"Clearing It Up" MM for "The Favor"

a "Gunsmoke" story

by MarMar1

My first Gunsmoke story

Disclaimer: As if we didn't all know. Gunsmoke and characters all
belong to Paramount/Viacom. What I own wouldn't have paid for dinner
at Delmonico's. I will receive no profit for this other than the
pleasure of writing it and sharing it. No infringement or disrespect
intended. /8-

Author's Note: This story was inspired by the look on Kitty's face
after Crowley kisses her. If you do not have a good mental picture
of that, I suggest watching the episode before reading this little
story. For those who do not have access to the episode and have
never seen it, at least read a synopsis of the episode first. The
look on Kitty's face after the kiss could be easily be
misunderstood, hence my story. The title 'Clearing It Up' refers not
only to some aspects of the story, but also to my attempt
at 'clearing up' what is behind that look.

MM for "The Favor" Gunsmoke episode

Clearing It Up' by MarMar1 Dec 3, 2004

Like striking a match in a dark room, it was suddenly clear to
Kitty what she must do. All the hours of turmoil, all the
questions, attempting to fulfill conflicting obligations, trying
to balance what she wanted and what was right, all those pressures
were gone.

Entering her room, she had seen the reflection in the mirror
over the mantel. The reflection of John Crowley behind her door. It
was now so obvious why Thad's behavior had been so odd. Poor Thad,
what had she done to him? What must he be thinking? Kitty realized
she had put Thad in the same position she was confronting and she
knew he was suffering in the same way.

John instantly understood; he could stay no longer; he had
asked enough, perhaps too much, of her already. He prepared to
leave, strapping on his gun and gathering his jacket. Kitty was
aware of this, but only in one corner of her mind. She felt as if
she were just now walking out of a heavy mist. The kind of mist that
rests on the surface of a lake in the morning of late winter – not
quite spring. The kind of mist that is thick and white and rolls
across the water, obscuring not just the lake, but all the
surrounding area as well. The kind of mist that vanishes once the
sun shines over the horizon.

Kitty sat down under the weight of her realizations. Thad
was suffering because of her. She had lied to Matt. Not a direct yes
or no lie, but a lie even worse. He had accepted their conversation,
her questions, about the blood, the people, the situation. Matt had
trusted her to tell him what she knew and she had betrayed that
trust. No matter that it had been for a good reason. No matter that
she owed her life to John Crowley. She had misused Matt's trust in
her and she had to make it right.

The heavy mist of confusion was rolling back, lifting, her
mind racing to put all her thoughts in order. John was concerned,
asked if Thad would say or do anything. She knew his concern was for
her, not for himself. Concern that he may have caused her problems
with her marshal friend'. John confirmed what she had been
thinking, his ties to the fatal robbery and subsequent fatal
gunfights. She had been afraid to know what had happened the night
before, to know why John had killed that other man. It was more
clear now. At least she had some foundation for believing in him
beyond the debt she owed to him. The mist rolled farther back.

John approached her and she heard him say:

"Goodbye, Kitty."

Then, as she sat, still stunned by it all, John Crowley
leaned down and kissed her and like the sun shining over the
horizon, the last of the mist vanished. How clearly Kitty saw the
situation and what she had to do. She momentarily kept her eyes
closed in a futile attempt to block it out, but it couldn't work.
The match had been struck and the darkness was gone. As John thanked
her and turned, leaving her room, Kitty took a breath and
straightened her back. Gathering the renegade's necklace from her
bureau drawer, Kitty headed toward Matt's office to lay it all out
in the true, direct way that was her custom.