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Dean hated himself for what he was about to do, but he really didn't have a choice, and with his father on a hunt he had no other choice. It was this or his baby brother would die, he couldn't let that happen. Sam was only twelve years old. He was so young and a child of that age didn't deserve to suffer. And Dean would make sure he didn't.

A month earlier

Dean had been so excited. His father was searching for new hunt, and the sooner he got out of this hellhole in South Carolina, and away from these southern hillbillies, the better.

"Hey Dean, come here a sec." John yelled from the balcony of their current residence, an old run down apartment in the worst part of town.

"Yeah Dad? Did you find a new hunt?" …In a new state far, far, far away. God please let it be a hunt. Dean thought impatiently as his father finished writing.

"Yeah Dean, in Texas. It's a pretty good hunt from what Bobby told me. Hopefully the demon will be there, Bobby didn't tell me." John looked up dreading the next part of the conversation. "But I have to do this hunt solo sport. I can't take you and Sam to Texas with me it is to dangerous from what Bobby told me, and I couldn't afford to take you if I wanted to. I just don't have enough money to move, son. So, you and Sam are gonna have to stay here. I won't be long, two weeks at the most." John explained as he saw the disappointment in his eldest son's hazel eyes.

"You taught us everything you did know about fighting and the supernatural. We know everything you know Dad. So why can't we come with you, what is so serious that we can't handle it as a family?" Dean asked angrily.

"Honestly son I wish I knew, Bobby didn't go into much detail, but whatever it is Bobby and Caleb warned me not to involve you or your brother. I'm sorry Dean." John knew Dean was hurt, but there was nothing he could do.

"No your not!" Dean exclaimed as he stormed into the room he shared with Sam and slammed the door.

John left that night. Not even a 'good-bye' was exchanged between John and Dean. All John could bring himself to do was hand his eldest a meager one hundred dollars before leaving his apartment and driving off.


It had been a month since their father left for that hunt, and Dean was worried. Sam had been sick for over a week now, and he was progressively getting worst. Worst of all Dean had ran out of money for food and he and Sam were only surviving off of rice and water, and Dean couldn't take much more. He knew he had to do something, but he didn't have the required work permit to legally work in South Carolina. This meant he couldn't make money to get Sam healthy and fed. He didn't have anything, and soon they wouldn't have an apartment to stay in.

Dean's small world was crashing around him. He needed money…BAD, and he was willing to do just about anything, even sell his body for money.

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