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Chapter One

There was a new Dance Club in Domino and it was the newest craze. All the kids at Domino High were talking about it and some had even been there and all they could say, was that it was so exciting and fun. When it news got to Seto he had a very bad feeling about it. He even asked Yugi, Yami, Ryou and Bakura to check it out and when they got back to him, they couldn't find anything wrong with it, but they even felt that something was fishy about the place.

Serenity asked Joey "if it was alright if she went to the Club with some of her friends?" And he had talked it over with Seto and they couldn't see find any reason why she couldn't go unless she had to promise to be home by midnight or she'd be grounded till she was twenty-one. She hugged both Joey and Seto and ran to call her friends. This was the beginning of what Domino would find out was the first missing teen. Serenity didn't come home and when Joey went to the Club he found that it was closed. Seto had men look into the background of the owners and they didn't find out anything at all, in fact they couldn't find out who did own the place.

After the disappearance of Serenity Wheeler, seven more young girls disappeared without a trace. The Police couldn't find anything that would give them any clues as to where the young ladies were. Joey was going out of his mind and if it weren't for his friends he would be locked up by now. So began the mystery of the were about of eight missing young ladies. When Seto had private detectives look into it, they discovered that this wasn't the first time a Club such as this one had suspicious things happening to it, in fact they found out that there were fifteen different Clubs like this one in different countries that also was linked to the disappearance of young ladies. They found out that from two years ago till now there were one hundred and fifty young ladies missing and no one had any answers about where they could be.

Then one day they got a break and Seto received a registered letter and inside it he found information about a certain White Slavery Ring operating under the disguise of the Clubs such as the one in Domino. The letter wasn't signed and when Seto tried to find out who sent it he hit a dead wall. What in the hell was going on and who was behind all of the disappearances of the young ladies???

Bakura came to see Seto one afternoon and he had some information that just might help them. "Today Ishizu and Shadi came home from Egypt and they said that they heard about some people who were willing to pay top dollar for young women and they also have a name and you're not going to believe who is behind it" Seto nearly threw Bakura across the room and as he stood over top of him, Seto growled "you better start talking or die!" Bakura got up and looked Seto in the face and said "Bandit Keith. He's had some plastic surgery so that he doesn't look the same, but when Ishizu heard him talk she knew who it was. They cut their vacation short to rush home and let us know about it. She is so outraged because she found out that it happened here to and she has offered what ever help that you might need." Seto apologized for throwing him, but because Serenity was abducted it has been hell for Joey and anyone else that lost a daughter. Bakura then said "what can we do to help?"

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