're not doing anything about it. We've discussed this a million times in the past three years." Soubi fought the urge to sigh.

"I still hate her hurting you. She has no right to do that. No one has a right, no one's allowed, to hurt my Ritsuka. I want to kill anyone who does." Ritsuka didn't turn from his typing; he had heard all this numerous times before.

"You're not killing Mom."

"Can I leave to go kill someone else?" Ritsuka's fingers hovered over the computer keys at Soubi's question.

"No, you're not killing anyone."

Soubi smiled, rose from the bed, and walked over to his sacrifice. "I never said that I was actually going to kill anyone. I said I wanted to; there's a huge difference. I want to pick you up, put you on the bed, and kiss you until you can't breath, or think coherently, but I'm not going to do that, am I?"

The young neko pretended he wasn't pleased by the idea though it sent a small shiver down his spine. "This paper is thirty percent of my grade. I have to finish it." Soubi began massaging Ritsuka's shoulders and leaned over to whisper in his ear.

"I'll save my impulses for later then." Soubi stroked the side of his lover's face, trailing his finger down his jaw line. Ritsuka's fingers once again froze on the keys, distracted.



"I really do-"

Ritsuka completely forgot his important paper as Soubi's warm lips shushed him. Even though he had lost count of their kisses years ago, Soubi could still manage to leave him breathless with one long, dizzying kiss. He felt Soubi's tongue against his lips, but refused to open his lips. The teen very reluctantly and slowly pulled back, refusing to look at Soubi. If he even glanced at the man, he knew he would never get his paper done. "Soubi, if I don't get this paper done, Mom'll kill me." Soubi rolled his eyes. If the previous kiss hadn't convinced Ritsuka to abandon his paper then nothing would.

"You're always doing schoolwork. We've barely had time to have any fun."

"Mom gets mad if I don't have top marks. My grades are the only thing she pays any attention to, and you have had fun. If you be quiet and let me finish, we can spend the rest of the night together, or even go out and do something. It's still early. Mom won't notice when I'm gone."

"How does she know what you get in school if she doesn't pay attention to you?"

"I have to leave all my papers in her room. She'll look at them eventually, and you're not being quiet," Ritsuka added on sternly, hoping that would fix the problem.

"You can multi-task. Come on, talk to me."

"Are you okay? You're in a really weird mood, and you're not listening to me." Soubi said nothing. He simply sat down beside Ritsuka's computer chair and stared at pictures of them together and with friends. Ritsuka had changed completely since their first meeting, but at the same time he was completely the same. He was still the shy, insecure twelve-year-old that Soubi had fallen in love with, but he was also a confident young man. He would now initiate their kisses, though he didn't have much chance to; Soubi hadn't changed in that respect. Ritsuka had even began teasing Soubi about how far they were going, which had annoyed him first, but after the second time, he decided that it was fun and now enjoyed it. It meant that Ritsuka was secure enough with their relationship, with him, to be able to tease. The fighter snapped out of his thoughts as his lover shouted his name again. "Soubi, will you listen to me?! I asked you if you were okay!"

He smiled at the corcern lacing the teen's voice. "I'm fine. I took some cold medicine that tasted really nasty, and I think it's making me a little loppy." Ritsuka glared at him.

"If you had to take cold medicine, then you're not okay! You're sick, and you could get me sick."

"I'm not contagious anymore. I wouldn't get my wittle Ristuka sick." Soubi kept his face straight, but nothing could stop the sprak from entering his eyes.

"Soubi! Don't call me wittle! I'm not little!"

"You said you weren't ready for anything beyond kissing, so I can't truly say what size you are."

"You pervert! That's not what I meant, and you won't get anything, not even a kiss, if you don't be quiet. I really do need to finish this paper." Ritsuka glanced over at his fighter on the floor and burst out laughing.

"What? What's so funny?" Ritsuka shook his head in response to Soubi's question, tears streaming.

"You're pouting! I've never seen you pout before! It's...funny."

Soubi crossed his arms, acting offended. "It's nice to know you think I look funny." Ritsuka rolled his eyes though it still took a few minutes for him to quit laughing.

"I didn't mean you look funny; it's just not something I'm used to seeing. You looked cute."

"You can't call me cute. I'm an adult. Say handsome, or something."

"We're dating. I can call you cute. You can't honestly tell me you didn't like it, can you?"

Soubi said nothing for a moment. "Ritsuka, no matter how much you order me to be quiet, I really can't obey this time. The medicine won't let me, so you're going to have to talk to me."

"Soubi," Ritsuka groaned, "I have to finish this paper tonight. Mom was having a good day when I had to sign up for all my classes, and she's making me take all the hard ones. If you want us to be able to do anything before break, you have to let me finish this, okay?"

"I'm all for you finishing your paper, but I'm not going to be very quiet for another ten minutes."

"Ten minutes?"

"That's how long it takes for the talkative effect of the medicine to wear off. How long will it take to finish the paper?"

"About twenty if I have peace and quiet, thirty if I don't. Is there anything I can do that will make you a little quieter, but still let me get my paper finished?"

Soubi thought for a minute as Ritsuka promptly ignored him and turned back to his paper. It was a couple of minutes later when Soubi finally spoke. "I want you to sit on my lap in your computer chair." Ritsuka looked at him oddly, shrugged, but stood up to allow Soubi to sit down. The man smiled and pulled Ristuka onto his lap and wrapped his arms around the teen's slim waist. Evan though Ritsuka had grown considerably since their first meeting, Soubi could still easily carry him around. It would probably take about another year before Soubi had any real problems with carrying him.

Ritsuka was very aware of Soubi's hands resting on his hips. He would've given up on the paper long ago, but it was due tomorrow. Only the threat of his mother finding out made him forget about Soubi's gentle hands on his waist and finish his paper in record time. The fifteen-year-old sighed and leaned back against the broad chest behind him. It still annoyed him that Soubi was so much bigger than he was even though he had grown. "Are you done? Are you done? Are you done?" Ritsuka smiled and shook his head. He had never seen Soubi so hyper before.

"Do you like being five?"

Soubi's warm breath tickled Ritsuka's neck. "Yes, a lot."

"Okay, but you can't kiss me if you're five, and if you're five then I can't sit on your lap. Forget about being five and tell me what you want to do that doesn't involve anything dirty."

"You're absolutely no fun. Dirty stuff is fun."


"It is."

"Whatever you say. You haven't answered my question."

"I don't feel like going out. I'm actually going to have to leave in about an hour. I have to go to the party for all the art students." Soubi regreted the words the instant they left his mouth.

"Why don't you say what it really is?"

"What do you mean? It's a-"

"It's a party being thrown in your honor by your professor for winning the national art competition, and even though you're the guest of honor, you can't bring anyone." Soubi smiled at the jealousy in Ritsuka's voice. "Are you really sure you're not allowed to bring anyone?"

Ritsuka fell on top of him on the bed, almost pouting even though he was a little confused as just to how they had ended up on the bed. Was he that distracted that he didn't feel Soubi picking him up? "I'm sure. They said no one could come with me; I don't know why, but I really can't afford to make the people who are going to give a load of money angry, can I?" Ritsuka grumbled, but agreed.

"I still think you should be allowed to bring me. Do they know I was the inspiration for the painting? My- what was the words they used- 'insightful, sorrowful, breath taking violet eyes that denied the innocence my ears proved I had.'"

"Yes, they know that, but they still said no. You know I would love to take you, but I can't." Ritsuka purposefully ignored him and continued playing with the buttons on Soubi's shirt.

"I know...I still want to go." Soubi smiled while pulling Ritsuka closer to him and very gently kissing the younger's lips. Ritsuka almost immediately deepened the kiss, running his fingers through the golden locks splayed on his pillow. He quickly forgot all about Soubi's party that he wasn't allowed to attend, and even almost didn't hear his mother yelling from downstairs. Panic took over as he scampered off the bed. "Out! Go out on the balcony! The door isn't locked! Leave!"

"Ritsuka!" Misaki yelled. "I'm coming into your room no matter what you say! You can't keep your mother out!"

Soubi stopped at the sliding glass door, blood boiling. This was not going to turn out well. "Soubi!" Ritsuka hissed again. "Get out! Mom can't get see you! Just stay on the balcony! I'll get rid of her." Ritsuka's hands did nothing to make him move even though the teen was pushing with all his might. "Soubi, please! Go out on the balcony! It's an order!" Sighing, he leaned down and quickly kissed him one last time before doing as he was told. Ritsuka's mother entered just as he got the curtains pulled over the doors. He had no idea what he was supposed to have done this time, but it didn't matter. It never mattered.

"Who's here?"

Ritsuka shook his head, blank mask in place. "No one, Mom. It's just-"


Ritsuka tried to dodge his mother, but his back was still against the doors. He expected much more than several hard slaps on his cheeks. His mother had been more violet than usual the past several days, though she seemed to have used up all her energy with only four slaps. Ritsuka wanted to defend himself, but knew from years of experience that it would only make her madder.

"Tell me who was here."

"No one, Mom. I was just talking to myself while getting my paper done." Misaki wasn't as tired as Ritsuka had thought. He manged to dodge her flying fist even though she knocked him to the floor a second later.

"My Ritsuka wouldn't lie to me! You're not my son! Bring back my Ritsuka!"

Soubi's eyes turned colder with each yelled word and each thud of Miskai's foot connecting with Ritsuka's already bruised body. Ritsuka still didn't order him much; his mother was the only thing he was really serious about. This certainly wasn't the first time Soubi had been present during one of Ritsuka's beatings, but it was the first time he could hear every sound from Misaki's yelling to Ritsuka's sharp intake of breath at an especially hard kick. The only thing he could do was pray to any diety that would listen to let it end soon. Soubi's prayers were answered seconds later, though it did nothing to ease his fear. Something was wrong. He couldn't feel Ritsuka. It had taken them a while to become truely connected and to be able to call each other, but once it happened Soubi could feel Ritsuka in his mind. He didn't feel that now. He couldn't feel Ritsuka.

He raced back into the room as soon as Ritsuka's bedroom door closed. His cheeks were red and swollen and there were already bruises forming on his back, but he only saw a few scratches in his hasty examination. "Ritsuka?" Soubi desperately shook his shoulders, breath hitching in his chest. "Ritsuka, come on, wake up. Honey, wake up, wake up for me." Ritsuka's eyes remained closed while Soubi lifted him up into his arms and craddled his head. "Come on, just open your eyes. You're breathing fine, your pulse is good, now I just need you to open your beautiful eyes. I need to calm down. You're fine. She probably just landed a kick too hard to your head. It just knocked you out for a minute. You're going to wake up any second now."

Ritsuka didn't wake up in seconds. Fifteen minutes later, he still hadn't woke up. Soubi kept talking aloud to himself, telling himself that Ritsuka was fine. He was breathing, he had a good heartbeat, so he had to be fine, right? Those were all good things. Everything was going to be fine.

Soubi didn't know how many laws he broke while driving the unconscious Ritsuka to the hospital. He had been unconscious for almost half an hour; something was defintely wrong. He had thrown water on the teen's face, hoping he only needed stimulation, but nothing happened. Ritsuka was still out and seemed to be steadily going downhill. His breathing was getting more shallow and labored as Soubi sped to the hospital. He couldn't remeber the last time he had been this terrified. He doubted there was a time. Ritsuka was his life. He wouldn't be able to live if anything hapened to the beautiful teen propped up in the passenger's seat. He had been feet away during the whole thing; he could've stopped it. He could've disobeyed Ritsuka if he really wanted to, he had in the past, but none of Misaki's abuse had sounded that bad this time. There had been times when Ritsuka screamed from being in pain, but this was the first time he had ever been knocked out.

Ristuka was admitted in record time in the emergency room while Soubi was forced to wait outside and begn filling out forms. Why was only family allowed inside the examing room? He treated Ritsuka better than any of his family members. He couldn't answer half of the questions on the forms. None of the nurses would let him back no matter how much he begged, persuaded, or flirted. Defeated, he sat back down in the chair and pulled out Ritsuka's cell phone. He might as well get to know his boyfriend's father.

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