"I'm alone in this bed, house, and head and she never changes this, but at least she makes me forget.."

My Cruel Mistress

It's funny how the things that mean the most to you in life can take on a feminine persona. Sometimes your car, boat, or even drugs and alcohol can become like a mistress. For Naruto Uzumaki that was not the case, Naruto's mistress was his computer, and what a cruel mistress she was.

In school everyone made fun of him, he had no parents and lived alone since his guardian Jiraiya was a perverted fool who spent most of his life on the road. Naruto was the bastard son of a war veteran so he had money to live of thanks to the state, not a lot, but enough. His mother had died giving birth to him so he'd always been alone. He never really had friends at all.

At one point in his life he'd almost made friends with a pretentious raven haired boy who was the heir to a fortune, and never saw his parents, but the other boy was to oblivious to see what he and Naruto had in common.

Of course, only bad things happen to our blonde hero, and on the first day of high school he was fighting with the same black haired boy, Sasuke Uchiha, the most popular guy in school. The two of them were in each other's faces about to throw blows when someone bumped into into Naruto and his lips landed smack dab on Sasuke's. Needless to say he got the crap beat out of him that day and had not managed to make any friends since that fateful day.

The blonde, would assumable be miserable, but he wasn't he had everything he needed right inside his bedroom. Right on that computer desk, he had friends online even if he would probably never meet them, they were there for him when no one else was.


The bell rang for school to be out, after much heckling from the Mr. Popular and his friends, the blonde got in his car and drove home. The minute he walked in the door he threw his things on the couch and went to his bedroom turning on the computer tower. He sat down to play a nice game of Fly For Fun! like he did everyday.

RedEyes9696- Hey

An IM window popped up over his game and he sighed, it was one of his friends, so he'd have to put his quest on hold.

FoxyDemon420- Sup!

RedEyes9696- I'm pissed

FoxyDemon420- What, why?

Naruto was feigning interest this guy was always pissed about something. They got along pretty well when the talked about the things that interested them both, personal lives were just a touchy subject for the blonde.

RedEyes9696- 'Cause my brother is a dick head... The bastard is such a pervert..

FoxyDemon420- Yeah so, what's new?

RedEyes9696- . ; You swear you won't get freaked out?

FoxyDemon420- Yeah, were friends right? What did he do?

RedEyes9696- He was in my room when I got home and...

FoxyDemon420- and what?!?

Naruto had a pretty good idea that it was something bad RedEyes9696 had already told him about some of the creepy things his brother did like whacking off to his picture in his bed and stuff.. It was worse than that he didn't know what to think.

RedEyes9696- He kinda touched me... Not so much kinda as he did, and I don't know what to do Dx!!

FoxyDemon420- Tell your parents?

RedEyes9696- No, I can't do that... They wouldn't believe me they'd just think I was jealous of him like they always do...

FoxyDemon420- that's awfulll, I wish I could do something to help!

RedEyes9696- Listening helps, I could never talk to any of my friends about it, no one gets me but you...

RedEyes9696- Oh crap I gotta go, my brother's back /

RedEyes9696 has signed off

Naruto frowned a bit feeling really awful for his friend, it must be hard to have to live a lie like that, and to deal with a perverted brother. He shook his head and went back to playing his game trying to think of some other way to help his friend. He thought about it and he didn't even know the kids real name, or where he was from, in fact he'd never really asked any of his friends that most of them just played their online games together teaming up to beat powerful bosses and occasionally Naruto would listen to them gripe about their lives.

DoggyStyle1344- I wanna suck your cock!

FoxyDemon420- What the fuck do you want?

Naruto asked laughing this was one guy that always had him laughing he was such a pervert. Naruto didn't think he was really gay though; he was most likely just pulling the blonde's balls.. not literally of course.

DoggyStyle1344- i just told you! what is my favorite blonde bomb shell up to tonight?!

FoxyDemon420- How'd you know I was blonde?

DoggyStyle1344- lucky guess?

FoxyDemon420- weird.. being bomb I guess? Not much really you?

DoggyStyle1344- Getting laid...

FoxyDemon420- I'm serious asshole...

DoggyStyle1344- So am I bastard..

FoxyDemon420- Get a new g/f?

DoggyStyle1344- Eww no my friend said he was gonna get me drunk and fuck me..

FoxyDemon420- Eww you're lying!

DoggyStyle1344- Nope, hey he's here I'll talk to you later maybe I'll drunk message you xD Bye baby..

DoggyStyle1344 has signed off

Naruto was a bit freaked out by that hoping his friend was kidding he could be so weird sometimes, but somehow he sounded serious to him. The blonde managed to go the rest of the day just playing his game without any interruptions until about 9:00 when he was about to go to sleep.

RedEyes9696- QQ

Naruto was just standing up to go brush his teeth when he noticed the IM window flashing. What was with the crying face, usually this guy was pissed not sad.

FoxyDemon420- What's wrong?

There was a long pause before Naruto received any answer and he was starting to worry.

RedEyes9696- Sorry, I can't stop shaking, it's hard to type ;-;

FoxyDemon420- OMG why, are you alright?

There was another long pause

RedEyes9696- no (

FoxyDemon420- Your brother again?

Two minutes later

RedEyes9696- yes, hey I know were not really that close, but do you think I could call you, I'm so freaked out I need someone to talk to and typing is to awful

Naruto thought about it frowning a bit he was kinda afraid to give out his number, but since it was his cell it would probably be fine.

FoxyDemon420- Sure, it's probably long distance though.. 425-626-6550

RedEyes9696- it's fine I'll call in like 5 minutes I need to calm down first..

FoxyDemon420- That's fine I'm gonna shut down so call me when ever I'll be up still, talk to you in a bit.

You are now signed off to send a message sign in.

Naruto shut down his computer and stripped down to his boxers before going to brush his teeth. When he was done he crawled into bed, his cell phone resting next to him as he turned on the radio trying to relax. For some reason the idea of someone calling him gave him butterflies in his stomach he rarely talked to anyone on the phone. The phone rang and he stared at it for a bit before flipping it open and answering it.

"Hello?" he asked getting comfortable in his bed figuring the conversation would be over soon.

"Hey.." the boy on the other line sniffed it was obvious he really had been crying.

"You sound awful, what happened?" he asked honestly concerned

"He um, yeah well he kinda--" there was a pause before the boy whispered the rest "raped me.."

"Your brother?" Naruto asked horrified for the boy.

"Yeah... um he yeah.. It's so fucked up what am I gonna do?" the boy asked swallowing hard.

"Tell someone!" Naruto told him like it was common sense,

"I can't you don't understand what kind of life I have.."

"I would if you would tell me," the blonde reminded him.

The boy went into detail how he was the youngest of his brothers and how he couldn't talk to his parents they were never home, and even when they were they were the type to cover for his brother for any wrong he ever did. The boys spent the night comparing how awful their lives were and by 3:00a.m. They were both laughing about it, neither of them realized how late it was.

"Are you gay?" the other boy asked Naruto kinda out of no where.

"Umm, I don't know actually I've been trying to deal with that lately.." Naruto told him.

"Oh, I just think I might like you.." the boy informed him.

"I think I might like you too.." Naruto smiled honestly thinking he really liked him. Then again it was one of the only real conversations he had with someone his age.

"I wanna meet you..."

"You do?" Naruto asked surprised "Where do you live?"

"Konoha, just like you.. I knew 'cause the area codes are the same.." the boy said cooly.

"Oh what school do you go to?"

"Hidden Leaf Academy"

"Me too!"

"Maybe I don't want to meet you then... Maybe I've said to much I mean my rep would be ruined if this thing about my brother got out, or if the fact that I was gay got out."

"I wouldn't tell anyone, come on don't get my hopes up like that and then just blow me off.."

"I'll think about it, but we better get to sleep we have to get up for school soon... I'll call you tomorrow, good night and thanks.." he said before abruptly hanging up.


Sasuke woke up the next morning horrified, what had he done, he couldn't believe he told someone who could possibly know him so many personally details of his life.

The raven haired boy showered three times that morning before school, he couldn't shake the smell of his brother's cologne on his skin. Aside from that he was exhausted, and couldn't stop thinking about the boy he'd talked to on the phone.

His first class of the day was English, he drove himself to school and sat down in his seat a few minutes before the bell rang and pulled out his cell phone. While the teacher was distracted he texted his new crush.


Naruto noticed the vibrating of his cell phone, but decided to ignore it for the time being. He had to present a paper he wrote to the class, everyone did. It wasn't like he was afraid of talking in front of the class, but he knew his paper was not very good, so he continued to go over what he was going to say to the class. After a few minutes, once other students started presenting he pulled out his phone and smiled, he should have known it was his new friend.

Hey! Sup?

Nothing listening to my class present their stupid English papers, you?

Nothing just working on something..

Naruto's heart sank, the boy he was crushing on had to be in his class, but who could it be? He knew everyone in this class and no one seemed to fit the description the boy had given of his persona the night before. His class was mostly just the bastard Uchiha and his stupid friends.

It was Naruto's turn to present and he walked to the front of the class and started explaining his paper.

Sasuke froze in his seat and his eyes got wide. He started shaking, why did that dobe Naruto sound so much like the boy he'd been talking to all night? Sasuke hoped to god that if his new crush was Naruto, the blonde would be to oblivious to recognize his voice.

Your paper sounds like it's pretty good maybe I should read it sometime?

Naruto sat down at his desk and opened up his phone he dropped his phone when he realized that whoever this guy was had recognized his voice or something. He picked up the phone and texted him back shakily.

Maybe u should, that's not fair u know who I am tell me who u r?

I can't... Why does it have to be u?

I'm sorry asshole, I wish I could be someone else for u..

Naruto rolled his eyes at the jerk comment more than annoyed by that.

Not like that, it's just I already had a crush on u and this makes it more complicated..

Naruto didn't know what to say, he couldn't imagine anyone in this class to have a crush on him.

Don't fuck with me.. I don't think it's funny you should be well aware that I don't have friends so I don't need you to complicate things more, if this is some fucked up joke, I'll beat your ass..

I'm serious... I mean you have to much dirt on me to even try being a jerk anymore..

Who are u?

There was no answer for a long time and Naruto had to watch the bastard Uchiha present his paper, he was oblivious, the other boys voice didn't sound familiar at all. He noticed that Sasuke was staring at him the whole time he spoke, but didn't get why.

I can't say.

"Sasuke Uchiha, put your phone away before I take it!" their teacher boasted making Naruto look at the black haired teen sitting a few rows over.

Sasuke turned around to look at Naruto and the blonde's eyes got wide in realization. "YOU?!"

Sasuke turned around and put his down on his desk. 'Fuck..' he thought the word running over and over in his head as he tried to will himself to disappear.

"That's enough Uzumaki!" the teacher spat calling the next student up to present their essay.

Meet me in the 600 hall bathroom after this

Naruto read the text and closed his phone, he would definitely be in that bathroom. He couldn't believe this.