The Newest Digidestened

"Chapter 1"

"Hey Kari, did you hear about the kid transfering here from America?" T.K. politely asked Kari as she walked into the computer lab accompanied by Davis and Ken. "Yes I did, I think his name is Mike Dakato or something like that." Kari said in response to T.K.'s question. "I dont see what all the excitment is about, we've gotten new students before." Davis said getting stares from everybody. "The excitment about him is, we have reason to believe that he's digidestened." Izzy said as he walked into the room. "Or future member of the digidestened at least." He added. "What makes you say that Izzy?" Ken asked the red-haired genius. "The logic in this theory goes back to our first battle with Diaborahmon, I distinctly remember getting at least thirty-four e-mails from him asking for information about what was goin on." Izzy said as he explained the importance of the boy. "Thats not all either. He also saw it when the digital world appeared in the sky around the world after our battle with Myotismon at Highten View Terrace. Any questions?" He said as Davis raised his hand. " Yeah I got one. Do you always have to end an explanation with "Any questions?"?" He said being as arrogent as ever. "Any REAL questions?" he said shooting a cold glare at Davis. " When does he get here Izzy?" Yolei asked " He'll be here tomorrow I told him that I would meet him at the airport and fill him in on things I wasnt able to explain four years ago." Izzy calmly said. "I need one you to come with me. How about you Kari?" Izzy said pointing to the girl with the cat like Digimon in her arms. "Sure I'll go." Kari said with a smile on her face. "Great it's settled his plane lands at 1:00pm tomorrow afternoon okay?" Izzy told Kari. "1:00, got it Izzy I'll be there." Kari said as she left. Well I need to be going, if I'm going to get home on time. See you all later." Ken said as he left. T.K., Cody, and Yolei left shortly after since they lived in the same building, and Davis left with them.

: The Next Day :

"Kari what are you doing?" Tai asked as he watched his baby sister as she got ready to leave thinking she had a date or something like that. "I'm getting ready to meet Izzy at the airport." Kari said realizing she hadnt explained clearly enough when she saw Tai's face. "WHAT WHERE ARE YOU TWO GOING. IM GONNA GIVE IZZY A PIECE OF MY MIND, HE THINKS HE CAN JUST TAKE MY SISTER ON TRIPS AND NOT TELL ME FIRST WELL HE'S IN FOR A RUDE AWAKENING!!!!" Tai said angrily as he stomped towards the phone but was stopped by Karii who was giggling hystericaly. "Tai its not like that...I'm welcoming a new kid whom...Izzy thinks...could be" Kari said trying to catch her breath from laughing so hard. "Oh, uhhhhhhh I knew that." Tai said embarrased out of his mind even though it was only him and kari in the living room of thier apartment. "Anyway, I need to get going I promised Izzy I'd meet him there about...5 MINUTES AGO!!!!" Kari yelled as she ran out the door.