CF: this is chapters 1 and 2 combined kay?

CF: this story is about a kid who loves the Zoids so much she trys to build one. The blade fox. A certain powerful being takes an interest and BOOM! life just got really interesting.

one more thing please don't reject this story just on reading the first chapter my writing tends to be a little choppy for the first 3 or 4 chapters so just give it a chance ok?

chapter 1-be careful what you wish for(you might get it)

I grinned and turned the welder i had been using off. It was almost done. What was almost done with you ask? Well i had always been a fan of anima my favorite of all being Zoids and that's what i was making. A Zoid. Now how the hell could i make a real zoid is of course the next question to be asked and the very simple answer is i couldn't. But i wasn't about to let that stop me!!!

As it turned out if you really want something you can always get it. All you have to do is keep trying until you succeed. But unfortunately for me sometimes you get far more that you bargain for.

Although, this is not always a bad thing after all what's life without a little chaos to make it interesting?

The blade fox almost look like a combination of the shadow fox the murasme liger and the hayate liger i thought as i looked my near complete zoid happily,there is a very good reason for this too. I had liked aspects of all three zoids and well trying too decided witch one to do i realized "why pick one? ill just tack what i like from all three designs and make an entirely new zoid!" hence was born the blade fox. The zoid looked like the shadow fox but with two blades on its "wrists" on the front paws like the hayate liger and one large blade on a pivoting arm on its back like the murasame liger.(AN/zoids genesis for those who don't know )

I glanced out the entrance to the massive cave i had built my zoid in, it was really starting to get late. I would have to head home soon. I may have been building what was probably the coolest thing ever but this did not remove me from the woe's of curfuses. I sighed and garbed my ATV and shot off. a short time later just as the sun was setting turnning the sky brilant red and gold a glowing white being appeared in the cave, it turned and looked back my way as if to make sure that i had left. Then walked over to my zoid, (AN/ i'm going with dragon-raptors idea of eve as an actual person rather than a large glowing statue like in the anima) it paused then put its hand on the zoids snout,the glow around her increased slightly and seemed to leach into the zoid. The zoids eye started to glow a faint blue color as they brightened,the armor and body smoothed out changing to look like a real zoid and the gap's were i had yet to put armor as well as the actual body sruckter were filled in. the zoid was now technically "finished" but for one thing,there was another paused and the zoid started gaining color going from the dull gray of steel to a midnight blue so dark it looked black in fact the zoid would look black unless in bright sunlight. the three swords turned white rather that the silver you'd expect and as a finishing tuch the tips of the foxes ears turnd white as well as its paws and the end of its tail. eve smiled and removed her hand from the now finished zoid. The blade fox cocked its head toward eve,looking curious.

"your name is now Linca." she said to the zoid. "you will what here for your pilot. For you have quite a few adventures to go on before you come to Zi" she smiled again and vanished back to Zi.


(third person POV now)

altara groaned and buried her head in her pillow. where the hell is that freaking beeping coming from!!??! She muttered before finally lifting her head up and glaring around sleepily, finally she spotted the source of her torment, a small rectangular box with glowing numbers one it. She picked it up and prodded it a few time to see if it would shut up,it didn't. Finally she shrugged and stuffed it under her pillow,this,as hoped muffled the sound enough for her to go back to sleep. (AN/ i actually did that one time, it was funny when the next morning i found my alarm clock under my pillow when i woke up)

when she did finally wake up this was due to the fact that the speaker was about two inches from her ear with the pillow no longer muffing the sound as it went off,trust me if that don't get you out of bed nothing will the result off this was Altara shrieking and jumping and in the end falling out of bed and landing flat on her face... Not the best way to start the most important day of her life.

altara glared silently at the offending bit of electronic junk. "this is going to be one of those days i'sent it?" She said dryly to her cat. The cat just stared right back giving her the cat patented bored look that seemed to say. "and you did that because???????". Altara just rolled her eyes and picked her self up off the ground. Time to go to work! She though to herself as she got dressed to go and work on her zoid.


(unknown POV)

he had to admit the prank with the alarm clock had be price less,but then again he could only have so much fun after all he was supposed to be helping not pranking! But how could eve expect him of all people to not pull a few jokes? It was like ordering a fish not to swim!! The dark red organoid hissed gleefully before jetting of after altara.


Altar parked her AVT in a little dark crevasse in the entrance of the cave so no one would see it and investigate the contents of said cave. She trotted inside and stopped dead... The completely finished and very much alive zoid cocked its head at her. "hello Altara my name is Linca! and you are now my pilot!"

Altara stared at the zoid for several seconds and had just enough time before she keeled over in a dead faint to think yup! this is dependently one of those days.


(linca POV)

I started in surprise when altara just keeled over, i knew she had only fainted thought so i wasn't too worried. I growled in anions and nudged altara. She didn't budge,i sat back with a sigh i guess im going to have to Waite then,i thought. About ten minutes later She groaned as she woke up and rubbed her eye's.

"that was one hell of a hallucination!" She muttered sourly. I smirked and said cheerfully in her mind.

"hallucination? what hallucination? you can't be referring to me im quite real." to my great amusement she froze again then cracked her eyes open and glanced my way. for about a minute there was dead silence, she just kept staring at me,finaly,she said

"yup! one hell of a hallucination!" after a moment of hesitation she got back to her feet still staring in a way that suggested she expected me too vanish and reality to return to the world any second. I leaned down too get a better look at here she was tall with jet black hair that seemed almost metalic wene the sun from the cave enterance hit it and brilliant emerald green eyes,she wore a pair of black sandals with odd sivler swerals on them, with a blue tank top and black and gray shorts. The shorts had a pattern on them that resembaled leaves with the leaves gray and the pant blue,the tank top itself had a silver Oriental dragon on the side. I looked back at altara's face the expiration in her eyes had gone from astonishment and confusion to absolute glee.

"A zoid! A real zoid! this fucking cool!!!!!!!!" She said more too herself than too me. I chuckled and opened my canopy.

"Care for a ride?" i asked,knowing that no power on earth would keep her from saying yes.

"Are you crazy? Of course!!!!!!!" She said and was in my cockpit a split second later. Grinning to myself i stood up the massive joints in my legs groaning faintly as i came upright and closed the canopy with a faint click.


(altara POV)

I looked around in in astonishment,a zoid a real zoid! And i was the one sitting in the cockpit!! If this was a dream i was dam well going to make the best of it,and have fun well it lasted! I looked around, the cock pit had an odd storage like spot behind but, it can't be storage if it was there wouldn't be any controls back there i thought .

"hay!! are you going to pilot or sit there like statuary all day im not getting any younger!" said the zoid in amusement. I hesitated for a moment looking at the controls uncertainly.

"are we in need of zoids piloting 101 ?" this time in a reasonable tone it was apparent the zoids wasn't teasing her this time it was serious.

"umm...yes please?"she said hopefully looking around i general confusion apparently watching the show continually did not impart for instance bit or van's piloting skill's just a vague "well that might do that but who knows?". The zoid chuckled and began to explain the finer piloting for zoid piloting.


(linca's POV)

i listened to altara cackle as we all but flow thought the air, even with the boosters on my back only at 15 we were still doing well over 150 mph. In fact i really didn't know how fast i really could go but with the current speed and power output well... In the end i just decided "very very fast" worked just fine, it was a very good thing i supposed that the person who got to be my pilot didn't live in say,Chicago, or we wouldn't be running about like children with out a supervisor,not that anyone noticed the giant mechanical wolf running around. We were in the Nevada desert who other than some lizards were even there to take note of our passing?

Quite a few people as it turned out...


(Area 51)(AN/ yes i know clesha)

"Sir!?! You'd better come take a look at this!!!!!!" Said lutenet James. The base general a rather primp and proper military officer, you know the kind obeys orders like there holy god given such and such(An/no one take offense from that please). wouldn't disobey if he was ordered to launch every nuclear missile in existence at the country. All in all not the kind of person you ever want to have to deal with in a tense situation, came over.

"WHAT!?!!?" He yelled

"theres some kind on unown well... Unown traveling up the valley straight towards the base!!!"the general stared at him for a few seconds.

"unown? well what the hell dose it look like?" the lutenit tunned back to the screen.

"if any thing it looks like some kind of giant mechanical wolf!" the general just blinked.


"thats what i thought!" snapped the lutenist general glared at the frozen image.

"send out five fighters and destroy it NOW!!!!"the general yelled causing some of his soldiers to jump and fall out of there chairs.

"yyes ssir!!!!" the lutenet studdered before ordering out the jets to destroy the no drought alien monster bent on world destruction (AN/(coughs) world destruction uh ya...can you say paranoid?)


a sudden beeping sound interrupted altara she frowned and looked around for the source of the sound. off to her left she spotting the console that was beeping,she considered it for a moment, it looked like a radar readout and was showing 5 fast moving objects headed directly at them.

"um linca?"


"i think were in trouble..."

"crap."muttered linca finally noticing the jets just as they crested a near by dune.


(unkonwn pov)

"crap indeed" i muttered i was in the shadow of a near by cliff watching the two race around the desert i had gotten exitited when they started heading in the direction of the base now my hope was confirmed, Then again i thought they did need some fighting practice and this way a great chances those jets could knock linca around but couldn't do more than cosmetic damage. so in light of that i sat back to watch the show. I grinned athere was nothing i loved more than a bit of chaos!!

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