The moonlight pooled in through the windows, falling upon Bella's sleeping face. Her eyes squinted in her sleep. She turned away, burying her face into the couch cushions.

I slowly got up from my position, reaching for my phone. I dialed Jasper's number, knowing he'd pick up, no matter the hour. He picked up on the second ring.

"Alice" he breathed.

"Hey" I said in a voice below a whisper. I didn't want to wake Bella. It didn't seem like she slept much anymore.

"How's Charlie handling everything?"

"Oh, he's handling the death alright. But it wasn't Bella's."

"What?" he sounded totally confused. I didn't blame him, this wasn't exactly something we'd handled before, human-vampire breakup and all the aftermath.

"His friend died. And Bella did jump, but apparently it wasn't for suicidal purposes. Either she's gotten very good at lying or that's the truth."

"So Bella's okay?" He sounded relieved. I smiled, Jasper really did like Bella. It was the whole tempted-to-eat-her thing that was the problem. I sighed. I didn't know how to answer his question.

"She's…alive." I paused, not knowing where to start. It was obvious that Bella wasn't okay. No one who had lost their true love would be.

Jasper sensed my hesitation. "Alice… you can't stay. She has to heal on her own. She has to."

"I…" What was I supposed to say? That I wouldn't? No, he'd make me promise. And I'm done with making promises concerning staying away from Bella. I missed her too much. She was my best friend. She still is my best friend. I understood Edward thought he had good intentions. But the point was, they weren't doing any of us any good. Least of all Edward and Bella.

"Jazz, she's broken. So, so broken. I don't need to have your powers to tell how much this has hurt her. It's all on the surface. She tries to hide it, for Charlie, for her friends at school, even for me. But there's only so much she can hide…if you could just see her, Jasper. She's…"

"She's like how Edward is." Jasper finished for me.

"It's more than that. With Edward, well…he can't ever change. And we haven't seen him since…"

"We left." Jasper finished for me again.

"Right. But Bella… she doesn't sleep, Jazz. She's so skinny. Too skinny. I wonder if maybe she…I don't know. This can't be good for her health, Jasper. Not to mention the emotion turmoil she has going on inside. Her eyes look dry, like she's ran out of tears. She looks like us almost..."

This caught him off guard. "Like us? Did she--"

I cut him off, "She's pale. Er. Paler. So much more…it's almost…It scares me, Jazz. What he's done to her." I heard him inhale a breath to say something and then blow it out again in one huge gust. "What we've all done to her."

I could almost hear the thoughts he was having. He was thinking it was his fault we left. His fault Edward felt we had to. Just his fault.

"Jazz, stop it."

"Stop what?"

"You know what. It's no ones fault. Not yours, not mine, not Bella's. Not even Edward's. Everything will go back to normal. It has to…"

I could almost see Jasper running his hand through his hair, sighing, and brooding. "But what is normal?"

That thought stayed with me until the sun began to rise, and with it, Charlie. It was time to get some answers.