I woke 7 AM in the morning on a Wednesday and sighed, I unfortunately had to go to my new school which i was not happy to go to. I just moved here about two days ago, and I already had to go to school in the middle of the week? Sigh, this is what you get when your born with having parents who's jobs always have to be involved with moving. I mean sometimes it's great you get to see new places, meet new people, but I never stay long enough to have those new people as friends, so now I've just stopped trying to make friends and decided it was best not to make friends anymore, and just be alone. Sounds depressing, right?

I sighed once again and went to take a nice shower to take my mind off of things. Once I stepped out of that nice steaming shower I dressed on a spaghetti strapped blue shirt, and added a sweater on top of that, then I put on my denim jeans, my rainbow socks and a pair of random sneakers. Then suddenly a delicious aroma filled the air and I grinned.

"Hey mom!" I shouted, "are you making your amazing pancakes?"

"Mhmm you better get them before your dad does!" She said and I ran downstairs. This is probably my favourite part of moving, normally my parent's boss gives them a few days to settle in so they don't work, and I always try to spend every minute with them, because I know that after a few days mom won't be making me breakfast, dad won't play video games with me anymore, and I'll be left alone...

I grinned once I got downstairs and saw that my dad has already made his way to the pancakes. I sat next to him and started to dig in with him. Once I finished I looked over at the clock and realized I was about to be late! I kissed my parents on the cheek and made my way to the bus stop.

Rory's P.O.V

I was going to be late today so I ran to school as fast as my feet could run. My sisters are completely evil, they never drive me to school and I'm starting to get sick of it! When I reached there the bell just rang and with relief I came just in time. I started my way up to History.

When I reached there I saw a girl who I've never seen before and noticed that she was a bit out of breath. She had auburn hair that reached her middle back, and chocolate brown eyes and she was very pretty.

"Rory take a seat" C.J. said as I planted myself on my seat, "Now class I would like you to meet April Johnson, she's a new student here and I want all of you to be nice and become her friend, now April please tell the class a few things about yourself" When C.J. said that last part, the new girl-sorry I mean April, got paler.

"Well, you all already know my name..." She hesitated, "and I have a severe case of introducingmyselftopeople syndrome so I should really sit down..." A few people in the classroom laughed at her as she sat down in her seat as fast as... well something fast.

And right then and there, I knew that I just had to get to know her. Crazy, isn't it?


And that's all :/