The Newest Digidestened

Chapter 17

"Alright, lets get looking." Mike said, with an extremely noticable sense of anger in his voice. "How long are we supposed to look? He's a giant beast, how hard could it be to find him?" Davis said getting horrified looks from everyone which he thought were aimed behind him. He turned around to find none other than Gulfmon towering over him. "HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!" Davis yelled as he ran back over to where the rest of the gang was standing, ready for the final fight. "Ahhh, The children of Hope, Light, and Power. They're all here in one place. That will make it easier to destroy them, and the rest of you get a front ROW SEAT!!" Gulfmon said maniacally. "EVERYONE HURRY, REMEMBER WHAT I SAID! WE HAVE TO GIVE OUR ENERGY TO CORONAMON!" Izzy yelled as he and everyone started glowing and beams of energy shot towards Coronamon. "Okay Coronamon, you ready." "How about you Patamon?" "Lets get 'em Gatomon." The three children said to thier partners as they began to digivolve. "CORONAMON WARP-DIGIVOLVE TO..., PATAMON WARP-DIGIVOLVE TO..., GATOMON WARP-DIGIVOLVE TO..." The three digimon called out. "APOLLOMON, SERAPHIMON, OPHANIMON!" They called as they finished digivolving. "Hey Tai, he's at mega. You know what that means." Izzy said with an almost devious smirk on his face. "Got it. Agumon." Tai said as he got out his digivice. "AGUMON WARP-DIGIVOLVE TO...WARGREYMON!" He yelled as he digivolved to his mega form.

"Okay, I'm a little bit worried now. Four megas against one. This doesn't look good for me, but no matter. I'LL DESTROY YOU ALL ANYWAY!" He said as he opened his second mouth. "BLACK REQUIEM!" He yelled as he shot a black beam of dark energy and hit Davis right on the chest. Everyone watched in horror as his lifeless, beaten up body fell to the ground in front of them. "DAVIS?" Yolie said in disbelieve as her and Kari ran over to him along with Joe. "I'm afraid he's dead." Joe said after checking ALL of his vital signs. "THATS IT!" T.K. and Mike said at the same time. "Okay we REALLY have to kill this son of a bitch now. Ready Apollomon?" Mike said as he pulled out his digivice. "Right. SOLAR BLASTER" Apollomon yelled as fireballs shot from his back, but to his misfortune missed Gulfmon by a few inches. "Alright Ophanimon, your turn." Kari yelled with much anger. "SEFIROT CRYSTALS!" Ophanimon yelled as she threw ten crystals at Gulfmon, he buckled under the pressure of the assault to everyones surprise. "Alright, Seraphimon, lets go." T.K. yelled to his mega form partner. "HALLOWED ASCENSIONS" Seraphimon yelled as a bolt of lightning came down and struck Gulfmon. As he fell from the attack, it had looked as if he had been destroyed.

"We did it? WE DID IT!" Mike yelled as he ran over and kissed Kari. "You did what." said a voice from where Gulfmon had once stood. Everyone had looked back to see Gulfmon standing strong. "Damnit, why wont you die." Mike said pretending to be strong, but was obviously scared shitless. Gulfmon just stood there laughing evily. "BLACK REQUIEM!" Gulfmon said as another beam of dark energy shot out and hit Sora in the same place he had hit Davis. As she fell Joe rushed over to her. "She's still breathing. Upon seeing his girfriend on the ground unconsious Matt and Gabumon seemed to have been re-energized. "Gabumon, we have to get this bastard." Matt said as he got out his digivice. "Yeah. GABUMON WARP-DIGIVOLVE TO...METALGARURUMON." "Tai are you thinkin' what I'm thinkin'" Matt said calmly. "You bet I am." He said as he and Matt held thier digivices up to the sky, making thier already mega level digimon digivolve. "METALGARURUMON, WARGREYMON...DNA-DIGIVOLVE TO...OMNIMON." They called as the best thing possible could happen. "Everyone attack him at once!" Tai said as everyone nodded in agreement. "ARROWS OF APOLLO, STRIKE OF THE SEVEN STARS, EDENS JAVELIN, TRANSCENDENT SWORD!!!" The digimon yelled as all of thier attacks struck Gulfmon head on. This time destroying him for real.