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A Dusk x Noon Fanfiction

(Takes place before "Mister Monday")

The Dayroom was usually such a quiet place in the mornings; with Dawn absent and therefore unable to tease them unbearably about their very obvious but mutually unspoken attraction to each other, the brothers were able to lie about and do whatever they pleased in peace.

"You know how I know you're gay?"


"Because you've been staring at my ass all morning."

"That's because you're doing fucking yoga! What the hell?"

Noon glanced down—or rather up—at his brother, his hands planted firmly on the ground as he focused on keeping himself in a perfectly vertical position. Dusk was lying there on a pile of throw pillows, looking thoroughly unconvinced with the aforementioned reason.

"I have you know, yoga is very good for the body, mind and soul...relaxing and so forth."

Dusk rolled his eyes, "You know how I know you're gay?"


"Because you just said 'so forth'!"

"Begh!" Noon bent his arms and sank down gracefully, arching his back as he fell into a bridge-like position and held it. His dark hair fell back, the end of his pony-tail sweeping across the marble floor. He closed his eyes abit, pictured a calm lake under a high afternoon sun.

"You know how I know you're gay?"

Dusk propped himself up on his hands, "Do tell."

"Because you keep denying it."

"Ho-ho! The pot calls the kettle black!"

"The difference between the pot and the kettle, as you put it, is that one pours our goodness and the other one takes it all in politely."

"Oh, please...that wasn't even an intelligible come-back! Being upside-down so long has let your cock-shaped ego run between your ears."

Noon smiled, white teeth flashing against a tanned complexion, "You know how I know you're gay?"

"Architect save me from this stupidity—Tell me, please, how do you know I'm gay?"

"Because you're thinking about my cock."

With a growl, Dusk punched a pillow but Noon didn't even look up; he kept his eyes closed.

Narrowed eyes flashed darkly and Dusk rose smoothly—silently—to his feet and glided noiselessly across the floor to his brother's side. He lifted on leg, straddled his twin's waist without touching him and then leaned forward to breathe in his ear.

"You know how I know you're gay?"

Noon's eyes snapped open, "Architect Bless!" He lost his balance and collapsed down-ward, landing smartly on his ass, his brother sinking gracefully onto his knees, still atop him.

The golden brother growled, "What the hell?" But Dusk was still leaning there, in a very suggestive pose, his breath tickling the other's ear. With a groan, Noon gave in.

"How do you know I'm gay?"

Dusk chuckled darkly and flicked his tongue along his brother's skin, "Because you're blushing."

Noon's eyes were squeezed shut but there was little else for it; when his brother's hand fluttered down his body, the golden-one moaned, "Okay, okay—I give!"

Dark eyes danced, "I win..."

Noon's eyes cracked open—could he be getting off that easy?

"And YOU'RE GAY!!!"

With a groan of absolute disgust in himself, Noon closed his eyes and Dusk couldn't help but smother those beautiful lips with his own—

Unspoken attraction? Begh.

The End.

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