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Aelita, Yumi, and Sissy are reading this.

"What the fuck?" they said in union.

"Umm... See ya later" run as fast as I can, while I leave a trail of smoke.

"GET BACK HERE!" They said



Sissy's Confession.

It had been two days since Aelita and Yumi spent some "quality time" together at the spa. Aeltia was helping Jeremie with the creation of the sectors of lyoko since Yumi had to baby sit her little brother. She was having a day dream while looking over Jeremie's shoulder at the computer screen.


"Aelita? I can tell you like what you see" Yumi said with a mischievous smile, before she stood up which pulled Aelita out of her trance

Yumi walked over next to Aelita and sat down right next to her, with the bare skin of their arms pressing against each other

"Y-Yumi" Aelita said as a her blush reappeared

"I know what your thinking. Youve stared at me like that the entire time I've been naked" Yumi said softly

"I.. I.. I.." Aelita stuttered, with embarrassment

"You want me don't you?" Yumi asked

"Uuhh, y-yes" Aelita surrendered realizing she did, and knowing Yumi knew

Yumi smiled and slipped her right hand between Aelitas legs, and began rubbing her pussy

"Ooohh, Y-Yumi, what are y-you doing?" Aelita asked

"You want it don't you?" Yumi replied softly

Aelita never made an attempt to stop Yumis motions so Yumi never stopped, Aelita thought for a second

"Yes, k-keep going!" Aelita said, as she began to feel a totally new pleasure between her legs

End of Flashback:

"Aelita, are you okay?" asked Jeremie.

"Huh? Oh, sorry. I guess I was day dreaming" Aelita said quickly, while wiping drool of her cheek.

"Oh, it's just you have been acting weird for the past 2 days. Anyway, I'm almost done with the final algorithm. It'll take me a couple of hours before I finish. Why don't you find something to do until then?" said Jeremie.

"Okay. See you later Jeremie." Aelita said, waving him goodbye.

She walked towards the elevator and push the button to open it. She walk in and the elevator closed shut and began its accent. When Aelita reached the ground level, she exited the elevator and the factory. While she was walking back to the academy, Aelita was thinking about her and Yumi at the spa. She never felt pleasure like that before, especially with a girl! Now That Yumi was her girlfriend, she could feel that pleasure whenever she and Yumi were together. She was walking towards the school building when she saw Sissy talking to her friends.

"Hi Sissy" said Aelita.

Sissy turned around and saw Aelita, which cause her to remember what she saw at the spa.

"Umm...hi Aelita" said Sissy. She turned around to hide the red on her face. "Umm... can I talk to you for a minute at my room alone?"

"Sure. I have nothing else to do." Said Aelita

While Sissy and Aelita were walking to her room, Sissy was thinking about what she did when she saw Aelita and Yumi in the 69.


Sissy was in disbelief, one at the fact that Aelita and Yumi were screwing each other, and by the fact that she was getting REALLY horny

"Oh, where's the bathroom?" sissy siad to her self as she walked quickly down the hall, and came to the girls bathroom, she walked in and went into one of the stall's and

closed it, she then parted her towel and slid a finder into her pussy

"Oh man, why was that so hot, that shouldn't make me horny, their girls Sissy thought, but didn't try to take the image out of her head, as she fingered her self to it.

Yumi stood up and helped Aelita up, they grabbed their towels and headed out of the sauna.

After Sissy was finished, she walked out of the bathroom and out of the spa.

"I can believe I just did that!" Thought Sissy. "And the fact that their girls! Man, what am I going to do about this?"

End of Flashback:

When they reached Sissy's room they walked in, and sat on her bed.

"Aelita, there's something I have to tell you." said Sissy.

"What is it?" asked Aelita

"Well, you see...I-I-I" she stopped, for she was afriad of what Aelita might think of her.

"It's okay, you can tell me anything." said Aelita, placing an hand on Sissy's shoulder to comfort her.

"Well, the truth is that, ...I think I love you!" siad Sissy. She closed her eyes and waited for a answer from Aelita.

Aelita closed her eyes as well, thinking what Sissy just said. She'd admit, Sissy was pretty, but she was in love with Yumi.

"I don't know what to say..." said Aelita

"And not just you, either" said Sissy.

"Huh? Who else is there?" asked Aelita.

"I think I might also love Yumi" said Sissy her eyes now open, now looking at Aelita.

"Me and Yumi?" asked Aelita with eyes wider that saucer plates.

"Yes. I'm sorry if I surprised you. I just had to get that of my chest" said Sissy.

"It's okay. You just took me by surprised is all" said Aelita, with a sign of relief

"Could I ask you for a favor?" asked Sissy

"What is it?" asked Aelita.

"May I kiss you?" said Sissy

"Excuse me?" asked Aelita eyes wider than saucer plates again.

"Only to see if these feelings are true. Nothing more, I promise!" said Sissy

"Ummm..okay, but nothing else, promise?" said Aelita

"Thank you" said Sissy. She then leaned over for the kiss.

As their lips touched, Sissy felt a spark flare from within. She liked it and didn't want it to stop. She began to slip her to tongue into Aelita's mouth. When she did this, Aelita let her tongue in as she was too caught in the moment. Their tongue's began to swirl around each other as the kiss grew more passionate.

"Uhhhh..." moaned Sissy, as she slipped her hand under Aelita's shirt and bra and began rubbing her left breast.

Ooooo..." Aelita moaned did the same to Sissy.

Sissy was feeling the best thing see ever felt. She couldn't believe someone was actually rubbing her breast.

"Oh yes...that feels so good" said Sissy she began to lift Aelita's shirt and bra and began to suck the nipple of Aelita's left breast.

"ooo...yeah" Said Aelita as she began to pinch on Sissy's nipple sofly.

Then, a image of Yumi flashed in her head.

"Oh no.. I shouldn't be doing this. I gotta go!" said Aelita as she ran outside the room, tears running down her cheeks and towards her room, when she ran into Yumi.

"Ouch. That hurt" said Yumi.

"Oh Yumi, I'm so sorry." Aelita said between sobs as she cried on Yumi's shoulder.

"Huh? Sorry about what? You didn't hurt me that much" said Yumi.

"There's something I have to tell you" said Aelita.

"Tell me what?" asked Yumi with a worried look on her face.

"Sissy kissed me and I let her. I'm so sorry. Please forgive me." Aelita said

Yumi only smiled at her and hugged Aelita. " It's okay Aelita. I forgive you. Just don't beat yourself over it."

"But I kissed someone other than you. How can you forgive me just like that" asked Aelita as she looked in Yumi's eyes.

"Because your honest to me, and that's good enough for me." Said Yumi, as took Aelita's chin to kiss her.

They kissed for a minute or two before they stopped.

"Feel better now?" asked Yumi with a sly smile.

Aelita shook her head "I still need some sexual healing" she said with a sly smile as well.

They held hands as they walked towards to Aelita's room.

"There;s something also I have to tell you Yumi" Said Aelita

"What?" asked Yumi

"Sissy said that she loves the both of us" said Aelita

"Huh? Why she say that?"

"I don't know. I guess it was all bottled up or something."

When they got to Aelita's room, they opened and began one of the most amazing kisses like never before, without shutting the door.

Yumi and Aelita continued an unbreakable kiss as Yumi pushed Aelita on to her bed, and got on top of her, before she grabbed her breast and began rubbing it softly, causing Aelita to moan throught their kiss

Aelita grabbed Yumi's sides, and snaked her hands under Yumi's shirt, working her way up to her breasts
When Aelita finaly reached Yumi's breasts, she realized Yumi wasn't wearing a bra, and Aelita instantly pinched her nipples slightly, as she rubbed her breasts

Yumi pulled away from the kiss and began sucking on Aelita's neck, while nibbling it slightly, then she un-zipped Aelita's sweater and opened it up so she could grab her breasts, then realizing that she had on her bra, so yumi sneaked her hand to Aelita's back and unhooked her bra, then pulled it off completely, before grabbing the soft bare breasts

"Ohh Yuuumiii!!" Aelita moaned

Yumi pulled off of Aelita "Take off the rest of your clothes..." she said, and Aelita nodded

Aelita stood up and and too took off the rest of her clothes as did Yumi

When they were both naked Yumi intertwined both of her hands fingers with Aelita's hands, and pushed her back to the bed, and began licking Aelita's breast, and nipples

Slowly but surely Yumi made her way down Aelita's warm body, and in between her legs, and began licking Aelita's clit

"uughhhh Yumi, ooohhh" Aelita moaned as Yumi's tongue venture around and through the walls of her pussy and clit

Yumi released one of Aelita's hands and slid a finger into her pussy, and began swirling it around

Aelita bobbed and rolled her hips to Yumi's motions...

Little did they know, someone was video taping the whole thing.

"Hehehehe...I'm not giving up that easily. Soon you two will be mine" Said Sissy.

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