Strange Love

On a warm summer day just like any other, Jeremy and Aelita were in the factory just like any other day, exactly the problem!! Or so Aelita thought. They both were working at the super computer, as Jeremy toiled away furiously, trying to rebuild Lyoko like always, again the problem here!! Not that Aelita didn't want it rebuilt, but Jeremy barely did anything else. As Jeremy typed on the keyboard Aelita looked down at him.

"Jeremy why don't we take a break? We've been at this all day" Aelita said in a concerned voice.

"Sorry Aelita, but Ive got hundreds of these algorithms to compile before we can start the rebuilding of another sector" Jeremy explained with out ever stopping his typing or even looking at her.

"Jeremy, I know rebuilding Lyoko is important, but you keep at it like this and you might get sick. You've barely eaten this last week, and you haven't slept a wink at all either" Aelita said

Jeremy stopped typing and rubbed the bridge of his nose, and his eyes "Yeah I haven't gotten any sleep in a while. Ill stop once I finish half of these algorithms" he said before continuing the typing.

"Well I'm gonna head out then, see if I cant find Odd, Ulrich, or Yumi. Bye" Aelita said as she walked into the elevator.

"See ya Aelita, and don't worry Ill be fine" Jeremy reassured with a smile. Aelita waved as the elevator closed shut and began its accent. When Aelita reached the ground level, she exited the elevator and the factory, and worked her back to the academy. When she got back to the grounds, she was about walk into the building when Yumi walked out of the door.

"Oh hey Yumi, what are you up too?" Aelita asked with a wave.

"I was looking for Ulrich or Odd, but I think their out, they took Kiwi with them too" Yumi explained.

"Hhmm" Aelita hummer in thought "Wonder where they went?" she said.

"Oh well. Do you want to do something?" Yumi asked.

"Sure, but what?" Aelita asked.

"Well we can get some lunch?" Yumi suggested.

"Okay, that sounds good. Any place in mind?" Aelita asked.

"Yeah, follow me" Yumi said as she waved Aelita to come along, and she did so.


Yumi lead Aelita to a restaurant, a few blocks away

"This place serves everything" Yumi said as her and Aelita entered the restaurant.

"Well I think Ill get a salad, one sounds pretty good right now" Aelita said

"Yeah that does sound good" Yumi said as they sat down in a booth.

A young woman walked up to the table "So what can I get you girls?" she asked with a smile.

"Two medium salads please" Yumi said

"Okay, would you like some water with that?" the waitress asked

"Sure" Yumi replied

"Yes please" Aelita said

"Okay, Ill be right back with your drinks and the salads should be shortly after" the waitress said before she turned and walked away

Yumi turned to Aelita "So how are you and Jeremy coming on restoring Lyoko?" she asked

"Pretty well Id say but Jeremy is working a little too much lately. Most of the time Im with him its Recompile this for Lyoko, and load that for Lyoko"

"Yeah, he has been working a lot lately.." Yumi said

The waitress came back with their water, and put the cups on the table before returning to the kitchen

"Well, you like him dont you?" Yumi asked

"Yes, but if all hes gonna do is work, then wed have no time together, Ill keep our relationship as friends, but no more then that" Aelita explained

"Okay" Yumi said and then she saw the waitress with their salads, who came up and put them on the table

"Thanks" Yumi and Aelita said at the same time, before they both reached for the dressing, but bumped hands

"Oh sorry, go ahead Aelita" Yumi said slight laugh

"Okay" Aelita said as she grabbed the bottle, and poured some on her salad before handing it to Yumi.

Yumi took the bottle and did the same They both began to enjoy their salads.


After they finished their plates, they gave the waitress came up to collect the bill "Did you two enjoy the meal?" she asked as she put the bill on the table.

"Yes thank you" Yumi said, as the waitress turned to leave

"I'll pay" Yumi said as she pulled out some money and put it on top of the bill

"Are you sure?" Aelita asked

"Yeah, let's go" Yumi said as she rose up and Aelita did the same

They walked out of the restaurant

"Hey I have some thing that might sooth you, from all the work youve been doing with Jeremy" Yumi said

"Really? What?" Aelita asked

"A spa" Yumi said as she grabbed Aelitas wrists and yanked her along running down the road and to the right, they took another right, and they came to a Spa building

"This will help you relax" Yumi said as she pulled her in the building

"Yumi stop pulling so hard!" Aelita said as she was pulled into the building

"Sorry" Yumi laughed slightly as she let go of her


After they had their clothes safely locked away in a locker, they made their way to the Sauna, with their towels on, they walked in and Yumi used a ladle to pour some water on the burning embers of the fire in the middle, which kicked up mass amounts of steam, she did this twice more, and filled the room with steam.

Aelita sat down on a bench "It feels nice" she said.

"Yeah" Yumi said as she pulled off her towel completely and sat down on the other end of the bench to Aelitas right.

Aelita saw her naked body and turned away as red crossed her face "She has a really nice body, wait, no, stop thinking that" Aelita thought.

Yumi didn't even act weird about it as she sat there soaking up the heat and steam.

Aelita had to keep her self from looking over to Yumi and staring at her body, but was failing miserably.

"I've never seen anyone but myself naked before, its a bit weird but my eyes keep wondering over to her" Aelita thought.

Yumi caught a few of these glances from Aelita out of the corner of her eye.

"Whats wrong Aelita, never seen another girl naked?" Yumi chuckled, as she looked at her.

Aelita shook her head no, as a huge blush crossed her face from embarrassment.

"Well its nothing special" Yumi said.. "if your nervous just do it too, it will get rid of the nervousness" Yumi explained

"I'm not nervous though, its just your your so b-beautiful" Aelita said as her face flashed a new level of red.

"Oh no, I shouldnt have said that. Why did I say that? Now she probably thinks Im weird" Aelita thought

"Thanks" Yumi replied

"S-Sure" Aelita stuttered, before she decided to take off her towel as well, and she let it drape over the bench

"Aelitas not to bad looking" Yumi thought with a smile

"I dont know why Im feeling like this, but I dont care if she sees me naked, I wonder why" Aelita thought deeply as she stared at Yumi

Yumi got a smile on her face as she realized Aelita was lost in thought as she stared at her

"Aelita? I can tell you like what you see" Yumi said with a mischievous smile, before she stood up which pulled Aelita out of her trance

Yumi walked over next to Aelita and sat down right next to her, with the bare skin of their arms pressing against each other

"Y-Yumi" Aelita said as a her blush reappeared

"I know what your thinking. Youve stared at me like that the entire time I've been naked" Yumi said softly

"I.. I.. I.." Aelita stuttered, with embarrassment

"You want me dont you?" Yumi asked

"Uuhh, y-yes" Aelita surrendered realizing she did, and knowing Yumi knew

Yumi smiled and slipped her right hand between Aelitas legs, and began rubbing her pussy

"Ooohh, Y-Yumi, what are y-you doing?" Aelita asked

"You want it dont you?" Yumi replied softly

Aelita never made an attempt to stop Yumis motions so Yumi never stopped, Aelita thought for a second

"Yes, k-keep going!" Aelita said, as she began to feel a totally new pleasure between her legs

Aelita leaned her upper body back against the wall, and she subconsciously began rolling her hips to Yumis hand

Yumi brought her head down next to Aelitas ear "Your beautiful too, you know?" She whispered

Aelitas heart skied a beat or two when she felt Yumis breath against her ear. Yumi then licked her ear before slightly nibbling on it, and it made Aelita tingle all over

"Y-Yumi" Aelita gasped slightly.

Yumi began licking her neck, before she started kissing it, coaxing moans from the girl she planned to show a time she'd never forget Yumi turned Aelita side ways to where Aelitas back was to her, and she turned her self to press her bare chest to Aelitas back, then wrapped her arms around to the front, and began rubbing Aelitas left breast, while she slid two fingers into Aelitas pussy, as she sucked on her neck

"Y-Yumi, please dont stop, ooohhh!" Aelita tried to say quietly

"I dont intend to stop, not till Im done" Yumi said hotly, before she began sucking on the other side of Aelitas neck

"I know we shouldnt be doing this, but I dont care it feels so good" Aelita thought as Yumi picked up the pace with her fingers, and began nibbling on Aelitas shoulder slightly

Yumi brought her other hand down from Aelitas breast, and began rubbing her clit with it

"yes, yes, yyeess!" Aelita moaned, as she titled her head back let it rest on Yumi's shoulder

Yumi looked in to her eyes "Do you like it?" Yumi asked

"uh huh!" replied Aelita, with a weak nod, as her body began to go numb

Yumi slid back and let Aelita lay on the bench, before she crawled over her, and lowered her head to Aelitas pussy, and began licking it wildly

"Yumi, I-I dont think this is a wise place t-to do this" Aelita moaned

"I'll be done in a minute" Yumi said before she continued licking her pussy

Aelita bit her lower lip, before she slipped her head between Yumi's legs, and began licking her pussy

Aelita bobbed her hips with each hot lick Yumi delivered to her leaking pussy

Little did they know some one was watching through the widow on the door to he sauna

Sissys jaw dropped open, as she saw Aelita and Yumi, in a 69, eating each other out

"Oh my god! This is new" Sissy thought, as she felt her self get a little horny watching it.

Yumi dug her tongue deep into Aelita's pussy, and swirled it around, Aelita realizing how much she like that started doing it to Yumi

They both started to moan, as they drew closer and closer to an orgasm

Aelita climaxed, and went totally numb, but she never pulled her tongue out of Yumi, and only moaned loudly

Yumi licked up Aelita's cum as she felt her own orgasm approach, and it took over her body and she almost fell limp on Aelita, but pulled herself off of her before she sat

back down on the bench

Aelita rested her head on Yumi's lap

"Did you like that Aelita?" Yumi asked softly

"Yes" Aelita said tiredly "Yumi, will you be my girlfriend?"

"Okay" Yumi replied with a smile and went do to kiss her, and they tasted each other and them selves

Sissy was in disbelief, one at the fact that Aelita and Yumi were screwing each other, and by the fact that she was getting REALLY horny

"Oh, where's the bathroom?" sissy siad to her self as she walked quickly down the hall, and came to the girls bathroom, she walked in and went into one of the stall's and

closed it, she then parted her towel and slid a finder into her pussy

"Oh man, why was that so hot, that shouldn't make me horny, their girls Sissy thought, but didn't try to take the image out of her head, as she fingered her self to it.

Yumi stood up and helped Aelita up, they grabbed their towels and headed out of the sauna.