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Chapter 3: Let me take your picture

Sasuke followed Naruto, frowning harder the further they got away from the school. Why did Naruto drive so far to school everyday? When they got off the freeway he finally understood. Naruto lived in a run down apartment building on the waterfront. It looked like it was probably nice when it was built, but now it was run down and forgotten. The neighbor hood around the building seemed to be just as neglected and run down, but Sasuke decided not to mention it. They pulled into the parking garage and Sasuke parked near Naruto before getting out.

Naruto was oblivious to the fact that his apartment seemed like a hell-hole in Sasuke's eyes. It was a lot nicer than the place he used to live before Jiraiya took him in. Naruto was getting his books out of his trunk when Sasuke walked over to him and already had his books in his hand.

"Ready?" Naruto asked as he slammed his trunk down and started walking up towards the elevator.

"Yeah, what kind of pizza do you want and what's your address?" Sasuke asked as he pulled out his phone to call.

"You're really gonna get pizza?" Naruto asked surprised by that, but happy nonetheless. "I want chicken, onion, and pineapple pizza!"

"On one pizza?" Sasuke asked obviously not seeing what was appetizing about that.

"Yeah!" Naruto beamed oblivious to Sasuke's questioning tone as they stepped off the elevator.

"If you say so, here tell them your address," Sasuke said handing the phone to Naruto as he opened the door and they walked in. While Naruto talked to the pizza man Sasuke looked around the apartment. It was pretty big and seemed nice, despite the mess. There was a set of mismatched furniture in the living room, a blue recliner, a blue and cream plaid loveseat and a cream sofa with blue stripes. Sasuke's mother would probably have a fit if she saw the way the furniture didn't match, but Sasuke ignored it. The dinning room table was actually a fold up card table with two folding chairs in front of it. Sasuke walked around looking at the pictures on the wall expecting to see pictures of baby Naruto, but there were just pictures of some perverted old man with strippers and what looked like porn stars hanging all over him. Didn't Naruto have a mother to complain about such things? Speaking of parents this man didn't even look like his father. Maybe Naruto was adopted, but why would a guy like that pervert in the pictures want to adopt a kid.

"Here, they said they'll be here in 35 minutes!" Naruto said snapping Sasuke out of his inspection of the house. "Oh I see you found the pictures of my Uncle… He is so weird sometimes," Naruto sighed wondering why Jiraiya insisted on having trashy pictures like that gracing their living room wall. Jiraiya always called it his wall of memories.

"Oh, where are your parents then?" Sasuke asked assuming he probably lived with his uncle and his parents.

"Dead, my mom died when I was born and my dad when I was a baby. I got passed around from foster home to foster home until my "uncle" finally felt sorry for me and adopted me. He's not really my uncle though so I guess I can't complain for not being blood he takes decent care of me!" Naruto shrugged not seeming to be fazed by the fact that he had no family.

"Oh, I'm sorry I didn't know," Sasuke sighed rubbing the back of his neck feeling like a dick for bringing it up.

"Don't be, how could you have known?" Naruto laughed, "You wanna do homework right away or should we wait 'til after we eat?"

"We can do our homework now, eat, and then I'll help you study. If that's good for you…" Sasuke still felt like an asshole as he pulled out his books and sat down on the couch to do his homework at the coffee table.

"That's fine!" Naruto laughed as he sat down next to Sasuke to do his work, if Sasuke wasn't there he would do his homework in his bedroom between quests, but this would be good too. "I never sit out here," he shrugged as he pulled out his history book and started answering questions.

"Really? I'm never in my living room either." Sasuke noted with a slight smile.

"I don't know why I don't. I usually just huddle myself up in my room and talk to you, but today I will talk to you for real right here." Naruto beamed chewing on his pen as he read the questions.

"Exactly, it'll be nice I'm sure, and this way I can avoid seeing my pervert brother…" Sasuke muttered the last part as he did his calculus homework seeming to have no trouble.

"You can come over anytime you want you know…" Naruto offered as he wrote down the first answer.

"Thanks, I'll remember that, you sure your uncle won't mind?" Sasuke asked unaware that the man was never home.

"Well since he only comes home like once a month I'm sure he won't even notice…" Naruto laughed.

"You're alone that often?" Sasuke asked surprised.

"Yeah, but I don't really mind. I have things to keep me busy, like playing dumb games and writing and reading and eating. Luckily he always makes sure there is plenty of ramen and coke for me!"

"Don't you get sick of eating the same the same thing everyday?" Sasuke asked at the mention of ramen once again from the blonde.

"Well, sometimes… but I can't really cook anything else…" Naruto admitted with a slight blush at being 17 and unable to really cook still.

"Really?" Sasuke asked a bit disbelievingly since even though usually someone always made him dinner he still knew how to cook quite a few things.

"Yeah, but it's not so bad. Do you have any idea how many different ways there are to eat ramen, you can have vegetables in it, eggs, cheese, vinegar, and there are so many different flavors…" Naruto started rambling on about his favorite flavors and his favorite things to put in which ramen since not all of them were good with the same things. Sasuke couldn't help the smirk on his face as he listened Naruto was way too funny.

"Isn't that funny?" Naruto asked about something he had just said about the ramen though Sasuke had spaced out to what it was exactly.

"Yeah," Sasuke gave a slight chuckle though it probably wasn't for the same reason as Naruto.

"Sasuke, can I take a picture of us to set as the background on my phone?" Naruto asked nervously after a bit of silence and a he finished his history work.

"Yeah, sure why?" Sasuke asked confused.

"Cause that's what people usually do right?" Naruto asked knowing most of the kids at school had their phones set with pictures of their friends as the background. "I've never had a friend to take a picture of; unless you count the endless number of pictures I have of ramen and me eating ramen."

"You are so weird!" Sasuke laughed.

"What?" Naruto pouted pulling out his phone, unaware he meant the ramen pictures were weird not the fact that he wanted their picture.

"Ramen is your best friend isn't it?" Sasuke asked amused.

"Shut up bastard, so what if it is?" Naruto was starting to get irked by Sasuke obviously so Sasuke decided to cool it before he pissed him off to much.

"I didn't mean anything by it, you going to take a picture or not?" Sasuke asked leaning over by Naruto. Sasuke had his normal 'whatever' look on his face and Naruto stuck his tongue out as he took the picture. He flipped the phone around and looked at it.

"I don't like that one, let's do another one, and smile. I don't want to think I make you bored when we hang out together…" Naruto muttered leaning back in next to Sasuke. This time Sasuke smiled, it was more of a smug smirk, but at least he didn't look bored. Naruto smiled too showing in teeth as his head accidently nudged against Sasuke's. Both of them were blushing slightly as the flash went off.

"Sorry," Naruto laughed "it's hot in here don't you think?" Naruto asked looking at the pink tinge on both their cheeks in the picture. Just then the door bell rang assumeably it was the pizza man. "I'll open a window and you can get the pizza?" Naruto asked shoving his phone back in his pocket.

Sasuke went to get the pizza and met Naruto at the dinning room table. He set the pizza down expecting the blonde to get plates or something, but he never did he just started eating out of the box.

"Thank you, you keep feeding me. I don't think I could hold a grudge against you now if I tried!" Naruto beamed as he took a bite of the pizza.

"That's good to know, I'll probably have to keep that in mind," Sasuke smirked as he pulled out his phone and took a picture of Naruto eating.

"Hey, that's gotta be hideous!" Naruto whined with a mouthful of food. "Take a better one," he asked swallowing and making a more posed face.

"I'm still putting the other one as my background…" Sasuke muttered as the flash went off. "It shows the real you always shoving you face full of food…"

"Asshole…" Naruto muttered as he took a drink only to have Sasuke take another picture of him.

"You're such a dweeb…" Sasuke informed him as he ate a bit hesitantly since his parents would never let him eat pizza out of a box with no plates or napkins.

"Hey you're the one with a crush on a dweeb not me…" Naruto murmured taking out his phone and taking a picture of the dumbfounded look on Sasuke's face.

"I hate you," Sasuke muttered obviously very serious by the huge grin on his face.

"I hate you too…" Naruto muttered as if it were an endearing thing to say.

Once they were done eating they went back over to the couch leaving the pizza mess disregarded on the table. Naruto pulled out his chemistry book and his notes so Sasuke could explain the things to him. It took about two hours for everything to finally start sinking in about the chemistry, but finally things just clicked in Naruto's mind and he got it. He asked Sasuke if he was right and cheered a bit when he explained he finally got it. In his excitement he hugged Sasuke.

"Thank you so much, I get it now, I really get it!" he beamed with his arms still around Sasuke. Sasuke brought his arms around Naruto and patted his back obviously unsure about the whole hugging thing.

"It's about time moron," he laughed as Naruto pulled away. Naruto just frowned at him before sticking out his tongue.

"Way to rain on my parade jackass..." the blonde muttered. Sasuke just laughed and let go of him before rubbing the back of his neck and looking at the clock.

"No seriously though, I'm glad you get it, congratulations. Now you're truly a dweeb because you understand chemistry…" Sasuke muttered, only to receive a smile from Naruto. "I should probably get going though before my mom gets worried, I never go anywhere after school."

"Can I ask you something before you go?" Naruto asked obviously kind of embarrassed.


"Well, if I have a dig you, and you dig me then what is this? Are we still just friends, or is there something more?" Naruto asked before chewing on his pen nervously.

"Do you want it to be more?" Sasuke asked a bit surprised.

"I don't know…" Naruto muttered.

"Me either, but I'm defiantly not ready to let everyone know I'm gay y'know?" he asked frowning.

"I'm not either; I don't even know that I am… You're the only guy I've really liked and only since like last night so, I'm still weirded out by it since I really do like girls or I have before…" Sasuke just smiled in reply.

"Maybe we could just keep things like this for awhile then…" Sasuke suggested.

"Okay, but promise you won't go crushing on anyone else?" Naruto asked obviously serious.

"I swear I only have eyes for you…" Sasuke reassured him as he stood to leave.

"Good, one more thing?"


"I know that were just friends and all, but is it okay to hug you, I mean not all the time; maybe just when no one's looking?"

"I think I could live with that…" Sasuke replied with a smirk before holding out his arms to Naruto to let him hug him. Naruto smiled and jumped up before hugging Sasuke.

"Call me later or get on AIM?" Naruto asked holding onto Sasuke a bit longer than he probably should have. "Need me to walk you to your car?" he asked pulling away finally grabbing onto Sasuke's hand as he did so.

"No I'll be fine, talk to you later," Sasuke murmured taking a few steps backwards to the door only letting go of Naruto's hand when they were to far apart to still hold hands. Sasuke walked over to the door with his books and Naruto watched him. Sasuke just waved before he shut the door and walked off towards his car. He couldn't stop smiling, but was confused when he saw he had a text from Naruto.

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