Fallen Happiness

By. Confusedn'hurt

Disclaimer: Okay…lets get this over with…sighs I do not own Azumanga Diaoh, If I did I wouldn't be writing this story right now.

Author's Notes: Kay' this is my first fanfic so correct me if I spell the names wrong and plz don't get mad if the story's a bit confusing. Also about the selected pairings, I had enough with Tomo paired with Yomi. (no offence to Yomi fans) I chose to write this fanfic because I had really nothing to do and my friends are nagging me to post a story I wrote on so yah!

Summary: During second quarter of high school, when push comes to shove, will Tomo the well-known wildcat be the same Tomo we know when something changes her to became insane. And how will Yukari react when Nyamo breaks down with a depression after their daily fights. (Tomo/Kagura & Nyamo/Yukari)

Chapter 1: Wounded Wildcat

(Tomo's Pov)

sigh I woke up this morning as early as usual. Somehow I didn't feel right to the head this morning, not that anyone would care. She was Azumanga High School's number one energetic, loud-mouth dumbnut of a wildcat of course. Everyone saw her that way so she just played along in their little play as a lazy, clueless girl with serious volume issues.

'Ugh…damn I gotta hurry to school…after all there is a exam in Yukari's class…I hope this façade won't crack before lunch cause it think Yumi is on to me…well on the good side at least that drunken old man isn't awake yet…so I won't be limping to school.'

Fearing my father's inebriated rampage, I let out another sigh before I turned to my bedroom window to make my leave and to head up to Yumi's house. My only friend since kindergarten, who I trust, understands me.

(Normal Pov)

After a fifteen minute sprint to reach Yumi's house, Tomo took a quick breath before changing into the fake wildcat expression.

'Geeze, what will Yumi do without my daily visits to wake her from her beauty sleep and gawd I hate being so cheerful and hyper all the time' Tomo thought with a dry smirk.

She walked around the yard to find Yumi's window unlocked as always.

"HEY! Yumi ya ready to go yet? Or is all that fat you gain slowin' u down?" Tomo cried as loud as her lungs would let her.


"Oww….what was that for huh, Yumi?" Tomo whined, while rubbing her bruised head from the heavy textbook that collided with her forehead. A pissed Yumi appeared from the window the wildcat sat on. As you can see, from all these years Tomo known her she learned she wasn't the friendliest of the azu gang in the mornings.

Yumi gleaming in rage "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE SO EARLY IN THE MORNING TOMO?" roar a not to happy Yumi with blazing red eyes full of anger.

"Hehe…I thought I drop by to wake you up for school or else you probably sleep till next year!" Tomo laughed as Yumi looked about to kill right now.

"Oh, right we have an exam today, no wonder you up so early and you want to copy my study sheet right…aright I'll be ready in a minute" grumbled Yumi.

'god I wonder what she will do after we graduate from high school…she haven't studied for a single of Yukari's tests for the last two quarters of school!' thought Yumi

Just as Yumi walk out of the front door Tomo grabbed the poor girl's study notes and started copying while walking to Azumanga High. They burst into the room at the last minute with Tomo saying her normal excuses.

"Gomen Yukari-sensei! We're late coz' there was a huge gang that were threatening to beat us up if we hand over our money so I hadda save four-eye's sorry ass and get us outta there and that that's why we were late!" babbling the wildcat

"Whatever Tomo, just go to your seat and shut up!" yelled Yukari-sensei

Tomo could tell that Yukari-sensei was going to snap because she saw her smile was twitching ever since she came in and it was directed only to her not Yumi who came after her. So Tomo slowly walk to her seat quietly and sat down without another squeak. She stayed quiet for the whole class while Yukari went off and lectured about the history of Shakespeare. The quietness of the wildcat earned Tomo the attention of the azu gang while everyone else supposed that the wildcat fell asleep from Yukari's dull speech.

Yumi noticed Tomo's unusual quietness she turned and asked the wildcat "Hey, what's up Tomo why are you so quiet? Or is it you finally realized that your behavior annoy Yukari no end huh, dumbnut?" smirked the glasses girl.

"Yeah what's wrong with you today, Tomo?" asked Chiyo

"Maybe she's not feeling well today…" whispered Sakaki

"No way, Tomo is always happy and loud, what gave you that idea, Sakaki?" said Osaka

"Hah! I bet she's just faking it and saving her energy for the race today!" suspected Kagura.

"Huh?", Tomo questioned as she snapped out of her daze.

"What are ya all staring at? I'm fine y'all! SEE IM TOTALLY SUPER UBBER FINE!" cheered Tomo while waving her hands in the air.

Everyone just blinked at maybe they were thinking too much. Tomo is just fine…maybe bored from Yukari's constant yawn that's all. Tomo sighed quietly.

'whew…that was way too close…damnit I'm dazing out too often now…I wish they all knew the real me…then they know I'm not always so cheerful and hyper…god it hurts that they all take me for a joke and a clueless girl like Osaka except everyone loves her. Maybe I should start bringing up my grades so I don't have to deal with Yukari and Yumi on my tail…then I can just stay in this classroom so I can take a break from this mask I'm wearing. Just an hour of peace isn't too much to ask is it?'

The next time Tomo snapped out of her thoughts, the lunch bell rang and a happy Yukari sped out of the room with tears of joy.

Tomo thought 'well since everyone is heading for lunch I think I'll just head to the pool and relax until gym starts…I bet Nyamo-sensei won't mind.'

With that settled Tomo grabbed her school bag and started for the school's pool.