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Chapter Nine

Joey had to tell his sister that she would never be able to have babies and he didn't know how. Serenity was having a nightmare and she was moaning and started thrashing around and Joey softly said her name and she woke up. She was crying and he held her in his arms and whispered "why the tears?"

Serenity then said "they did this to me, they hurt me so badly that I'll never have babies, isn't that right?"

Joey started to cry and he nodded his head yes. Then she reached up and wiped his tears away and she then said "brother please don't cry, it isn't your fault."

Joey said "if I didn't allow you to go to that damn Club, none of this would of happened to you, so I blame myself."

She then told him "listen, none of us knew that this would happen, so stop blaming yourself, you couldn't of known that this was going to happen."

Seto came back into the room from talking to the other young ladies families and making arrangements for all of them and their families to be flown to Domino when Serenity and the others were able to go. As he explained "the girls need to be together so that they can help each other. It will be better then having them talk to strangers about what happened." All the families then agreed to allow their daughters to go and they thanked Seto for wanting to help.

Seto then heard what she had said to her brother and he went to them and as he took Joey into his arms he softly said "she's right, we couldn't of known." Then he told them that when everyone was able they would all come to Domino and she could be with her sisters and they could be together." Serenity then held out her arms and Seto held her and she whispered "thank you."

Then there was a knock on the door and when Seto opened it there stood Shadi, Ishizu, Bakura, Yami and Marik and as he gave each of them a hug and when Serenity saw them she smiled and said "thank all of you for what you've done for us. You've given us back what they've tried to take away and for that we all will be forever grateful." They all gave her a hug and kiss and then she asked them "are all of you going to be there when we all get together?"

Shadi looked at Seto who shook his head yes and then Shadi said "we will be there." They then said good-bye and left to go back to Domino.

It took another three weeks before the Doctor would release her and Seto made arrangements for his Jet to fly them home. They got her settled into her room at the Manor and when Mokie saw her, he smiled even though he was crying inside. Mokie had always had a crush on her and he didn't know if she felt the same way about him, but he soon would find out that she does. She was getting stronger, but she still had nightmares every once in awhile and Joey stayed beside her till she was able to be alone.

When she had been home for another two months, Seto set his plan into motion and then one day the other young ladies and their families began to arrive. It was bitter sweet for all of them, because they still didn't know about Belinda and Courtney, but they soon would. Both Joey and Seto were afraid to tell Serenity till they knew that she would be strong enough to know, and they knew that today she was, so with all the young ladies together, Seto said "we have some terrible news, Belinda and Courtney didn't make it."

What surprised everyone was when Tasha stood up and she said "we know. We've known since they first died. I guess it was because we were all so connected that we knew." Then they got another visit and this was the one that they all wanted, Shadi, Ishizu, Yami, Marik and Bakura walked into the room and all the young ladies went to them and they held onto the ones who came and helped to bring some relief to their twisted worlds and as they cried because they were so glad to finally meet all of them, Sasha said "all of you will forever be in our lives. What all of you did for us was short of a miracle and because of that we are forever grateful."

Shadi then held out his hand and as they all held hands with each other and their families, Shadi began to chant a healing prayer. As he started the prayer the others joined in and the room seemed to fill with tranquil energy and it flowed over everyone there. When he stopped the prayer, Joey and Seto then said "We give thanks to Ra for granting our prayers that all of this beautiful young ladies would come home to us and we know that Belinda and Courtney are watching from up above and are giving them their love too."

So as the young ladies began their long journey, they all knew that they would never be the innocent ones that left instead they have all become stronger and wiser and have grown because of their love for one another and the love of everyone there in this Manor. Even Detective Hunter and his daughter Lily and his wife were there. It was because of Lily that they were able to find and bring home Serenity, Bonnie, Cassandra, Tasha and Sasha. From this day forth, they would have the support of one another and their families and newly made friends.

All of them did get better, but they still had a very long journey to go yet, but with love and support they would reach the end of their journey...


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