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It had been months since Dr. Wong was arrested and it turns out exploiting a minor wasn't his only charge, apparently he had taken advantage of more than Dean. A little boy in his neighborhood came out to testify against him along with several others.

"The trial is over, he got off, I don't know how but he got off." Alicia said as she gave John Sam's walking papers.

"How, I mean, all the witnesses, the kids, what happened?" John asked in shock

"I don't know, apparently without DNA evidence and all that bull- they can't do anything." She sighed, "At least he lost his medical licensure and any other job that involves children."

"That's good, how about your marriage?"

"No more, got the papers signed yesterday." She said with a smile.

"That's great; I hope you have a great life Alicia." John said as he push Sam wheelchair. The boy had finally had a clear bill of health. John had been so happy when Alicia told him the week before that all Sam's test results were clear and after a couple of days R&R he was free.

"So Sam would you like to walk the rest of the way to freedom, or sit on your butt like you have for the last two months?" Dean said as they cleared the room door and stood at the nurse's station.

"I'll walk thanks." Sam said as got up and hugged Alicia. "My uncle Jim got the photos from Christmas back of Dean in the costume; he made a copy for you." Alicia smiled as she slipped the picture in her pocket and hugged Sam again.

"Don't forget to say good-bye to the nurses, you know how they love seeing you everyday, with that huge grin, you have, plastered on your face."

"I won't, I'll go do it now." Sam said as he walked around the nurses' station and hugged Tracy and Perstephanie, giving them a smile.

"He such a sweet boy John, make sure he always stays the same, because you're going to miss it when it's gone." Said Tracy as Sam walked back out to his father and brother.

"I'll make sure I remember that ladies."

"Bye Dean" They said as Sam and Dean started walking ahead of John.

"Make sure they rest, I don't want Sam to do too much to fast, he is still a bit weak." Alicia said as she handed John a piece of paper and bag.

"They'll rest fine once we move. He just doesn't feel safe now. What's this?"

"The hospital felt horrible for what happened with Henry, they paid your bill for both the boys. And that is Sam's medication and at home PT information. It should be self explanatory. And this is a check from me to the boys, by exposing my husband, you saved me from a miserable life, and that can never be repaid."

"Bye Alicia." John said as he left to catch up with the boys.

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